Columbia, SC - April 5-6 - Colonial Life Center

Authored by Samuel Reiman on April 7, 2019


Hosts: Keaton Stewart and Bobby Millikin


Tour: Arena Championship Series


Truck Line-up: Grave Digger® (Randy Brown), Scooby-Doo! (Linsey Read), Monster Mutt® Dalmatian (Kaylyn Migues), Dragon (Darren Migues), Stinger Unleashed (Zane Rettew), Pretty Wicked (Linsey Rettew), Barbarian (Devin Jones), Bad News Travels Fast (Brandon Derrow)



Saturday Evening

Barbarian did not compete in entire Saturday Evening event



Grave Digger 1466

Stinger Unleashed 1279

Scooby-Doo! 1263

Dragon 1051

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 1035

Barbarian 742

Pretty Wicked 711

Bad News Travels Fast 515

Devastator 246



Grave Digger 38

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 36

Scooby-Doo! 33

Stinger Unleashed 26

Bad News Travels Fast 25

Dragon 25

Pretty Wicked 15

Barbarian 8



Bad News Travels Fast 9.855

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 10.173

Grave Digger 11.003

Scooby-Doo! 11.391

Dragon 12.037

Stinger Unleashed 12.603

Pretty Wicked 15.356

Barbarian DNC



Stinger Unleashed 9.407

Grave Digger 8.365

Dragon 7.641

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 7.481

Scooby-Doo! 6.882

Bad News Travels Fast 4.929

Pretty Wicked 4.611

Barbarian DNC



Grave Digger 9.309

Stinger Unleashed 7.808

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 7.773

Bad News Travels Fast 7.537

Pretty Wicked 7.250

Scooby-Doo! 6.780

Dragon 5.930

Barbarian DNC



Scooby-Doo! 8.757

Grave Digger 8.673

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 8.018

Stinger Unleashed 7.478

Bad News Travels Fast 6.330

Pretty Wicked 5.602

Dragon 4.522

Barbarian DNC



When it came to the Monster Jam Racing competition it was Monster Mutt Dalmatian’s Kayln Migues that set the bar first.  After beating out the first two competitors, she remained the fastest driver-athlete to complete the track, until Brandon Derrow in Bad News Travels Fast wowed the crowd by finishing the race in only 9.855 seconds. The w-Wheel Skills challenge had the crowd going wild. Kayln Migues proved “like father like daughter” to be true, when she pulled off a move Darren Migues in Dragon perfected in the earlier event today, the walking wheelie stop. She lifted her 12K Lb. Monster Jam Truck on two wheels and held it there for so long the fans erupted with excitement. It was Monster Mutt Dalmatian that held the top score, until Randy Brown in Grave Digger made his way to the track. Randy Brown was ready to leave it all on the line! Though his third attempt ended in an unforeseen roll over, it was a fan favorite! It looked like Grave Digger had it in the bag, until Zane Rettew in Stinger Unleashed took the track. He placed first in the 2-Wheels Skills Challenge, beating out all the other competitors with a well-deserved 9.407. Linsey Read was saving her best for last, as she out did all the other trucks in Monster Jam Freestyle.  Unfortunately, it was too little too late as Randy Brown’s points were too much to surpass, as he once again claimed the Overall Event Championship.  This was icing on the cake as this finalized Randy Brown’s clean sweep here in Columbia.


