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Weekend Recap: Ryan Anderson Clinches Stadium Championship Series West Title

Authored by Monster Jam on April 1, 2024
Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger) became the first driver to earn a spot in Monster Jam World Finals XXIII by clinching the Stadium Championship West Series Championship in Seattle last weekend. Four other tours were also in action, including the first ever Monster Jam Ramped Up event in Birmingham, England.



Stadium Championship Series West – Seattle, WA


Having won 8 out of the 19 Overall Event Championships this season heading into Saturday night’s event at Lumen Field, it should come as little surprise that Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger) was able to clinch his tour’s championship prior to the final event of the season. He was eliminated by Racing winner Camden Murphy (Bakugan Dragonoid) in the Racing Semi-Finals, but then came back to win the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge with a 9.360, and then placed runner-up in Freestyle. Jim Koehler (Avenger) won Freestyle with this spectacular run:



Arena Championship Series Central – Louisville, KY


The Arena Championship Series Central championship kicked off its weekend with its own Oprah moment, as “everyone” got a win Saturday afternoon. Brandan Tulachka (Just Get-Er-Done) won Racing, Weston Anderson (Grave Digger) won 2-Wheel Skills, Fernando Martinez (El Toro Loco) won Donuts, and Brianna Mahon (Scooby-Doo) won Freestyle, but consistency got Jamie Sullivan (Monster Mutt Dalmatian) the Overall. This event also saw Brandan Tulachka and Alex Bardin (Stone Crusher) complete their first backflips. The Saturday evening show saw Weston Anderson take the overall, with Tulachka winning Racing, Anderson winning Skills, and then Sullivan wrapping up the night with wins in Donuts and Freestyle.



Arena Championship Series East – Macon, GA


The points battle between Krysten Anderson (Grave Digger) and Armando Castro (El Toro Loco) took a break, and yet both drivers refused to back down taking two Overall Event Championship wins apiece throughout the weekend. Along with Zack Garner (Wild Side), Anderson and Castro swept every competition throughout the weekend. The only other exception was Chad Tingler (Over Bored) who picked up a Sky Wheelie win on Saturday.


Arena Championship Series West – Lincoln, NE


Coty Saucier became the fourth driver to pilot Grave Digger in this tour throughout the 2024 season. He did well in his first outing in Grave Digger, taking the Overall Event Championship on Saturday afternoon. The drivers sitting second and third in points – Dalton Widner (Jurassic Attack) and Tony Ochs (ThunderROARus) both kept him honest throughout the weekend. The three of them won every competition throughout the three events, with Widner winning the Overall on Friday and Saturday evenings.


International – Birmingham, England


Six drivers headed across the pond for the first ever Monster Jam Ramped Up event featuring the all-new Monster Jam “Monstergon.” Blake Granger continued to impress behind the wheel of El Toro Loco, winning the Overall on Friday and Sunday. The Saturday events were won by Matt Cody (Grave Digger) and Bari Musawwir (Black Panther). Bari won three out of the four Racing competitions throughout the weekend and two of the Two-Wheel Skills competitions. The Donuts competition saw four different winners throughout the weekend, including the three aforementioned winners as well as Charlie Pauken in Megalodon. Granger and Cody both picked up two Freestyle wins apiece, with Granger scoring a high 9.853 on Saturday evening.