Helsinki 2006

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Monster Jam Europe
Hartwall Arena
Finland, Helsinki
October 13-15, 2006


Racing Winners - Friday - 19:30 – TAZ, Saturday - 13:30 – TAZ, Saturday - 19:30 - MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION, Sunday - 14:00 – TAZ


Freestyle Winners - Friday - 19:30 - MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION, Saturday - 13:30 - MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION, Saturday - 19:30 - MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION,


Trucks: Monster Trucks including Maximum D., Blue Thunder, El Toro Loco, Monster Mutt, Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Blown Thunder. Trucks are subject to change without notice. 

Weekend Race Recap

Friday, October - 19:30

For the third consecutive year Monster Jam invaded Hartwell Arena in Helsinki, Finland Friday for the first of 4 big events.

World Freestyle Champion Tom Meents brought his Maximum Destruction truck back to Helsinki after taking last year off the tour. Other trucks in the weekend’s field include Blown Thunder, Monster Mutt, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Blue Thunder and Taz.

The night ended early when Blown Thunder, the truck from Sweden, failed to start in openings and could not answer the call for racing.

From the very beginning of the event fans cheered the big beasts as they ran thru four competitions including Wheelie, Racing, Donut and Freestyle. Tom Meents was favored to win the competition hands down but remember this is Monster Jam home of the best in the world. Even a seven time World Champ is subject to a loss at the hands of any truck. It was Blue Thunder driven by Chad Tingler that took the clean sweep away from Max D.


Truck Wheelie-Donut-Freestyle
Teenage Turtle 27-25-24
Blue Thunder 21-27-25
Monster Mutt 21-23-27
Max Destruction 29*-30*-30*
Taz 26-28-30

It took a crowd cheer off to give the Freestyle Competition win to Maximum Destruction as he tied Taz with a perfect 30.

Race Results:

Round One:
Turtle beat Blue Thunder

Max Destruction over Monster Mutt

Taz with a bye run

Fast Loser from Round One Blue Thunder over Maximum Destruction

Taz defeated Teenage Turtle

Monster Race Final:
Taz over Blue Thunder

The night ended with all drivers and FMX riders signing autographs for the fans for well over an hour. Monster Jam continues Saturday with two big shows and an 11am pit party.The event also featured X-Treme Street Bikes and FMX.

Saturday - 13:30

The fans came out early Saturday for the second Monster Jam of the weekend in Helsinki . With the party in the pits beginning at 11am the drivers and crews met fans, posed for pictures and signed autographs. The Monster Jam TV show is very popular in Helsinki and with the schools teaching English many of the young fans asked questions that only true fans would want to know. There were also several posters in the crowd, again a sign that the popular sport has indeed made it to International status.

The afternoon event began with the wheelie competition with Tom Meents driving Maximum Destruction to the win. After celebrating the first win of the day things went south for Max D.

The race win went to Adam Anderson driving Taz. In the Donut Competition the judges gave a tie of 28 each to Blue Thunder and Adam Anderson. A cheer off went to Blue Thunder driven by Chad Tingler.

Tom Meents watched the others win racing and donut and was determined to show the fans why he was seven time world champion and current Freestyle Champion. He pulled out all the stops in freestyle ending with Tom surfing on top of Max D and giving his helmet to a young fan. He scored a perfect 30 thus earning his second win of the afternoon.

Fans love the X-treme Street Bikes driven by Aaron Brunell and Joe Dryden. Another big event was FMX with an International group of riders from Sweden , Finland , Canada and the United States . Fans gave the win to Ussi Seljas of Finland . Two riders thrilled the fans with back flips ending their part of the event.

Race Results:

Round One

Monster Mutt over Blown Thunder

Max D beat Teenage Turtle

Blue Thunder defeated Taz


Blue Thunder over Monster Mutt

Taz (fast loser from Round One) over Maximum Destruction


Taz beat Blue Thunder


Truck Wheelie Donut Freestyle

Blown Thunder 18 20 8

Teenage Turtle 25 26 22

Blue Thunder 26 28* 27

Monster Mutt 25 26 19

Max D 27* 26 30*

Taz 26 28 28

After a break in the action the crews worked to get things ready for the second event of the day in a short few hours. Drivers signed autographs and posed for pictures with fans.

