Jacksonville, FL - Feb. 24 - EverBank Field

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Jacksonville, FL

EverBank Field

February 24th, 2018

Hosts: Ken Navitsky, KYung, & Joel Santiago


Truck Line-up: Grave Digger® (Morgan Kane), Mutant® (Coty Saucier), FS1 Cleatus™ (Marc McDonald), Lucas Oil Crusader® (Linsey Weenk), El Toro Loco® (Becky McDonough), EarthShaker® (Steven Thompson), Zombie™ (Travis Mowery), Soldier Fortune™ (Chad Fortune), Bounty Hunter (Jimmy Creten), Scarlet Bandit (Dawn Creten), Bad News Travels Fast (Brandon Derrow), Raminator driven (Mark Hall), Saigon Shaker (Cliff Thomas), Slinger driven (Scott Hartsock).


Tour: Stadium Championship Series 3



Grave Digger 138

FS1 Cleatus 121

El Toro Loco 116

Mutant 112

Soldier Fortune 107

Bounty Hunter 104

Lucas Oil Crusader 94

Earthshaker 93

Zombie 83

Bad News Travels Fast 67

Slinger 66

Raminator 60

Saigon Shaker 54

Scarlet Bandit 43


Saturday Evening




Bounty Hunter 36

FS1 Cleatus 33

Grave Digger 31

El Toro Loco 29

Soldier Fortune 28

Zombie 26

Mutant 26

Lucas Oil Crusader 23

Bad News Travels Fast 18

Slinger 17

Earthshaker 15

Scarlet Bandit 12

Raminator 12

Saigon Shaker 8 



First Round Bye Draw – Raminator & Bounty Hunter


Round 1

Zombie defeated Scarlet Bandit

Slinger defeated Lucas Oil Crusader

Grave Digger defeated Bad News Travels Fast

El Toro Loco defeated Saigon Shaker

FS1 Cleatus defeated Earthshaker

Mutant defeated Soldier Fortune 

Round 2

Zombie defeated Raminator

Slinger defeated Bad News Travels Fast (Grave Digger Transmission issues) 

Bounty Hunter defeated El Toro Loco

FS1 Cleatus defeated Mutant


Zombie defeated Slinger

Bounty Hunter defeated FS1



Bounty Hunter defeated Zombie



Grave Digger 9.627

Bounty Hunter 9.552

El Toro Loco 8.338

Lucas Oil Crusader 8.069

Soldier Fortune 7.906

Bad News Travels Fast 7.826

FS1 Cleatus 6.888

Zombie 5.814

Earthshaker 5.245

Mutant 5.201

Scarlet Bandit 4.425

Slinger 4.297

Saigon Shaker 2.967

Raminator DNC (Mechanical Issues) 


Grave Digger 9.859

FS1 Cleatus 9.480

Soldier Fortune 9.339

Mutant 8.892

Lucas Oil Crusader 8.379

Bounty Hunter 8.302

El Toro Loco 7.272

Scarlet Bandit 7.223

Zombie 6.334

Raminator 6.312

Earthshaker 6.202

Slinger 6.038

Saigon Shaker 5.632

Bad News Travels Fast 4.718



Bounty Hunter and Jimmy Creten finally had a weekend to remember!  Jimmy Creten would run through the field to meet Travis Mowery in Zombie in the finals.  The Bounty Hunter horse power would be to strong giving Jimmy Creten the much valued racing points on the evening.

The Great Clips 2 wheels skills challenge would also see a strong showing from Bounty Hunter but in the end Grave Digger and Morgan Kane would get the win.

Freestyle saw all the trucks running hard, FS1 Cleatus would set the standard with Marc McDonald having a crazy run ending with him relaxing on the hood of his truck. Solid runs from Dawn Creten in Scarlet Bandit as well as Becky McDonough in El Toro Loco would bring the crowd to it’s feet, but it would not be enough. Once all the dust settled, Grave Digger got the freestyle win, and Bounty Hunter would get the overall event win on the night!