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Five Reasons To Be Excited For Monster Jam Showdown

Authored by Scott Jordan on June 21, 2024

Five Reasons To Be Excited For Monster Jam Showdown

Monster Jam Showdown is the most highly anticipated Monster Jam videogame in years, maybe ever, and based on the gameplay clips that have been released online, fans have a lot to look forward to when the game launches on August 29th. The game was created and developed by Milestone, the team from Milan, Italy, who are responsible for the Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Video Game releases over the years. Recently I sat down with the game’s director Federico Spada for an episode of Inside Monster Jam Powered By Lucas Oil, and here are some of the takeaways that have me counting down the days until I the game’s release.

1. There will be over 60 trucks in the game!

Fans of current and classic Monster Jam trucks will be very happy with the selection of playable 12,000-pound machines in this game. Federico explained that Milestone consulted with Monster Jam and did extensive research to determine the most popular trucks in Monster Jam’s storied history that they felt fans would want to see in the game. Fans have been buzzing online as screen shots continue to reveal more trucks in the game and my hat’s off to all of you internet sleuths who have been slowly putting this All-Star lineup together.

2. The trucks look and sound like the real thing.

Federico discussed the lengthy process to make the trucks look as authentic as possible down to every nut and bolt. Milestone worked with engineers to nail the chassis’, bodies, and in-cab elements down to the tee and the sounds you will hear in the game come from real Monster Jam trucks on the track. The crew flew to Los Angeles and recorded Tyler Menninga driving Grave Digger and implemented those sounds into the game.

3. The inclusion of rear-steer!

Milestone and Monster Jam wanted you to really experience what it’s like to drive a Monster Jam truck and without strapping into one or heading to Monster Jam University this could be the closest we get. Not only will you have control of the throttle, the brakes, and the front steer with the wheel, but you will be able to navigate the tight corners of a Monster Jam track by toggling the rear-steer in the game. For those of you who want to build up to that, you will be able to turn the rear steer option off until you’re ready. This is just one of the many helpful tools Milestone has implemented to help you learn to drive a truck in the game.

4. Drivers were involved with gameplay and physics.

One of the questions I posed to Federico was how much involvement drivers had in making sure the drivability was authentic. He explained that it started with a conversation in Sweden with Max D’s Blake Granger and evolved in Los Angeles and through feedback from initial gameplay. As we’ve seen throughout the “Drivers vs Fans” videos on social media, the Monster Jam superstars love the authenticity of Monster Jam Showdown and fans will be very happy with physics of these Monster Jam trucks in the game.

5. Unreal Engine 5.

As a gamer, I understand the importance of which game engine is used to create any video game I play as it genuinely effects all of aspects of my gaming experience. This was a vital question that I had for Federico and when he admitted that Milestone used Unreal Engine 5 to create Monster Jam Showdown, I expressed my excitement. Unreal Engine has experienced a surge in popularity due to its involvement with Fortnite, arguably the most popular game in the world right now. In my opinion this game engine allows for the most authentic and creative experience for not only gamers, but for casual fans just getting started and is the perfect platform to give our fans an authentic and thrilling high-octane Monster Jam driving experience.

Monster Jam Showdown releases on August 29th and will be available on Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. You can pre-order your copy at Inside Monster Jam Powered By Lucas Oil with Federico Spada discussing Monster Jam Showdown airs on MavTV Saturday night July 27th at 9:00 PM EST.