Helsinki 2004

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Monster Jam
Hartwall Arena
Helsinki, Finland
October 29-30, 2004



Racing Winners - Friday - Maximum Destruction, Saturday 2PM - Grave Digger, Saturday 7:30PM - Maximum Destruction


Freestyle Winners - Friday - Grave Digger, Saturday 2PM – Madusa, Saturday 7:30PM - Maximum Destruction 


Trucks: Grave Digger, Madusa, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Hot Wheels, and Maximum Destruction.

Weekend Race Recap 

Friday - 
Excitement, enthusiasm, thrill, anticipation, stimulation, and pleasure are just a few words that attempt to explain what every single person here at Hartwall Areena felt tonight at the premier Monster Jam in Helsinki, Finland.

Monster Truck Wheelie Competition was the first event tonight. Taking the points away from the rest of the fleet was Charlie Pauken in the Grave Digger with a 27. This was one of the hardest Wheelie contests I've ever seen because of the slick traction the drivers had to endure during each pass. The arena floor is one of the top hockey arenas in Europe and the painted surface, and a small amount of moisture made the drivers a little leery about how hard to nail the throttle. Charlie never has had a problem with throttle control and it showed with the first win in Finland.

Monster Truck Freestyle was next. Tom Meents went first, just to show the rest of the teams what it takes to be a champion and how to get 'er done!! Tom put on a show for the fans and made the rest of the field step it up. Taking the challenge was Madusa. She came out with her mindset that the red, white and blue truck was going to repeat her winning ways from this March at the World Finals. The crowd appreciated the hard driving style of the "American Women" and the judges gave her 30 point score. One of the only 30 point scores yet posted on the European Tour. 'Dusa was not the only driver to get into the groove. Grave Digger decided that it was time to get on top of the leader board, with a thrilling performance and another well deserved 30 point score came from the judges. 

Monster Racing was the final event of the night. With the stellar field of drivers, it was going to be a knock down drag out!!! Digger and Max D, Madusa and the Turtle went through the elimination rounds of racing and ended up in the semi final. In the end, it was Digger and Max D in the main event. Grave Digger already had two wins on the night and you know that Tom Meents was not going to end the night with out getting into the spot light of victory lane. Tom's right foot never lifted off the floor as he narrowly edged out Digger at the finish line. The fans in Finland enjoyed the night and stayed for several minutes after the performance was over to show their appreciation of the Americans and their big trucks.

Saturday 2PM
Helsinki saw its second Monster Jam this afternoon and the SOLD OUT crowd was more than pleased. The wheelie contest started the matinee performance. For the second time on the European Tour Madusa was in the Hot Wheels Victory Lane.

She topped the leader board with a perfect score of 30. The rest of the field was in a tight run for second place. Grave Digger and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stacked up at 27 and 28 point scores respectively.

Donut Contests are a cool part of Monster Jam. Charlie Pauken in Grave Digger

tore it up as he nearly flipped the truck over backward trying to be the best of the best. Tom Meents and Max D were just as tight and could have easily won the contest, but he backed out of the throttle after getting to close to the crush cars.

Freestyle was killer. Turtle and the Mutt freaked out on the cars and the crowd loved it. Next came Max D, Madusa, and Digger. The three trucks that have world championships to their credit all posted top scores with Madusa and Digger tying with 30 point scores. All of the scores, once again, were in the high 20’s. The crowd cheered off the two top point getters and with Madusa taking the crown.

Racing had some of the tightest, closest calls of the tour, yet. Tom took his Max D to the line and was awarded the fastest qualifier. Round after round all races were neck and neck to the finish. The biggest rivalry took place between the Mutt and Turtle but B Winston showed Bobby Z that not all turtles are slow and took that round’s win. However, this Turtle wasn’t quite fast enough to beat Max D. In the other bracket Madusa couldn’t dig Chucky’s grave like she threatened and was out first round. Chucky took the mean green racing machine to the line and took out the Mutt and faced Max D in the finals. Digger took the final round of racing beating out Max D buy just an inch, but an inch he will take. 

Saturday 7:30PM

Talk about utter excitement - that’s what’s happening here in Helsinki.  With three shows done and one to go tomorrow afternoon, these Fins sure are getting what they asked for.  The U.S. Hot Rod monster truck fleet keeps stomping, three steps at a time far beyond extreme.

This was Digger’s night here in Helsinki for donuts and wheelies.  Points ranged from a mere 15 points and peaked at Digger’s 27 in the wheelie competition.  Nose in the air and tires off the ground these trucks took it to the sky.  Chad in the "coolest" car company truck, Hot Wheels, led the wheelie contest and scored a 15 when he nosed off the cars.  But he didn’t sit in the hot seat very long, because B Winston meant business tonight and slammed dunked a 20 with his pass.  The Turtle didn’t let him keep his rank very long and stuck his truck in the air scoring three 7’s across the board.    MAD-usa came out MAD and posted a 24 and didn’t let The Mutt nor Max D passed her, but was crushed when Digger pogo-ed off the cars and claimed his victory with a 27.

The Donut competition was just has dramatic and fun to watch.  The drivers and trucks are getting use to the slick surface that were causing them to not grip the first night in order to pull off a tight donut.  Although, we didn’t see any armless donuts or wheels being thrown from windows, we sure did see some of the craziest cyclones known to man.  Everyone - Hot Wheels, Turtle, Mutt, Madusa, Max D and Digger ended every donut by sliding into one another.  The trucks were trying to grip the painted cement but instead of gripping it they were sliding causing the trucks to slip, slide and get thrown.

Only person was able to grab a chunk of cement.  He stuck that left rear tire and spun himself crazy - you know it was the black and green racing machine - Digger!   Chucky accepted his 28 gladly and walked away with two wins tonight.

Freestyle was off the hook.  Big air by Hot Wheels - the long jump by Madusa - the straight up crazy wheelie by Monster Mutt and the bouncing pogo by the Turtle, just weren’t enough to claim a victory in the Freestyle Competition here in Helsinki.  It was the beloved battle between Max D and Digger that we’re all so use to.  Max D was 5th to run tonight and he had the crowd eating out of his hands.  Big air, long jumps, donuts and wheelies..everything! He had everything going right for him.  Then came Digger!

Chucky took his Chevy and showed Tom who’s boss.  Same thing for him tonight, he had big air, long jumps, donuts and wheelies.  So what went wrong tonight, you ask?  Well, it was Digger’s first pass over the cars.  He had nice form, could have been a decent wheelie, but never got his truck off the cars but an inch.  It was that first pass the knocked him out of winner’s circle of this portion of tonight’s event.  Digger posted a 26 and Max D took home another freestyle win with a 27.

Racing was fantastic!!!  Monster Mutt stomped on the Turtle to get to the semi-final and Max D and Digger as well as Madusa.  Madusa had to transfer to the semi from the LCQ, but make no mistake, she was a contender.  Unfortunately Duse was unable to get by the main as the Mutt was on his game.  Max went to the final as well and the show down was one.  As the light went green, both trucks launched hard with Max getting the holeshot and the win!!!