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Monster Jam Superstar Challenge Live Blog

Authored by Monster Jam on November 12, 2023

Team Neon: 189

Team Nitro: 163


Hello and welcome to the Monster Jam World Superstar Challenge live blog, your home for all of the updates from the Angel Stadium of Anaheim!


Freestyle – Winner: Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger – Nitro)


Competition Recap


Best Trick – Winner: Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger – Nitro)


Competition Recap


Racing – Winner: Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger – Nitro)


Competition Recap


Monster Jam Stunt






Freestyle Run Order:


Team Nitro:


  1. El Toro Loco
  2. Grave Digger
  3. Avenger
  4. Soldier Fortune
  5. Great Clips Mohawk Warrior
  6. Max-D
  7. Zombie
  8. Son-uva Digger

Team Neon:


  1. Monster Mutt
  2. Monster Mutt Dalmatian
  3. Lucas Stabilizer
  4. Megalodon
  5. ThunderROARus
  6. Earth Shaker
  7. Bakugan Dragonoid
  8. Grave Digger


Best Trick Run Order:



Here is the schedule for today’s events:


Graphic with full run down of event schedule.





Ride onboard Son-uva Digger during racing practice!



Drivers took to the racetrack to practice the over-under bridge on Thursday:



Monster Jam shared the following image on Tuesday as preparations got underway at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim:



Here are the team assignments for the event:


team nitro: tom meents, kayla blood, bryce kenny, ryan anderson, armando castro, cory rummell, tyler menninga, jim koehler and captain bari musawwir; team neon todd leduc, chris koehler, adam anderson, camden murphy, tristan england, jamie sullivan, linsey read, colt stephens and captain krysten anderson


Superstar Challenge News

Team Nitro & Team Neon Paints

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