Fans Special Grave Digger 30th Anniversary Message
By Monster Jam Media
Feb 10, 2012

 "Hello, I am 9yrs old and love Dennis. I race go-carts in North Carolina and I am the State Champion for 2011 Kid Kart Champ. I have a race suit, kart and race gear to look like Grave Digger. I forgot to tell you, I am a girl and love to race. When I grow up I hope to become a monster truck driver and would love to be the first to drive Grave Digger. I will be at Greensboro, NC this weekend, and my family goes every year. Please send me anything that could help me be able to do my dream -thank you. PS> Dennis, please try to come to Greensboro, NC and do the show there. I would love to meet you in person. Your fan for life - Mackenzie Lambeth, State Champion #7"

-          Mackenzie from Greensboro, NC

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