Nashville, TN - June 22 - Nissan Stadium

Authored by Samuel Reiman on June 23, 2019


Truck list: El Toro Loco® Ice (Scott Buetow), Grave Digger® (Adam Anderson), ZombieTM Fire (Brandon Budd), Red Baron (Tanner Root), Stone Crusher (Steve Sims), Monster Mutt® Dalmatian (Candice Jolly), Great Clips Mohawk Warrior® (Bryce Kenny), Bounty Hunter (Alex Bardin), EarthShaker® (Steven Thompson), BrodozerTM (Heavy D), Max-D (Colton EIchelberger), Bad Company (John Gordon), Raminator (Mark Hall), Hooked (Bryan Wright)

Hosts: Scott Jordan, Keith Jones, Lola

Overall Event Points

Grave Digger 41
El Toro Loco Ice 35
EarthShaker 33
Max-D 30
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 28
Bad Company 24
BroDozer 24
Hooked  22
Zombie Fire 17
Raminator 17
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 15
Red Baron 14
Stone Crusher 9
Bounty Hunter 6

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1st Round Bye Draw – El Toro Loco Ice and Monster Mutt Dalmatian

Round 1

Max-D defeated Great Clips Mohawk Warrior
Grave Digger defeated Stone Crusher
BroDozer defeated Bounty Hunter
Hooked defeated Zombie Fire
EarthShaker defeated Red Baron
Bad Company defeated Raminator

Round 2

El Toro Loco Ice defeated Max-D              
Grave Digger defeated BroDozer
Hooked defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian
EarthShaker defeated Bad Company                                                                                                                                                                                    

Semi-Final Round

Grave Digger defeated El Toro Loco Ice
Hooked defeated EarthShaker

Final Round

Grave Digger defeated Hooked

Great Clips 2 Wheel Skills ChallengeTM

BroDozer – 9.055
Grave Digger – 8.763
EarthShaker – 8.568
Raminator – 7.970
El Toro Loco Ice - 7.021
Max-D – 6.798
Monster Mutt Dalmatian - 6.354
Zombie Fire – 6.346
Bad Company – 4.825
Hooked – 4.636
Red Baron – 4.487
Bounty Hunter – 3.724
Stone Crusher – 2.840
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior – 2.238


Grave Digger 9.505
El Toro Loco Ice 9.064
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 8.874
Max-D – 8.510
EarthShaker -  8.340
Bad Company – 7.840
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior – 7.777
Zombie Fire – 7.088
Red Baron – 6.958
Raminator – 6.352
Hooked – 6.278
BroDozer – 5.798
Stone Crusher – 5.571
Bounty Hunter – 4.666

Event Recap

Hello Music City USA!

An incredible night of Monster Jam action began with Adam Anderson in Grave Digger winning his first ever Racing competition in Nashville. He avenges his finals loss last year to his brother, Ryan Anderson, inside Nissan Stadium.

The night of firsts continued for Heavy D in BroDozer, as he came away with the first Great Clips 2 Wheel Skills Challenge win of his career. Nashville has a special meaning for the BroDozer team as it was almost one year ago to the date that we debuted the first ever diesel-powered truck in Monster Jam.

And in Freestyle we saved the best for last as Adam Anderson in Grave Digger watched 13 other Monster Jam driver athletes put together incredible freestyle runs, before driving out on the track and dominating the competition with the Freestyle run of the night. Adam would win his eighth Freestyle of the year, propelling him to his seventh Overall Event Championship of the year.

Congratulations to Heavy D and Adam Anderson for an epic night in Nashville!