Santiago, Chile - Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 - Movistar Arena

Escrito por Larry Jewett on December 3, 2018


Hosts: Joel Santiago and Janelle Rodriguez

Truck Line-up: Grave Digger® (Randy Brown), Megalodon™ (Chad Tingler), El Toro Loco® (Armando Castro), Monster Energy® (Steven Sims), Max -D™ (Chuck Werner), Zombie® (Linsey Read)




Monster Energy 19

Grave Digger 16

El Toro Loco 15

Megalodon 13

Max-D 12

Zombie 11


Round 1

El Toro Loco defeated Max-D

Megalodon defeated Zombie

Monster Energy defeated Grave Digger


Max-D (Fast Loser) defeated El Toro Loco

Monster Energy defeated Megalodon


Monster Energy defeated Max-D


Monster Energy 9.260

Grave Digger 8.249

Max-D 7.273

Megalodon 7.168

Zombie 6.373

El Toro Loco 5.340


El Toro Loco 9.249

Max-D 9.145

Grave Digger 8.959

Zombie 7.817

Megalodon 7.799

Monster Energy 5.875


Monster Energy 9.539

Grave Digger 9.116

El Toro Loco 8.784

Megalodon 8.250

Zombie 8.125

Max-D 7.946

Light crowd this afternoon but as always a grand Monster Jam event. Steven Sims was on fire taking over every event, he was our winner for Racing, Two Wheel Skills and Freestyle! He said it from the start he wanted to match up with Grave Digger and represent Monster Energy being here for the first time in Chile! Chad Tingler gave us a nice popper during 2 Wheel Skills, and also a great Freestyle run looks so cool to see the shark crushing the cars, looks like Megalodon is eating them. Armando Castro as well gave us a great Donut presentation in the second half.




Grave Digger 19

El Toro Loco 17

Monster Energy 17

Max-D 12

Zombie 10

Megalodon 7


Round 1

El Toro Loco defeated Monster Energy

Max-D defeated Megalodon

Grave Digger defeated Zombie


El Toro Loco defeated Monster Energy (Fast Loser)

Max-D defeated Grave Digger


El Toro Loco defeated Max-D


Grave Digger 9.150

El Toro Loco 8.902

Zombie 8.827

Max-D 6.201

Monster Energy 6.142

Megalodon 5.559


Monster Energy 8.884

Grave Digger 8.473

El Toro Loco 8.234

Zombie 7.670

Megalodon 7.530



El Toro Loco 9.527

Monster Energy 9.019

Grave Digger 8.608

Max-D 8.122

Megalodon 7.867

Zombie 7.488

During our preshow, we had a lot of Megalodon fans, exciting to see the power of the internet as it’s Megalodon first appearance. Our first win of the night for racing was Armando Castro. He was very excited and got the audience pumped up. If you had to guess, who’d you think took 2 wheels skills? It was Randy Brown once again! So far our 2 wheel skills king. Monster Energy blows the crowd away again with donuts winning that event it’s crazy to see the dirt come off the ground. Freestyle Megalodon had a great run came out right after Linsey in true shark style. Monster Energy gave us a surprise popper after a high jump, and Armando Castro had great air and donuts winning him that Freestyle win. Overall event winner was Randy Brown again and hit the crowd with some surprise Spanish once again!
Viva Chile!




