Knoxville, TN - April 6-7 - Thompson-Boling Arena

Authored by Samuel Reiman on April 6, 2019


Hosts: Diana Reed and Michael Navarro


Truck Line-up: Grave Digger® (Charlie Pauken), WhiplashTM (Brianna Mahon), Jester (Matt Pagliarulo), Kraken (Nick Pagliarulo), Black Pearl (Cole Venard), Over Bored (Jamey Garner)



Sunday Afternoon



Whiplash 27

Kraken 25

Grave Digger 22

Jester 21

Black Pearl 18

Over Bored 13



Kraken 10.930

Black Pearl 11.560

Over Bored 11.650

Grave Digger 12.300

Jester 12.760

Whiplash 13.630



Grave Digger 8.775

Black Pearl 8.615

Whiplash 8.111

Kraken 6.766

Jester 5.633

Over Bored 3.814



Grave Digger 8.887

Whiplash 8.522

Jester 8.115

Kraken 7.911

Over Bored 4.625

Black Pearl DNC



Whiplash 8.964

Kraken 7.458

Grave Digger 6.818

Jester 6.753

Over Bored 5.985

Black Pearl DNC



It was Sunday Funday at the Thompson-Boling Arena for Day 2 of competition in Knoxville!  It was Nick Pagliarulo in Kraken who proved to be fastest against the clock in the Monster Jam Racing competition.  Justin Tip and Team Whiplash was able to step up to the plate and win six points when he was crowned the ATV Obstacle Course Champion. Charlie Pauken who saw mechanical issues with his Grave Digger Monster Jam truck yesterday was able to make a comeback today and take home the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge and the Monster Jam Donut competition.  P.J. Hall won the ATV Racing competition for Team Jester while Briana Mahon and Whiplash was able to yet again impress the fans and take home another Monster Jam Freestyle win. In the end, it was Brianna Mahon’s consistency overall, along with the work of her teammate Justin Tip, that brought home the Overall Event Championship for Team Whiplash!


Saturday Afternoon:



Black Pearl 29

Whiplash 27

Kraken 22

Grave Digger 19

Jester 17

Over Bored 14



Black Pearl 11.580

Grave Digger 12.330

Over Bored 13.490

Whiplash 14.230

Kraken 19.320

Jester 20.320



Whiplash 8.802

Black Pearl 7.450

Jester 6.227

Grave Digger 5.665

Over Bored 4.865

Kraken 4.360



Whiplash 9.847

Kraken 8.278

Black Pearl 8.234

Over Bored 7.557

Jester 6.244

Grave Digger DNC



Whiplash 9.392

Kraken 8.567

Grave Digger 8.042

Black Pearl 7.909

Over Bored 5.989

Jester 5.782



It was a fun-filled Saturday afternoon in Knoxville at the Thompson-Boling Arena where we saw six competitive teams go head-to-head. Briana Mahon and Whiplash was in her element as she won three of out of her four Monster Jam truck competitions today taking home the win in Donuts, 2-Wheel Skills Challenge and Monster Jam Freestyle! But in the end, it was the Black Pearl’s Cole Venard with a big Monster Jam Racing win and Quinton Barto’s ATV Racing win for Team Black Pearl that brought home the Overall Event Championship.  Team Black Pearl won the hardware with a total of 29 points! Will they be able to keep their winning streak going for Day 2 in Knoxville on Sunday? Fans will have to wait and see.