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Bakugan Dragonoid

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In the Bakugan Universe, the Dragonoid has long been known as a character that can evolve on its own. In 2019, that evolution hit a level never before seen as the Bakugan Dragonoid Monster Jam monster truck became reality.


The Bakugan Dragonoid is regarded as the most powerful species. Looked upon as the leader of the Bakugan, the powerful Dragonoid utilizes a combination of skill, agility, intelligence and cunning to gain the upper hand in any situation presented. The legacy of the Bakugan Dragonoid will serve the newest creation well as the Monster Jam monster truck will be called upon to face formidable foes in each competition.


Fans will recognize the unique aspects of the Bakugan Dragonoid as obvious characteristics of the Monster Jam monster truck. The super sharp horn provides a prominent introduction to the beast, supplemented by the sharp teeth and steely eyes that mean business. The swooping profile of the powerful wings add a dimension of intrigue that will make fans wonder when the Dragonoid will take flight.


The world of Monster Jam becomes the next challenge for the Bakugan Dragonoid.