Tulsa, OK - BOK Center

Authored by Admin on March 7, 2015


March 07 - 8, 2015 -  BOK Center - Tulsa, OK


Racing winner:

Saturday Night: Grave Digger

Sunday: El Toro Loco


Freestyle winner:

Saturday Night: Grave Digger

Sunday: Grave Digger



Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger driven by Jon Zimmer, El Toro Loco® driven by Marc McDonald, Mohawk Warrior℠ driven by George Balhan, Bounty Hunter® driven by Trent Montgomery, Iron Outlaw driven by Todd Morey, Spike driven by Brad Allen, and Mega Bite driven by Cory Rummell!


Saturday Night

Massive amount of metal carnage and Monster Jam fun in Tulsa tonight. 4 1/2 of the teams in the wheelie contest rolled over. The 1/2 being Todd Morey and Iron Outlaw, who balanced on the rear wheelie bar to end his competition. The most exciting of the Wheelie Contest rollovers was Jon Zimmer and Grave Digger. The truck nearly balanced up on the rear bumper, but Zim was on the throttle trying to get it back, but the truck went over backward where Jon stayed in the throttle and nearly pulled Digger back to all 4. The rollovers didn't end there...Zombie rolled during the Obstacle course and EL Toro Loco rolled in freestyle. Can't wait for tomorrow!!

Wheelie Scores:
Zombie 28
Mega Bite 30
Iron Outlaw 32 (stuck vertical after 1 hit)
Spike 36 (wicked rollover, almost a backflip)
Bounty Hunter 34 (rollover)
Mohawk Warrior 40 **WINNER**
El Toro Loco 39
Grave Digger 39 (rollover)

Obstacle Course Times:
Iron Outlaw 15.047
Mega Bite 15.613
Spike 18.047
Zombie DNF (rollover)
Bounty Hunter 27.647
Mohawk Warrior 13.051
El Toro Loco 14.269
Grave Digger 12.861 **WINNER**

Donut Scores:
Mega Bite 26
Iron Outlaw 34
Spike 26
Zombie 34
Bounty Hunter DNS (mechanical issue)
Mohawk Warrior 22
El Toro Loco 41 **WINNER**
Grave Digger 40

Freestyle Scores:
Mega Bite 24
Iron Outlaw 31
Zombie 25
Spike 25
Bounty Hunter 32
Mohawk Warrior 27
El Toro Loco 32
Grave Digger 39 **WINNER**

By Scott Heaton


It looked like it would be Marc McDonald and El Toro Loco sweeping the day, as they came out and won the 1st 3 events in commanding fashion. Jon Zimmer and Grave Digger had a different outlook. Zim and Digger ended up winning the Freestyle competition by one point. The metal carnage continued on Sunday. Saturday night saw 7 rollovers and some severely busted trucks, and the hits kept coming today. 3 more rollovers and busted parts highlited the day.

Wheelie Scores:
Zombie 21
Mega Bite 16
Iron Outlaw 18 (rollover)
Spike 27
Bounty Hunter 25 (sheered off left rear wheel on last hit)
Mohawk Warrior 21
El Toro Loco 31 **WINNER**
Grave Digger 14 (rollover on 1st hit)

Obstacle Course Times:
Iron Outlaw 14.847
Mega Bite 17.983
Spike 17.211
Zombie 16.061
Bounty Hunter DNS (fixing broken rear axle)
Mohawk Warrior 17.831
El Toro Loco 12.988 **WINNER**
Grave Digger 13.307

Donut Scores:
Mega Bite 25
Iron Outlaw 14 (sheered distributor pin off, lost timing)
Spike 26
Zombie 31
Bounty Hunter 30
Mohawk Warrior 20
El Toro Loco 32 **WINNER**
Grave Digger 25

Freestyle Scores:
Mega Bite 16
Iron Outlaw DNS (did not get dist pin fixed in time)
Zombie 19
Spike 24
Bounty Hunter 29
Mohawk Warrior 26
El Toro Loco 30
Grave Digger 31 **WINNER**

By Scott Heaton