Helsinki 2009

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Monster Jam Europe
Hartwall Arena
Helsinki, Finland
October 30-November 1, 2009


Racing Winners - Friday - Grave Digger, Saturday Afternoon - El Toro Loco, Saturday Night - El Toro Loco, Sunday Afternoon - El Toro Loco


Freestyle Winners - Friday - Grave Digger, Saturday Afternoon - El Toro Loco, Saturday Night - Grave Digger, Sunday Afternoon - Grave Digger


Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Raging Bull, Batman, Disney XD, El Toro Loco, Grave Digger. Subject to change without notice.


Weekend Race Recap

Friday Night
By: Joe Lowe

Helsinki was one of the first stops on the International Tour six years ago. Since then the popularity of the event has grown with fans buying their tickets the day they go on sale in order to get the best seats in the house. They love the noise, power and excitement Monster Jam brings to Hartwall Arena. Several fans have been encouraged enough to build their own World Class Monster. This years event features Raging Bull driven by Vesa Kivimaki. Vesa is the first Finnish driver to ever to compete in Monster Jam. The truck was built and is owned by “Crazy Stunt Drivers of Finland”. These guys travel Europe bring motorized thrill stunts to the masses.

Monster Mutt Dalmatian, Batman, Disney XD, El Toro Loco and Grave Digger all joined the local truck to bring fans non-stop action. The event began with a wheelie contest followed by racing and Monster Freestyle.

Candice Jolly drove Monster Mutt to the finals and blew a motor racing against Charlie Pauken in Grave Digger. Her crew immediately went to work but as we all know it takes more than 20 minutes to change out a motor. “The fastest we can do is about 2 ½ to 3 hours and we just don’t have that much time”, said crew chief R.L.

It was a Grave Digger night as the black and green wrecking machine won both racing and freestyle. Digger also won the wheelie competition making it a clean sweep. Finland’s hometown hero Vesa Kivimaki, won the respect of the Monster Jam drivers and picked up some fans with his Raging Bull Truck.

Former World Champion John Seasock did a great job in Batman after some last minute repairs right before the event began. Batman made it to the semi-finals in racing and come in tied for fourth in Freestyle. Other trucks included Dan Evans driving the Disney XD Ford to a second in the wheelie contest third place in freestyle but came up a bit short in racing.

Damon Bradshaw drove El Toro Loco like he had been in the truck for a couple of seasons. He scored second in freestyle and almost beat Grave Digger in the semi-finals. The race was so close officials had to review it three times before declaring a winner.

Race Results:
Round One:
Batman beat Disney XD
GraveDigger defeated Raging Bull
El Toro Loco over Monster Mutt

Monster Mutt(fast loser from round one) over Batman
Grave Digger beat El Toro Loco

Grave Digger over Monster Mutt (Mutt blew a motor)

Monster Freestyle:
Raging Bull                                             20
Batman                                                    20
Disney XD                                              22
El Toro Loco                                           25
Grave Digger                                          27

The night also featured FMX with four world class riders,  a great group of local Formula off road vehicles and one of the loudest crowds we have seen in Helsinki.

Saturday features two events at 2 and 6pm.

Saturday Afternoon:
If Friday night was all Grave Digger than Saturday afternoon belonged to El Toro Loco and Damon Bradshaw. El Toro won racing, defeating Dan Evans in Disney XD and beat Grave Digger in Freestyle by one point after Digger rolled towards the end of his 60 second run.

It was only the second time Finland’s driver Vesa Kivimaki had ever had Raging Bull on dirt. His events have always been on concrete of asphalt. It was obvious to all that he is a quick study and his truck is built to take the harsh treatment of Monster Jam. The truck had an early lead in freestyle, scored high in the wheelie contest and displayed the ability to cut a good light in racing.

FMX featured some great riders from Sweden, South Africa and Belgium. Fans came to their feet when Nick Dewit did not one but two backflips during the competition. The Monster Jam Wheelie Competition Championship again went to Charlie Pauken in Grave Digger.

Racing Results:
Round One:
Grave Digger beat Batman
Monster Mutt over Raging Bull
El Toro Loco downed Disney XD

Fast Loser Disney XD defeated Grave Digger in a close race
El Toro Loco edged by Monster Mutt

Race Finals:
El Toro Loco defeated Disney XD.

Monster Freestyle Results:
Monster Mutt                                          Candice Jolly                                                           16
Raging Bull                                             Vesa Kivimaki                                        23
Batman                                    John Seasock                                                          11 electrical problems
Disney XD                                              Dan Evans                                                               18
El Toro Loco                                           Damon Bradshaw                                   26 winner
Grave Digger                                          Charlie Pauken                                        25 rolled

While rolling a truck is an incredible site, it many times takes more skill and concentration to keep the truck on all fours. Fans seemed to understand that Saturday afternoon giving the win to El Toro over Digger. Still it makes no difference what side you stand, on all sides can agree it was an awesome event in Helsinki Finland as the Monster Jam World Tour continues.

