Toledo, OH - March 8-10 - Huntington Center

Authored by Samuel Reiman on March 9, 2019


Hosts: Sarah Jessica and John Cameron


Truck Line-up: Grave Digger® (Krysten Anderson), FTI Torque (Jack Brown), EarthShaker® (Jared Eichelberger), Over Bored (Jayme Garner), Ice Cream Man (Kristen Hope), El Toro Loco® (Armando Castro), Alien Invasion™ (Bernard Lyght), Black Pearl (Cole Venard)


Sunday Evening



El Toro Loco 36

Over Bored 29

EarthShaker 27

Alien Invasion 26

Black Pearl 26

Grave Digger 25

FTI Torque 22

Ice Cream Man 19



Alien Invasion 9.211

FTI Torque 9.598

El Toro Loco 10.047

EarthShaker 10.366

Black Pearl 10.430

Grave Digger 11.454

Ice Cream Man 11.903

Over Bored 12.166



El Toro Loco 8.781

Black Pearl 8.719

EarthShaker 8.640

Grave Digger 6.515

Over Bored 6.230

FTI Torque 6.050

Alien Invasion 5.970

Ice Cream Man 4.278



El Toro Loco 8.783

Alien Invasion 7.723

Over Bored 7.566

Black Pearl 6.926

Ice Cream Man 6.883

FTI Torque 6.257

Grave Digger 5.016

EarthShaker 3.786



El Toro Loco 8.848

EarthShaker 8.472

Grave Digger 8.081

Over Bored 7.814

Alien Invasion 7.317

FTI Torque 6.312

Ice Cream Man 5.437

Black Pearl 4.217




The final event in Toledo at the Huntington Center proved to be an exciting one! Alien Invasion’s Bernard Lyght sped to the top of the pod for the a victory in Timed Racing. Team Black Pearl followed by picking up a victory in the ATV Obstacle Course and Ice Cream Man took the the other ATV event with a Racing win. El Toro Loco’s Armando Castro then wowed the crowd with a win in Donuts, Freestyle, and his fifth consecutive 2-Wheel Skills Challenge win! This culminated in team El Toro Loco’s fourth Overall Event Championship in a row!


Sunday Afternoon



El Toro Loco 33

Over Bored 33

Grave Digger 32

EarthShaker 28

Black Pearl 25

FTI Torque 25

Alien Invasion 20

Ice Cream Man 14



FTI Torque 9.221

EarthShaker 9.276

Grave Digger 9.406

El Toro Loco 9.471

Alien Invasion 10.876

Black Pearl 10.988

Over Bored 11.068

Ice Cream Man 11.391



El Toro Loco 9.446

EarthShaker 9.067

Black Pearl 8.997

Grave Digger 7.577

Alien Invasion 6.962

Over Bored 5.323

FTI Torque 4.242

Ice Cream Man 3.843



Over Bored 8.580

El Toro Loco 8.483

Alien Invasion 8.234

Grave Digger 8.186

Black Pearl 7.369

FTI Torque 6.145

EarthShaker 3.507

Ice Cream Man DNC



El Toro Loco 9.594

Grave Digger 8.775

EarthShaker 8.379

Over Bored 8.177

Black Pearl 7.723

Alien Invasion 7.351

FTI Torque 7.000

Ice Cream Man 5.158




Sunday afternoon’s event  at the Huntington Center in Toledo brought the crowd to life!  FTI Torque took home his second Timed Racing win of the season!  Team Over Bored then took control with wins in the ATV Obstacle Course and Donuts.  Ice Cream Man wowed the crowd with an ATV Racing win, then it was Team El Toro Loco who brought the wins in the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge and Freestyle giving them the edge - with a higher score in Freestyle - to take the Overall Event Championship!


