Melbourne 2015

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Melbourne, Australia


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hosts: Scott Douglass, Ken Navitsky, & Rhianna Buchanan


Truck Line-Up: Grave Digger® (Adam Anderson), Max-D™ (Neil Elliott), Monster Mutt® Dalmatian (Candice Jolly), El Toro Loco® (Marc McDonald), Zombie™ (Bari Musawwir), Son-uva Digger® (Ryan Anderson), Team Hot Wheels™ Firestorm (Scott Buetow), Dragon™ (Scott Liddycoat), MADUSA® (Madusa), Metal Mulisha™ (Todd LeDuc), Zombie Hunter™ (Lee O’Donnell), Monster Energy® (Damon Bradshaw)


Saturday Evening


Fast Qualifier – Zombie Hunter 18.054




Monster Energy defeated Zombie Hunter

Grave Digger defeated Zombie

Metal Mulisha defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian

Son-uva Digger defeated Max-D


Grave Digger defeated Monster Energy

Son-uva Digger defeated Metal Mulisha


Grave Digger defeated Son-uva Digger



Son-uva Digger 39 (won via tiebreaker)
Metal Mulisha 39
Grave Digger 36
Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 35
Zombie 35
Max-D 34
El Toro Loco 33
Dragon 26
Monster Energy 17
Zombie Hunter 13
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 8



El Toro Loco 29


Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 22

Dragon 20


Zombie Hunter 31

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 18

Max-D 11

Zombie 5



The second sold-out crowd of the day packed into AAMI Stadium in Melbourne Saturday night and saw brothers Adam and Ryan Anderson lead the way in a night full of incredible and memorable moments for the roaring fans. Adam took the Racing win in Grave Digger and Ryan powered Son-uva Digger to the Freestyle victory after Marc McDonald in El Toro Loco won the Wheelies competition trophy and Lee O’Donnell in Zombie Hunter claimed the hardware for winning the Donuts competition.


In many ways though the biggest stars of the night just may have been the Monster Jam technicians who worked non-stop between the end of the afternoon event and the start of the night show to repair all of the damages from the wild afternoon of action and every Monster Jam truck was ready to go and put on another amazing event for the Australian fans Saturday night.


Zombie Hunter led the way early with the fastest qualifying time but once the bracket Racing began, it was the brothers Anderson marching through the bracket and the crowd was buzzing for the championship round sibling battle with Grave Digger squaring off against Son-uva Digger. Neither brother wanted to lose this family affair and the race was close from the green light to the finish line, with Adam and Grave Digger edging Ryan and Son-uva Digger by forty-two one-hundredths of a second!


McDonald in El Toro Loco and O’Donnell in Zombie Hunter were clear winners in the Wheelies and Donuts competitions, but the Freestyle action was spectacular and the chase for that trophy was hotly contested. A steady rain began at the start of Freestyle making the course even more of a challenge but the Monster Jam superstars were up to the task and delivered huge moves and wow moments to the delight of the capacity crowd.


It was MADUSA that had the crowd going crazy early on with a high-flying run that ended in bonus time when she back flipped her truck in amazing fashion. After completing the 360 rotation, the truck hit back on the wheels and back flipped again, bringing the crowd to its feet. MADUSA stayed on top of the leaderboard through most of the competition, until Todd LeDuc and Metal Mulisha wowed everyone in attendance with an amazing huge air run that included a save that may be one of the most amazing ever seen anywhere in the world. Son-uva Digger answered that call with incredible leaps and saves of his own, and Son-uva Digger took the win under the tiebreaker system. Metal Mulisha and Son-uva Digger had the same overall score of 39, and the same bonus score which is the first tiebreaker. The second tiebreaker goes to the truck with the better high score that was dropped from the six-judge regulation panel, and it was that tiebreaker that gave the win to Son-uva Digger.



Saturday Afternoon


Fast Qualifier – Son-uva Digger 17.697




Dragon defeated Son-uva Digger

Monster Energy defeated Max-D

Zombie Hunter defeated Metal Mulisha

El Toro Loco defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian


Monster Energy defeated Dragon

Zombie Hunter defeated El Toro Loco


Monster Energy defeated Zombie Hunter



Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 43
Max-D 39
Monster Energy 37
Grave Digger 35
El Toro Loco 34
Metal Mulisha 34
Son-uva Digger 34
Zombie Hunter 32
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 31
Dragon 30
Zombie 28



Zombie 36

Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 25



Son-uva Digger 40

Max-D 37

Metal Mulisha 36

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 12



In front of a sold-out capacity crowd at AAMI Park in Melbourne, the Monster Jam fans were treated to another incredible event on the 2015 Monster Jam Australia Tour that showed off the competitiveness and parity in this 12-truck lineup of superstars.


Four competitions produced four separate winners, none of whom had won an event during last weekend’s Australian Tour stop in Brisbane. Damon Bradshaw took the Racing trophy in Monster Energy, Scott Buetow and Team Hot Wheels Firestorm electrified the crowd to win Freestyle, Bari Musawwir and Zombie topped the Wheelies competition, and Ryan Anderson cycloned Son-uva Digger to the Donuts competition triumph at the matinee Monster Jam Saturday afternoon event.


Starting right off the bat in qualifying the roaring fans were treated to scintillating action and exciting wow moments that carried on all afternoon. Ryan Anderson and Son-uva Digger blistered the Chicago style oval to post fast qualifying time, his brother Adam in Grave Digger was second fastest but Grave Digger crashed and rolled over after crossing the finish line which would put the black and green wrecking machine out of action until Freestyle.


The ragged edge racing style would cost Son-uva Digger in the first round of the Racing bracket. Son-uva Digger was assessed a five-second penalty for not getting both front wheels up the ramp, handing that first race to Scott Liddycoat and Dragon. Reigning Monster Jam World Racing Champion Todd LeDuc in Metal Mulisha and Neil Elliott in Max-D also suffered first round upsets as the unpredictable nature of the thrilling event continued to unfold. The final round race matched Damon Bradshaw and Monster Energy against Lee O’Donnell in Zombie Hunter, with Monster Energy pulling out the close victory for his first trophy on this year’s Monster Jam Australia Tour.

The Wheelies and Donuts competitions were real crowd pleasers as both Zombie and Son-uva Digger earned popular wins. Then the fans were rockin’ as Freestyle began with two-time World Champion MADUSA getting huge roars from the crowd as she took the early lead. Her time in the hot seat came to an end when Team Hot Wheels Firestorm blasted onto the track. Buetow flew the Hot Wheels logo high and far over AAMI Park - a series of great moves and huge air being capped off by a perfectly executed backflip that saw the Aussie fan judges push Team Hot Wheels Firestorm into the lead with a near-perfect score of 43. That number would not be topped despite several amazing performances including another crowd-pleasing Freestyle from Max-D full of wow moments that would have Elliott and his team finishing in the runner-up spot for the second straight Freestyle competition in Australia. The final Freestyle came from Grave Digger, back in action after lengthy repairs were made by the Grave Digger team after its qualifying round rollover. Despite cutting down a tire early on, Adam turned in a spectacular run that ended just before regulation time was over.


Another Monster Jam event is on tap for Melbourne tonight with another sold-out crowd ready for even more thrills.