Foxborough, MA - June 9 - Gillette Stadium

Authored by Amber Craft on June 10, 2018


Hosts: Ryan LaCosse, Taylor Mock, and Scott Jordan


Truck Lineup:

Grave Digger® (Adam Anderson), Max-D™ (Tom Meents), Son-uva Digger® (Ryan Anderson), Whiplash™ (Brianna Mahon), Great Clips Mohawk Warrior® (Bryce Kenny), Monster Energy™ (Todd LeDuc), Team Hot Wheels Firestorm™ (Scott Buetow), Lucas Oil Crusader® (Linsey Weenk), VP Racing Fuels’ Mad Scientist™ (Lee O’Donnell), Zombie™ (Colt Stephens), Jester (Matt Pagliarulo), Saigon Shaker (Ryan Disharoon), Hooked (Bryan Wright), Stone Crusher (Buddy Thompkins).


Overall Event Points

Grave Digger 35
Max-D 34
Son-Uva Digger 29
VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist 27
Monster Energy 27
Lucas Oil Crusader 25
Stone Crusher 23
Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 22
Zombie 21
Jester 21
Hooked 17
Whiplash 13
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 12
Saigon Shaker 9


America’s Best Contacts and Eye Glasses Monster Jam Racing 


1st Round Bye Draw – Lucas Oil Crusader and Max D 


Round 1

Son-Uva Digger defeated Great Clips Mohawk Warrior
Grave Digger defeated Jester
Whiplash defeated Monster Energy
Stone Crusher defeated Saigon Shaker
Team Hot Wheels Firestorm defeated Hooked
VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist defeated Zombie


Round 2

Son-Uva Digger defeated Max D
Grave Digger defeated Whiplash
Stone Crusher defeated Lucas Oil Crusader
VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist defeated Team Hot Wheels Firestorm


Semi-Final Round

Grave Digger defeated Son-Uva Digger
Stone Crusher defeated VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist


Final Round

Grave Digger defeated VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist (Stone Crusher could not fire for the final round, so VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist was brought back in his place)


Great Clips 2-Wheel Skills Challenge

Max D 9.648
Monster Energy 8.941
VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist 8.574
Zombie 8.271
Grave Digger 7.548
Stone Crusher 6.391
Hooked 6.349
Jester 6.152

Saigon Shaker 6.023
Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 5.750
Lucas Oil Crusader 5.444
Son-Uva Digger 5.358
Great Clips Mohawk 5.344
Whiplash 4.652



Son-Uva Digger 9.686
Monster Energy 9.633
Lucas Oil Crusader 9.385
Grave Digger 9.348
Max D 9.339
Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 8.975
Jester 8.623
Zombie 8.399
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 8.171
Whiplash 7.957
Hooked 6.910
Stone Crusher 6.632
VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist 5.182
Saigon Shaker 4.351


The food, the fans, and the weather in Foxborough were AWESOME as Monster Jam roared into the home of the 5-time Champion New England Patriots! And in true champion form, Adam Anderson and Grave Digger took another racing win and is now 10-0 in the final round! AND, he is now on a 10 win race streak at Gillette Stadium.

Then in the Great Clips 2-Wheel Skills Challenge, Tom Meents and Max-D stole the show with an awesome popper and a cyclone that had Max-D on 2 BKT Tires. This was, the best Two-Wheel Skills Challenge to date, and the show in Nashville could be the best yet! 

For freestyle, Max-D had one of the BIGGEST backflips ever. Todd LeDuc should apply for a pilot’s license the way he was flying around Gillette Stadium in Monster Energy. Grave Digger had a ragged edge run. But, at the end of the night, the reigning World Finals Freestyle Champion came in and rocked the house to take the final competition of the night.

Up next, Nashville Tennessee!