Todd LeDuc

2023 Truck Megalodon 2023 Tour Stadium Championship Series Red Hometown Springfield, Massachusetts Date of Birth January 18

Todd LeDuc is a two-time Monster Jam World Finals champion, winning the Freestyle championship in 2014 and the Racing championship in 2015. LeDuc’s 2014 win was punctuated by an opening “big air” that led to his reputation for “LeDuc Leaps” in Freestyle runs.


  • 2014 Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Champion
  • 2015 Monster Jam World Finals Racing Champion
  • 2017 FS1 West Series champion
  • 2017 Stadium Freestyle of the Year
  • 2019 Stadium Championship Series 3 champion
  • 2020 Stadium Series Red Champion
  • 2020 Season Champion
  • 2021 Crash Madness of the Year
  • 2022 Save of the Year



  • What are some of your interests/hobbies/favorite pastimes?
    Traveling, motorcycles, my family, scuba diving, trying new things, off-road racing and tattoos.
  • Who are your role models?
    My wife and my dad.
  • Do you have any ‘pre-show’ rituals you run through?
    I walk the floor to look for the best lines and check the dirt.
  • What’s something a lot of people don’t know about you?
    I’m a goofball and I would love to climb to the top of a huge building.
  • What is your favorite memory on or off the racetrack?
    Winning my first show and winning my first Monster Jam World Finals championship.
  • What is your most prized possession?
    My wife, my kids and my health.



  • What is the best and worst thing about being on the road every weekend with Monster Jam?
    There is nothing that makes being on the road with Monster Jam a bad thing!
  • While on the road, what is your favorite thing to do during your free time?
    I like to sightsee and hang out with the other drivers.
  • How do you keep fit?
    My kids keep me active!
  • What item(s) can you not live without while traveling on the road with Monster Jam?
    My race gear.
  • What is your favorite city to travel to? Why?
    Anaheim, Barcelona, Spain and Brisbane, Australia.



  • How did you get started competing in Monster Jam?
    Lee O’Donnell helped me to get in to the sport, along with Mike Wales.
  • What is your favorite part about competing in Monster Jam?
    Winning, duh! And being able to show off my driving style.
  • How would you describe your driving style?
    Controlled chaos and jaw-dropping.
  • What advice would you give to kids who want to become a Monster Jam driver?
    I would say, go for it! I love my job! Do well in school and be nice to your parents because they can help you get far in anything you want to do.
  • What is your greatest memory as a Monster Jam driver?
    Winning my two Monster Jam World Finals championships.
  • Who in Monster Jam do you look up to for inspiration?
    Charlie Pauken and Lee O’Donnell.



  • Do you have any nicknames?
    Malo Sapo
  • What’s your favorite movie?
    Rad, Catch Me If You Can, Christmas Vacation and The Hangover
  • What’s your favorite television show?
    Family Guy and Monster Energy Supercross
  • What’s your favorite color?
    Black and gold
  • What’s your favorite thing to eat?
    Pizza, clams, steak and lobster
  • How would your friend and family describe you?
    Crazy, funny and a nice guy

Adam Anderson in Grave Digger


Position Name Truck Points Behind
1 Adam Anderson Grave Digger 595 -
2 Camden Murphy Bakugan Dragonoid 536 -59
3 Tom Meents Max-D 514 -81
4 Bryce Kenny Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 504 -91
5 Todd LeDuc Megalodon 447 -148
6 Kayla Blood Soldier Fortune 442 -153
7 Jamey Garner El Toro Loco 409 -186
8 Cole Venard Black Pearl 391 -204
9 Travis Mowery/Jeff Souza Velociraptor/Rod Ryan Show 378 -217
10 Nick Pagliarulo Kraken 320 -275
11 Mike Christensen Vendetta 309 -286
12 Matt Pagliarulo Jester 212 -383