Saturday Evening



El Toro Loco 39

Grave Digger 32

Black Pearl 32

EarthShaker 29

Over Bored 24

FTI Torque 23

Alien Invasion 20

Ice Cream Man 11



EarthShaker 8.526

Grave Digger 8.638

El Toro Loco 9.033

Black Pearl 9.598

Over Bored 10.813

FTI Torque 11.003

Ice Cream Man 11.133

Alien Invasion DNF



El Toro Loco 9.852

Black Pearl 8.741

EarthShaker 8.522

Alien Invasion 8.331

Over Bored 7.379

Grave Digger 4.839

FTI Torque 4.269

Ice Cream Man 4.263



Grave Digger 8.644

El Toro Loco 8.065

Alien Invasion 7.785

Over Bored 7.729

Black Pearl 7.651

FTI Torque 6.294

Ice Cream Man 6.055

EarthShaker 4.632



El Toro Loco 9.406

Grave Digger 8.092

EarthShaker 8.023

FTI Torque 6.992

Aliein Invasion 6.873

Black Pearl 6.456

Over Bored 6.223

Ice Cream Man 5.127



Saturday Night’s event at the Huntington Center did not disappoint as a vibrant crowd cheered to the first win of the night:  EarthShaker sped to the top in Racing and took home the win.  Team Over Bored was victorious in ATV Obstacle Course and Grave Digger won in Donuts (her second win in a row in the event).  It was team El Toro Loco that really shone bright with wins in the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge, ATV Racing, and Freestyle.  The Overall Event championship ultimately went to team El Toro Loco, ending a great night of competition!


Saturday Afternoon


Over Bored 40

El Toro Loco 34

Grave Digger 34

Black Pearl 32

EarthShaker 24

Alien Invasion 15

Ice Cream Man 15

FTI Torque 15



Over Bored 10.276

Black Pearl 10.366

El Toro Loco 10.876

EarthShaker 11.003

Grave Digger 11.582

Alien Invasion 11.903

FTI Torque 12.477

Ice Cream Man 12.667



El Toro Loco 9.315

Grave Digger 8.793

EarthShaker 7.799

Over Bored 7.778

Black Pearl 7.403

Alien Invasion 7.127

Ice Cream Man 5.785

FTI Torque 5.624



Grave Digger 9.238

Over Bored 9.037

Black Pearl 8.347

El Toro Loco 8.257

EarthShaker 6.961

FTI Torque 6.540

Ice Cream Man 4.958

Alien Invasion 4.371



El Toro Loco 9.378

Grave Digger 9.305

Black Pearl 8.484

Alien Invasion 7.774

Over Bored 7.686

EarthShaker 7.449

Ice Cream Man 5.397

FTI Torque DNC



Saturday afternoon’s event in Toledo did not disappoint!  Team Over Bored exploded into today’s event winning Timed Racing, ATV Obstacle Course, and ATV Racing!  Team El Toro Loco took wins in the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge and Freestyle, leaving Grave Digger’s Krysten Anderson to win Donut competition.  It was Over Bored’s Jayme Garner who dominated the competition and held the trophy for Overall Event Champion.


Friday Evening



Black Pearl 39

EarthShaker 32

Over Bored 28

Alien Invasion 27

El Toro Loco 25

Ice Cream Man 20

Grave Digger 20

FTI Torque 19



EarthShaker 8.830

Alien Invasion 9.341

Black Pearl 9.406

Over Bored 10.366

Ice Cream Man 12.767

Grave Digger 14.335

FTI Torque DNF

El Toro Loco DNF



El Toro Loco 9.143

Alien Invasion 8.993

EarthShaker 8.892

Grave Digger 8.657

Black Pearl 7.916

Over Bored 4.616

FTI Torque 4.160

Ice Cream Man 3.899



Over Bored 8.829

Black Pearl 8.365

El Toro Loco 6.786

Ice Cream Man 5.436

EarthShaker 5.147

Alien Invasion 4.890

Grave Digger 4.737

FTI Torque 3.520



Black Pearl 8.962

EarthShaker 8.320

Alien Invasion 7.366

Over Bored 7.335

El Toro Loco 6.661

FTI Torque 6.089

Ice Cream Man 5.134

Grave Digger DNC




The first event at the Huntington Center in Toledo blasted off into the Arena Series East with EarthShaker’s Jared Eichelberger taking home the first win of the night in Racing.  Moving into the ATV Obstacle Course, Grave Digger took the victory.  It was El Toro Loco’s Armando Castro who proved his worth in 2-Wheel Skills Challenge with a win.  In the second half of the event, Jayme Garner in Over Bored prevailed in Donuts.  Team Black Pearl came out on top with consecutive wins in ATV Racing and Freestyle.  Tonight’s Overall Event Champion was Cole Venard and team Black Pearl, much to the delight of the Toledo crowd!