Saturday Night:
By the time Saturday night rolled around in Helsinki Finland word that the Monster Jam event was the place to be had spread wide and far. One family came from over 600 kilometers by train to attend the event.

A young man named Max met the drivers in between shows. Max and his family are from Make-A-Wish and all this 4 year old young man wanted to do was meet the stars of Monster Jam. He got his wish with the drivers, crew and staff all shaking his hand and giving him gifts. While his health did not allow for him to attend the event, the drivers made sure he left with a big smile and some great memories.

From the beginning of the event you knew the tension and competition between teams was escalating. When that happens, look out fans, you are in for one heck of a show. That is what happened Saturday Night. Local driver Vesa Kivimaki drove Raging Bull to a score of 24 in the wheelie contest. It looked as though he was going to earn his first Monster Jam win until Grave Digger scored a 25.

Split wins between Grave Digger and El Toro Loco, another trip to the race finals for Monster Mutt and the local truck, Raging Bull, getting better with each and every pass.

The best way to fill readers in on the event is to give results. Many times the results don’t tell the story of all the action, in this case it does.

Race Results:
Round One:
Batman over Raging Bull
Grave Digger defeated Monster Mutt 
El Toro Loco over Disney XD

Monster Mutt (fast loser from round one) beat Batman
El Toro Loco over Grave Digger

Race Final:
El Toro Loco edged out Monster Mutt

FMX again rock the house with their display of two wheeled action. From Super Knacks, to cliff hangers, heart attacks to back-flips fans saw a little of everything in the competition.

Freestyle for Monsters Rocked with all trucks doing an incredible job of getting air and bringing fans repeatedly to their feet. It was Grave Digger with his back to back to back wheelies that earned him the high score from the judges.  Local driver Vesa Kivimaki held on to the lead for quite a while until Dan Evans in Disney XD earned a 21, then El Toro Loco beat that and finally Digger took it all.

Monster Freestyle Results:

Monster Mutt                                          Candice Jolly                           18
Raging Bull                                             Vesa Kivimaki                        20
Batman                                    John Seasock                                          19
Disney XD                                              Dan Evans                               21
El Toro Loco                                           Damon Bradshaw                   23
Grave Digger                                          Charlie Pauken                        28


Sunday Afternoon:
The final event of the long weekend was bittersweet for the Monster Jam competitors. They worked hard the last four days to present the best action possible and made quite a few friends. Also fans from years past stopped by to say hello. While it is good to know we are all heading home on Monday, is it a bit sad because it ended so quickly.

While there was not much talk about the World Series in Baseball here this week, there certainly was a bunch of talk about Monster Jam World Finals with many fans planning  to attend the event in the U.S. in March.

The afternoon began with a well attended pit party. Several thousand fans braved the cold weather on this first of November to see the World Famous Monster Trucks up close and to meet their favorite drivers. Young and old alike seem to love the size, sound and speed of Monster Jam.

With two weeks between Helsinki and Stockholm the drivers knew they could go for broke in racing and freestyle. After all with the professional crews here you could rebuild a Monster Truck easily in two weeks so why hold anything back? It was obvious they had no intention of holding anything back and the fans loved it.

The event began with Candice Jolly driving Monster Mutt to a win in the wheelie contest. A score of 26 for Mutt and 25 for Grave Digger proved the lady of the group could easily hold her own and make the big boys cry. Monster Mutt also worked up to the semi-finals in racing and a very respectable 3rd place in Monster Freestyle.

The day was one of surprises with birthday wishes for the Monster Jam crew, the closest race of the weekend between El Toro Loco and Grave Digger in the race finals and great freestyle from all the trucks. The weekend was historic for Finlands own Raging Bull driven by Vesa Kivimaki. Bull scored 23 in wheelie, returned to the semi finals in racing as the fastest loser from round one and put on a very decent freestyle considering he lost his rear wheel drive and only had front wheel power.

Dan Evans and the Disney XD truck rolled in the Wheelie Competition, the truck seemed fine in racing but lost reverse making it very hard for freestyle. Dan and Team Disney are experienced racers and realize that the next win is just around turn one.

Race Results:
Round One:
Grave Digger over Batman
El Toro Loco beat Disney XD
Monster Mutt defeated Raging Bull

Round Two:
Grave Digger beat Raging Bull
El Toro Loco over Monster Mutt

Race Final:
El Toro Loco defeated Grave Digger in the closest race of the weekend.

Freestyle Results:
Monster Mutt                                          Candice Jolly                           23
Raging Bull                                             Vesa Kivimaki                        8 (broke rear end)
Batman                                                  John Seasock                           22
Disney XD                                              Dan Evans                               21
El Toro Loco                                           Damon Bradshaw                   26
Grave Digger                                          Charlie Pauken                        29 (winner)


So ends the 6th Season Monster Jam has been in Helsinki. The event grows each year as fans wait for the next event. This and the rest of the European Tour along with Monster Jam in South America and Mexico proves that the love of the sport is continuing to grow.