Detroit, MI - March 9-10 - Ford Field

Authored by Samuel Reiman on March 10, 2019


Hosts: Mitchell Rains, Taylor Mock, & K Yung


Truck Line-up: Grave Digger® (Morgan Kane), Son-uva Digger® (Ryan Anderson), Max-D™ Fire (Tom Meents), Bakugan Dragonoid™ (Camden Murphy), Megalodon (Justin Sipes), Monster Mutt® Dalmatian Ice (Cynthia Gauthier), El Toro Loco® (Brad Allen), Bounty Hunter (Jimmy Creten), Scarlet Bandit (Dawn Creten), Avenger (Jim Koehler), Stone Crusher (Steve Sims), Hooked (Bryan Wright), Bad Company (John Gordon), Big Kahuna (Shane England)


Tour: Stadium Championship Series 1


Sunday Afternoon



Max-D Fire 349

Son-uva Digger 334

Bakugan Dragonoid 327

Grave Digger 327

Megalodon 318

Bounty Hunter 300

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 242

Avenger 230

El Toro Loco 222

Hooked 204

Stone Crusher 168

Scarlet Bandit 167

Bad Company 149

Big Kahuna 76



Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 35

Son-uva Digger 35

Hooked 30

Max-D Fire 28

Bakugan Dragonoid 28

Bounty Hunter 28

Avenger 24

Megalodon 23

El Toro Loco 19

Stone Crusher 15

Scarlet Bandit 14

Grave Digger 13

Bad Company 12

Big Kahuna 9



First Round Bye Draw - Big Kahuna & Grave Digger



Megalodon defeated Bakugan Dragonoid

Son-uva Digger defeated Bad Company

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice defeated Scarlet Bandit

Hooked defeated Max-D Fire

El Toro Loco defeated Avenger

Bounty Hunter defeated Stone Crusher


Megalodon defeated Big Kahuna

Son-uva Digger defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice

Hooked defeated Grave Digger

Bounty Hunter defeated El Toro Loco


Son-uva Digger defeated Megalodon

Hooked defeated Bounty Hunter


Hooked defeated Son-uva Digger (While Son-uva Digger crossed the finish line first, Hooked earns the victory due to a 5-second penalty assessed to Son-uva Digger for hitting the turn tire)




Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 9.179

Max-D Fire 8.638

Bakugan Dragonoid 7.860

Son-uva Digger 7.662

Megalodon 6.691

Avenger 6.546

Hooked 5.314

Bounty Hunter 4.995

Stone Crusher 4.846

El Toro Loco 3.848

Bad Company 3.812

Scarlet Bandit 3.527

Big Kahuna 2.451

Grave Digger DNC



Max-D Fire 9.254

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 9.185

Avenger 8.995

Son-uva Digger 8.861

Bakugan Dragonoid 8.599

Bounty Hunter 8.079

Hooked 6.802

Scarlet Bandit 6.306

Bad Company 5.712

El Toro Loco 5.597

Stone Crusher 5.334

Grave Digger 4.843

Megalodon 4.768

Big Kahuna DNC



Monster Jam fans at Ford Field saw yet another shake-up near the top of the season points standings for Stadium Championship Series 1 as action wrapped up in Detroit. Max-D Fire and Tom Meents held strong at the top of the leaderboard, winning Freestyle and increasing his season points lead to 15 over second place Ryan Anderson and Son-uva Digger. Morgan Kane fell into to a tie for third in the standings after mechanical issues led to a rough afternoon for Grave Digger. Cynthia Gauthier won her first career stadium Overall Event Championship, after taking home the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge and placing second in Freestyle. Another first went to Bryan Wright and Hooked, as he took home his very first stadium competition win, taking the top spot in Racing.


Saturday Night



Max-D Fire 38

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 34

Bakugan Dragonoid 33

Grave Digger 32

Bounty Hunter 30

Son-uva Digger 26

Megalodon 25

Stone Crusher 19

Avenger 19

Scarlet Bandit 17

El Toro Loco 16

Bad Company 9

Hooked 9

Big Kahuna 7



First Round Bye Draw - Max-D Fire & Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice



Hooked defeated Big Kahuna

Megalodon defeated Avenger

Bounty Hunter defeated Son-uva Digger

Scarlet Bandit defeated Bad Company

Bakugan Dragonoid defeated Stone Crusher

Grave Digger defeated El Toro Loco


Max-D Fire defeated Hooked

Bounty Hunter defeated Megalodon

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice defeated Scarlet Bandit

Bakugan Dragonoid defeated Grave Digger (Grave Digger advances due to broken shock on Bakugan Dragonoid)


Bounty Hunter defeated Max-D Fire

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice defeated Grave Digger (There was a 5-second penalty assessed to Grave Digger for making contact with a turn tire gives Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice the win)


Bounty Hunter defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice



Bakugan Dragonoid 9.602

Max-D Fire 9.579

Son-uva Digger 9.136

Megalodon 9.130

Avenger 7.443

Grave Digger 6.843

Stone Crusher 5.226

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 5.109

Scarlet Bandit 4.467

Bounty Hunter 4.362

El Toro Loco 3.575

Big Kahuna 2.905

Bad Company 2.856

Hooked DNC



Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 9.657

Max-D Fire 9.604

Grave Digger 9.070

Bounty Hunter 8.428

El Toro Loco 8.401

Bakugan Dragonoid 7.907

Son-uva Digger 7.242

Stone Crusher 6.717

Bad Company 6.528

Megalodon 6.405

Avenger 5.587

Scarlet Bandit 5.508

Hooked 4.235

Big Kahuna 3.984



Fire and Ice finished one-two in the point standings tonight in Detroit as Tom Meents and Max-D Fire took home yet another Overall Event Championship. The title was Tom’s fifth of the season, three more than any other competitor on tour with Stadium Series 1. And for the second time this year, Max-D Fire captured the top spot overall without winning any of the three individual competitions. Bounty Hunter’s Jimmy Creten bested the field to pick up his first Racing competition win in four tries this season, and Camden Murphy wowed the crowd with incredible control of his Bakugan Dragonoid truck to win the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge. Cynthia Gauthier put in what could possibly have been the best Freestyle run of her career, as she topped her personal high score to give Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice the Freestyle victory.