Monster Energy 19

Max-D 19

Grave Digger 18

El Toro Loco 13

Zombie 9

Megalodon 8


Round 1

Zombie defeated Megalodon

El Toro Loco defeated Grave Digger

Max-D defeated Monster Energy


Monster Energy (Fast loser) defeated Zombie

Max-D defeated El Toro Loco


Max-D defeated Monster Energy


Grave Digger 9.224

Max-D 9.161

Monster Energy 7.572

Megalodon 5.548

Zombie 3.857

El Toro Loco 2.906


Monster Energy 8.842

Max-D 8.652

Grave Digger 8.528

El Toro Loco 8.298

Zombie 7.611

Megalodon 7.304


Grave Digger 9.132

El Toro Loco 8.949

Monster Energy 8.293

Max-D 7.796

Megalodon 7.438

Zombie 7.052

Fresh out of the pit party, we had a great crowd join us for our Santiago afternoon Saturday event. Racing was a little rough due to random mechanical issues happened but we were able to transition smoothly. Our fastest loser was Monster Energy making for semi finals exciting with another head to head with El Toro Loco. Our winner ultimately was Max D Chuck Werner! Gaining those points right away. Zombie had a great 2 Wheel run best of the weekend so far, but Randy Brown in Grave Digger dominates this category time and time again. South American fans love the freestyle motocross with their impressive jumps. Moving along to donuts Monster Energy brought that energy to the track being consistent finally getting that event win. Lastly Randy Brown in Grave Digger had a great freestyle performance fans love to see that green and black truck fly in the air! BUT DRUMROLL — Our overall event winner was Monster Energy! Had that truck looking great and was really able to lay it down on the track.




Grave Digger 25

Max-D 22

Zombie 21

El Toro Loco 20

Monster Energy 16

Megalodon 14


El Toro Loco 12.550

Zombie 14.400

Grave Digger 14.570

Max-D 14.690

Megalodon 15.040

Monster Energy 20.220 (5 second penalty was added. Original time 15.220)


Round 1

Grave Digger defeated Monster Energy

Max-D defeated Megalodon

El Toro Loco defeated Zombie


Megalodon (Fast Loser) defeated Grave Digger

Max-D defeated Zombie (El Toro Loco broke)


Megalodon defeated Max-D


Grave Digger 9.295

El Toro Loco 9.240

Zombie 7.118

Max-D 6.362

Megalodon 5.102

Monster Energy DNC


Max-D 9.050

Monster Energy 9.029

Grave Digger 8.973

Megalodon 7.640

Zombie 6.692

El Toro Loco 6.413


Monster Energy 9.268

Grave Digger 8.453

El Toro Loco 7.847

Zombie 7.417

Max-D 7.395

Megalodon 6.967


Friday Evening in Santiago was an energetic crowd. Starting from our driver interviews, you can feel the excitement from the fans as they cheered for each of the drivers loudly.

The competition was intense all the drivers were driving like they wanted to leave their mark in Santiago. As proof, we had different winners per event. Starting our evening with a win in the timed racing event was Armando Castro with a 12.550, beating his practice time. He felt right at home on the track. When it came to racing, there were some mechanical issues changing up the line-up for our semi finals but that didn’t stop the action. Our Final Match up was Megalodon and Max- D, it was a great win for Chad Tingler for his first show in 2018.  Two Wheel Skills Challenge is up next it was a close call between Randy Brown and Armando Castro both with amazing Poppers and Nose-stands, the crowd went absolutely wild when they saw these2 wheel skills a new competition for Santiago. Freestyle Motocross was thrilling, personally many wow and mini heart attack moments it was phenomenal seeing them fly in the air. We came back from intermission to the donut competition, and the stars of this event were Steven Sims in Monster Energy and Max D Chuck Werner.  There were mini tornados in the arena and Chuck took his first win of the night, it was great to see his daughter, his crew chief, celebrate in the tunnel. Lastly but certainly not least was Freestyle, Zombie warmed us up and held that 1st place spot till once again Monster Energy hit the floor, he has a very distinguished and aggressive driving style that simply stands out, other  performances that stood out as well was Armando Castro  his control of the truck and the space were great to see, and lastly our Overall Event Champion win was Randy Brown and in pure Digger Style tore up the track. Monster Energy took the win for Freestyle But Randy Brown in Grave Digger took the whole win and ending the night Speaking Spanish!! Randy Closed our show with the Chilean Chant Chi-Chi-Chi-Le-le-le Viva Chile! It was icing on the cake.