Saturday - 19:30

The hard fought battles of the night before and the afternoon show left a few wounds on the monsters Saturday night. Troubles continued for the Swedish truck, Blown Thunder again experienced problems and could not compete.

Problems for Blue Thunder were fixed during the intermission but kept Chad Tingler out of the race semi-final. Monster Mutt lost his front steering and forced the mighty mutt out of freestyle competition. The night was also a clean sweep, the first of the weekend for Maximum Destruction and Tom Meents. Max D was strong all night long and his only challenger was Adam Anderson in Taz. Both trucks were scored 30 by the judges and it took two tries before a winner could be declared.

The Finnish rider, Ussi Seljas, again won the FMX competition with the other riders vowing to work just a bit harder for the Sunday event.


Truck Wheelie Donut Freestyle

Blown Thunder (out for the night)

Teenage Turtle 28 24 27

Blue Thunder 25 27 27

Monster Mutt 24 26 out

Max D 28* 30* 30*

Taz 26 30 28


Race Results:

Round One:

Monster Mutt bye run when Blown Thunder failed to start

Taz defeated Teenage Turtle

Max D over Blue Thunder


Blue Thunder broke making Turtle in as fast loser to go against Monster Mutt

Turtle defeated Monster Mutt

Max D over Taz

Monster Race Final:

Maximum Destruction with a win over Teenage Turtle

Great moments of the night from;

B. Winston with his donut waving flags out both windows while spinning on the track.

Chad Tinglers Donuts and high jumps aboard Blue Thunder

George Belhan in handling the driving duties aboard Turtle

Adam Anderson in donuts and freestyle

Tom Meents with the biggest jump of the weekend and the surfing ending of the event.

The final Helsinki event is set for Sunday afternoon at 2pm .

Sunday - 14:00

The final Monster Jam event in Helsinki saw the biggest crowd of the weekend as fans lined up hours early for the final chance to see Monster Jam before it was gone for another year. The day began early for crews, drivers and fans with a party in the pits from 11:30 till 1pm. Thousands came out to meet their favorite drivers and see the big Monster Jam vehicles. Many sporting shirts, hats and flags from last year’s event. This demonstrated again how the fans stick with Monster Jam once they catch the fever.

Tom Meents, 7 time world champion, again was out to dominate the afternoon’s action but he faces quite a few worthy opponents. He tried several times to make it another clean sweep for Team Max D but it was not going to happen in Helsinki Sunday.

The afternoon was also a victory for the Swedish truck Blown Thunder and driver Anders Flogard. After a weekend full of problems the truck finally was race ready scoring high in several of the competitions and making it to the semi final against the best trucks in the world. This could be a sign of great things to come for the Swedish team.

Adam Anderson drove Taz to the win in the opening Wheelie competition. He tied with Max D but the fans gave it to Taz after a double cheer-off.

Chad Tingler scored 30 and got the win in the Donut competition with Taz Winning racing and finally Max D won the Freestyle competition. The real winners were the fans who saw the best Monster Jam had to offer.


Truck Wheelie Donut Freestyle

Blown Thunder 13 15 21

Teenage Turtle 23 26 21

Blue Thunder 24 30* 26

Monster Mutt 18 21 25

Maximum Destruction 26 28 30*

Taz 26* 28 28

Race Results:

Round One

Blown Thunder defeated Teenage Turtle

Max Destruction over Taz in a photo finish

Blue Thunder took out Monster Mutt in a close race

Semi Finals:

Taz (fast loser) over Blown Thunder

Maximum Destruction defeated Blue Thunder

Race Finals

Taz over Max D

The fans loved the Monster Jam and stood in line for well over an hour to get an autograph from the drivers and riders.