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Brandon Vinson wins Racing at Monster Jam World Finals XXI

Authored by Monster Jam on November 16, 2022

Brandon Vinson (Grave Digger) won the Monster Jam World Finals XXI Racing World Championship in a dramatic finale at Camping World Stadium in Orlando.

Vinson entered the night as the 10th-fastest qualifier and defeated Cynthia Gauthier (Lucas Stabilizer), Cory Rummell (Megalodon), Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger) and Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger) en route to his first Monster Jam World Finals Championship win.

The brand-new over-under track was wet at the start of the Racing competition, following a brief downpour about half an hour before the event start. Many drivers were sliding around in Round 1, but the only upset came when 18th-fastest qualifier Cory Rummell defeated 15th-fastest qualifier John Gordon (Bad Company).

Round 2 was a different story. Most of the top-8 qualifiers that had had bye runs in Round 1 found themselves eliminated in Round 2. The only exceptions were Tom Meents (Max-D), Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger) and Mark List (El Toro Loco)

The quarter-finals began with a huge upset as Meents beat Tristan England (EarthShaker) across the line, but incurred a penalty, allowing England to advance. The remainder of the semi-finalists were all from Team Grave Digger, with Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger), Vinson and Menninga making it through.

England was eliminated in the semis as he spun in one of the turns, while Menninga’s truck coasted to a halt, allowing Vinson to advance.

Right as the final started, the heavens opened, and Ryan Anderson and Brandon Vinson had to race through a downpour. Both drivers spun in the final turn, but it was Vinson who recovered first to take the win.