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Kayla Blood on Bringing Her Fierce Attitude to Sparkle Smash

Authored by Samuel Reiman on May 21, 2024

Kayla Blood will be the first Monster Jam athlete to pilot the Sparkle Smash Monster Jam truck when it makes its competitive debut in East Rutherford in June.



Blood has been competing in Monster Jam for eight years. But prior to her established career behind the wheel, she ran track, competed in boxing and MMA, did six years in the LA National Guard, and raced ATVs.


She started her Monster Jam career behind the wheel of the yellow El Toro Loco in Council Bluffs, IA, in 2016. But the Soldier Fortune Monster Jam truck seemed like a natural fit for her tough, persevering attitude, and it is the truck that Monster Jam fans have come to associate her with in recent years.


But as Blood notes, the move over to Sparkle Smash doesn’t change her approach to the sport, and she intends to continue representing the military and bring her fierce demeanor to the new Monster Jam truck.


“I know a lot of people are gonna think – ‘well, that’s different,’ – you know, for me, because people think about me and driving Soldier Fortune,” admitted Blood. “I have such an aggressive driving style and just fierceness about me.


“But I don’t look at this like the end of me driving Soldier Fortune. I’m going to look at this as the beginning of something new. Anytime that you’re going to be great at something, you’re going to grow in something, you have to adapt and you have to do something new. Change is inevitable and we have to adapt to it, and I think this is going to be a great move.


“For me, honestly, I love the Sparkle Smash Monster Jam truck. It’s a beautiful truck that’s already got an amazing fan base and I look forward to pushing that fan base with a beautiful Monster Jam truck, and being able to go out there and show this aggressive side of a beautiful Monster Jam truck.


“I know there are going to be those fans that might be a little upset that I’m not in Soldier Fortune. But no matter what Monster Jam truck I’m in, I’m going to be supporting the military. I’m a veteran myself, first and foremost, you know? So I’m always going to support the military.”


Blood was in the Louisiana National Guard for six years, serving in the 244th Aviation while working on base at Camp Boulevard as force protection, before later moving on to work within her unit. With having her son Austin, she missed out on the opportunity to go overseas with her unit, but says that driving Soldier Fortune gave her the opportunity to represent the National Guard in front of everyone who has attended a Monster Jam event.


Blood placed ninth overall in the Stadium Series West standings this year, not helped by the fact that her truck was fighting fuel issues in the opening rounds of the season that saw her briefly drop to last in the standings. She was able to claw back a few positions, but having the likes of Ryan Anderson and Adam Anderson on her tour certainly made that task more difficult. Nevertheless, she was able to pick up a spectacular Freestyle win in Anaheim.


Her next task will be building a strong reputation for the Sparkle Smash Monster Jam truck. In 2023, ThunderROARus entered Monster Jam as a brand-new truck to identify with. It looked awesome, but drivers Colt Stephens and Tony Ochs knew that it was their job to prove that it was not just a cool-looking truck, but also a force to be reckoned with. Now, Blood faces a similar challenge with Sparkle Smash, and she is ready for the task.


“I know that I can climb into any Monster Jam truck and drive it the same exact way, and that’s the exact way that I’m going to drive Sparkle Smash,” reasons Blood. “We’re gonna have those crazy ‘Wow!’ moments.


“They know when I go out there for Freestyle, I’m not gonna lay it down, I’m not going to go slow. I’m gonna get it just as wild and crazy as these boys.


“It’s going to be a pretty sparkly Sparkle Smash unicorn Monster Jam truck, but our driving style is definitely gonna be aggressive.”