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Driver: Matt Pagliarulo

Body: 2013 Cadillac JESTALADE

Chassis: 2013 PEI XT

Engine size: 540 CI Blown Alcohol Injected Chevrolet (Central Florida Machine & Speed)

Transmission: FTI 2-Speed Powerglide

Shocks: PEI Bypass 26" Front & 30" Rear



Central Florida Machine and Speed, Central Florida Powder Coating, Cyclone Gearbox, Energy Suspension, FK Rod Ends, FTI Competition Converters and Transmissions, Hooker Harness, PEI, Spaghetti Menders



The creation of the Jester Monster Jam® truck came out of years of planning and considering different ideas for a new truck, “For as long as we’ve been together, my wife and I always talked about different names and concepts for a Monster Jam truck in the event that we would actually get to build one," said owner Matt Pagliarulo. "In 2010, while out riding our motorcycle, my wife looked at her helmet that pictured a Jester character with a bright and colorful hat and said a Jester-themed monster truck could be pretty interesting. Over the months that followed, we would talk about color schemes and types of characters and whether it should be a funny or scary looking character. At some point, we came up with the idea that if we could incorporate the Jester hat into the design and create a 3D concept that it would be kind of funny. Since historically speaking the Jester has always been a goofy and silly character, what better way could we represent this concept than by putting a huge Jester hat on the top of the truck that would flop around erratically while competing in racing and freestyle competitions?"