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Great Clips Mohawk Warrior Monster Jam truck

Great Clips Mohawk Warrior

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Fans who attended the 2010 Monster Jam World Finals® in Las Vegas witnessed history when they became the first ever to lay eyes on Mohawk Warrior®. Mohawk Warrior is the first Monster Jam® truck to be adorned with a jet black, razor sharp Mohawk. Mohawk Warrior has a found a huge fan base in the Mohawk Nation. The sleek black Mohawk Warrior SUV body is smooth but always ready for a bumpy ride. Tribal art reveals that under its cool façade, Mohawk Warrior is ready for battle. Mohawk Warrior is on the loose and the Mohawk Nation is behind him. All new and shredding up the circuit, the Mohawk Warrior rebel yell is audible for miles. With a look that sets it apart, you know that there’s only one Mohawk Warrior. You have two choices – get out of the way or join the Mohawk Nation! In 2016, Great Clips joined the Mohawk Nation as the Monster Jam truck now proudly carries the name “Great Clips Mohawk Warrior”. Watch for the Great Clips Mohawk Warrior coming to a Monster Jam near you!