East Rutherford, NJ - June 8, 2019 - MetLife Stadium

Authored by Samuel Reiman on June 9, 2019


Hosts: Mitchell Rains, Taylor Mock, & K Yung


Truck Line-up: Grave Digger® (Tyler Menninga), Son-uva Digger® (Ryan Anderson), Max-DTM Fire (Tom Meents), Bakugan DragonoidTM (Camden Murphy), Monster Energy® (Coty Saucier), Monster Mutt® Dalmatian Ice (Cynthia Gauthier), Bounty Hunter (Jimmy Creten), Scarlet Bandit (Dawn Creten), Saigon Shaker (Ryan Disharoon), Jester (Matt Pagliarulo), Kraken (Nick Pagliarulo), Taurus (Mike Thompson), Iron Warrior (Matt Cody), Slinger (Scott Hartsock)



Son-uva Digger 36

Grave Digger 35

Bakugan Dragonoid 33

Monster Energy 29

Bounty Hunter 26

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 25

Saigon Shaker 25

Scarlet Bandit 24

Jester 16

Slinger 16

Max-D Fire 15

Kraken 15

Taurus 12

Iron Warrior 7




First Round Bye Draw - Jester & Saigon Shaker



Slinger defeated Iron Warrior

Son-uva Digger defeated Kraken

Bounty Hunter defeated Monster Energy

Grave Digger defeated Max-D Fire

Bakugan Dragonoid defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice

Scarlet Bandit defeated Taurus



Slinger defeated Jester

Son-uva Digger defeated Bounty Hunter

Grave Digger defeated Saigon Shaker

Bakugan Dragonoid defeated Scarlet Bandit



Slinger defeated Son-uva Digger

Grave Digger defeated Bakugan Dragonoid



Grave Digger defeated Slinger




Son-uva Digger 9.714

Grave Digger 8.723

Bounty Hunter 8.669

Monster Energy 8.386

Scarlet Bandit 8.379

Bakugan Dragonoid 7.438

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 7.342

Kraken 6.644

Taurus 5.897

Saigon Shaker 5.570

Jester 5.020

Iron Warrior 3.286

Slinger 2.297

Max-D Fire DNC




Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 9.508

Monster Energy 9.127

Bakugan Dragonoid 9.088

Son-uva Digger 8.673

Saigon Shaker 8.031

Max-D Fire 7.546

Grave Digger 7.372

Scarlet Bandit 6.536

Kraken 6.298

Bounty Hunter 5.981

Jester 5.626

Iron Warrior 5.423

Taurus 5.187

Slinger 4.980




Monster Jam returned to East Rutherford in style, as it was Ryan Anderson and Son-uva Digger taking the Overall Event Championship. Anderson bested the field in the 2 Wheel Skills Challenge and finished fourth in both Racing and Freestyle en route to the Overall crown. Grave Digger’s Tyler Menninga knocked off Monster Jam veteran, Scott Hartsock and Slinger in the final round to take his first career stadium Racing competition win. In Freestyle, it was Cynthia Gauthier with a flurry of jaw-dropping tricks that propelled her to the competition victory.