Saturday Afternoon

Barbarian did not compete in the entire Saturday Afternoon event



Grave Digger 1428

Stinger Unleashed 1253

Scooby-Doo! 1230

Dragon 1026

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 999

Barbarian 734

Pretty Wicked 696

Bad News Travels Fast 490

Devastator 246



Grave Digger 36

Scooby-Doo! 35

Stinger Unleashed 29

Dragon 29

Bad News Travels Fast 25

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 23

Pretty Wicked 15

Barbarian 14



Scooby-Doo! 10.622

Bad News Travels Fast 10.876

Dragon 11.000

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 11.068

Stinger Unleashed 11.133

Grave Digger 11.454

Pretty Wicked 13.307

Barbarian DNC



Dragon 9.160

Grave Digger 8.496

Stinger Unleashed 8.490

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 6.988

Scooby-Doo! 6.689

Bad News Travels Fast 4.681

Pretty Wicked 4.456

Barbarian DNC



Grave Digger 9.539

Scooby-Doo! 9.343

Pretty Wicked 8.625

Stinger Unleashed 8.164

Bad News Travels Fast 7.549

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 5.549

Dragon 3.682

Barbarian DNC



Stinger Unleashed 9.067

Scooby-Doo! 8.596

Grave Digger 8.515

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 7.488

Dragon 6.909

Bad News Travels Fast 6.460

Pretty Wicked 6.036

Barbarian DNC



Today’s Monster Jam event started out with an exciting Pit Party. Fans were excited to get a chance to meet with their favorite Monster Jam athletes. As the first competition got underway, Linsey Read in Scooby-Doo! took the win in Monster Jam Racing.  Linsey wasn’t done there.  Her consistency added up, as she and her team were able to take second place in Donuts, ATV Racing, as well as Monster Jam Freestyle. Zane Rettew made his presence known in Monster Jam Freestyle, as he was able to keep his truck shiny side up with a super save from a reverse popper.  This was enough to get the highest score and take first place in Monster Jam Freestyle. Randy Brown and team Grave Digger were also out in full force.  They took second in the 2 Wheel Skill Competition, but had some consistency of their own with wins in ATV Obstacle course and Monster Jam Donuts.  It was those two-top spot finishes that proved to be enough to make Randy Brown and team Grave Digger the Overall Event Champion for the second time in a row here in Columbia.


Friday Evening



Grave Digger 1392

Stinger Unleashed 1224

Scooby-Doo! 1195

Dragon 997

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 976

Barbarian 720

Pretty Wicked 681

Bad News Travels Fast 465

Devastator 246



Grave Digger 44

Stinger Unleashed 32

Dragon 27

Barbarian 25

Scooby-Doo! 23

Bad News Travels Fast 23

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 20

Pretty Wicked 15



Bad News Travels Fast 9.855

Barbarian 10.047

Grave Digger 10.685

Stinger Unleashed 11.199

Dragon 11.327

Scooby-Doo! 11.391

Pretty Wicked 13.761

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 14.000



Stinger Unleashed 9.250

Grave Digger 8.882

Dragon 6.061

Pretty Wicked 6.038

Barbarian 5.871

Bad News Travels Fast 5.695

Scooby-Doo! 5.500

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 5.446



Grave Digger 9.345

Stinger Unleashed 7.856

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 7.772

Barbarian 7.471

Bad News Travels Fast 6.884

Dragon 5.458

Pretty Wicked 5.324

Scooby-Doo! 4.286



Grave Digger 9.354

Scooby-Doo! 8.106

Stinger Unleashed 8.084

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 7.699

Dragon 6.756

Bad News Travels Fast 6.146

Pretty Wicked 4.835

Barbarian DNC



This three-event weekend started off with something unique, in that Columbia, S.C. was treated to Timed Racing.  Brandon Derrow, who was coming off a few previous racing wins, once again proved that no matter the format, bracket or timed, that he was one of the fastest, delivering bad news to the other driver athletes, by taking first place again.  Team Barbarian put some good numbers up on the board, by taking second in Monster Jam Racing as well as second in the ATV Obstacle Course.  Randy Brown really put the “skill” in the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge as he wowed the crowd with his astonishing Moonwalk.  As if it wasn’t enough getting the 12K LB truck on the two front wheels, Randy then began to put it in reverse and balance his way all the way up the steepest hill of the pod backwards without loosing control.  With his talent and a little love from the fans, Randy Brown in Grave Digger was our first overall event champion.