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Monster Jam Lingo

Brush up on your Monster Jam lingo before you head to the next Monster Jam event


Cross Threading

Nose Wheelie

Reverse Popper



  • BACKFLIP: When the truck does a complete 360-degree flip from a vertical obstacle.
  • BIG AIR: Monster Jam trucks can launch up to 30 feet into the air and travel more than 130 feet. Prepare for lift-off!
  • DONUT: Spinning a Monster Jam truck in circles in one spot.
  • CYCLONE: Similar to a Donut, but done at a higher speed
  • POGO: The Monster Jam truck bounces on the rear tires while standing up into a wheelie.
  • POWER OUT: When a driver uses a burst of acceleration to keep the truck from rolling over.
  • SKY WHEELIE: When a Monster Jam truck stands straight up at a 90-degree angle with the front tires in the air.
  • SLAP WHEELIE: When the front of the Monster Jam truck comes down and slaps itself back into a wheelie
  • STOPPIE: When the truck noses onto its front wheels, leaving the rear wheels in the air. Many drivers will put the truck in reverse and “moonwalk” it.
  • WALK IT: A one-wheeled wheelie that rocks back and forth between the two rear tires.
  • WHEELIE: Lifting the front wheels of the truck off the ground and driving only on the rear wheels.
  • BITE: Traction. The strength of tires gripping the surface.
  • BURNOUT: Spinning the tires to clear the mud off for optimum traction.
  • CASE IT: Hit the lowest part of the truck’s frame on the peak of the obstacle.
  • CUT TIRES: Shaving the tread off the tires for more traction and less weight. The process, done by hand, can take as much as 50 hours per tire.
  • DRY HOP: Doing a burnout to clear the starting line of loose debris.
  • ENDO: When a vehicle rolls end over end.
  • EYEBALL THE TRACK: Drivers and crew members walk around the track to get an idea of the obstacles and how to plan their runs.
  • HAMMER: The throttle.
  • HOLESHOT: being the first vehicle off the starting line; getting an immediate advantage over an opponent.
  • HOOK UP: Get enough traction for faster acceleration.
  • HOT SHOE: A top driver.
  • MASH THE THROTTLE: Step hard on the accelerator.
  • RED LIGHT: Leave the starting line before the light turns green, resulting in disqualification.
  • STAGED: Ready to start an event.