Tacoma, WA - Tacoma Dome

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January 09 - 11, 2015 - Tacoma Dome - Tacoma, WA


Racing winner:

Friday Night: Doom's Day

Saturday 2PM: Grave Digger

Saturday Night: Son-uva Digger

Sunday: Son-uva Digger


Freestyle winner:

Friday Night: Sonuva Digger

Saturday 2PM: Son-uva Digger

Saturday Night: Grave Digger

Sunday: Son-uva Digger



Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Jon Zimmer, Zombie℠ driven by Sean Duhon, Doom's Day driven by TBA, FOX Sports 1™ Cleatus by Frank Krmel Jr., Son-uva Digger® driven by Ryan Anderson, Monster Mutt® Rottweiler driven by Rob Schmidt, Double Trouble driven by Tyler Groth, Trouble Maker driven by Travis Groth, Destroyer driven by Roger Stidel, Playin For Keeps driven by Tony Canedo, Obsession driven by Justin Cluster, and Obsessed driven by Eric Swanson!


Friday Night

It was an amazing opening night in Tacoma. When I get to watch Ryan Anderson and Son-uva Digger run, it is like watching someone born to do what they do. Ryan and team have the truck set up so well, and the driver has such incredible talent that it is pure magic to see. I think he broke the truck in freestyle on his first hit, but by the way he carries momentum it was nearly impossible to tell anything was wrong. Of course, if I am going to rave about Ryan, I have to rave about Jon Zimmer and Grave Digger. There seemed to be something wrong with the power plant on board Digger, as it was popping lots, but that could have been because Jon Zimmer drives like he won't ever get a chance to again and has the thing up against the rev limiter. Regardless, the guy is amazing at what he does and I feel privileged to watch these guys in the the prime of their careers.


Obstacle Course Times (top 8 go to racing bracket)
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 27.18
Double Trouble 26.18
Cleatus 29.27
Trouble Maker 26.22
Doom's Day 26.37
Obsession 44.07
Playn For Keeps 33.10
Obsessed 28.25
Zombie 26.25
Destroyer 27.66
Son-uva Digger 21.66 **WINNER**
Grave Digger 23.53


Racing Bracket:
Round 1
Doom's Day def Double Trouble
Trouble Maker def Zombie
Son-uva Digger def Destroyer
Grave Digger def Rottweiler

Semi Final:
Doom's Day def Trouble Maker
Son-uva Digger def Grave Digger

Doom's Day def Son-uva Digger

Freestyle Scores:
Zombie 17
Trouble Maker 21
Playn For Keeps 12
Obsessed 21
Doom's Day 24
Obsession 14
Destroyer 21
Double Trouble 21
Rottweiler 20
Cleatus 20
Son-uva Digger 31 **WINNER**
Grave Digger 30


By Scotto


Saturday 2PM


Amazing. Simply AMAZING. Reference? Ryan Anderson and Son-uva Digger.
A tremendous amount of cool and exciting things happened in the Tacoma Dome today, but the only thing running through my mind is the freestyle run I just watched from Anderson and his Monster Jam truck. It was the hairiest 90 seconds of Freestyle I have seen in quite some time. Ryan saved one of the gnarliest endos I have ever witnessed. He slammed and blasted the track like he was personally upset with it. He abused the Son-uva Digger truck like he wanted it to break in half. The reason? Monster Jam FANS. They got what they came for.


Obstacle Course Times:
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 23.69
Double Trouble 23.62
FOX Sports 1 Cleatus 23.54
Trouble Maker 24.03
Doom's Day 24.34
Obsession 24.84
Playn For Keeps 29.53
Obsessed 26.41
Zombie 23.94
Destroyer 25.52
Son-uva Digger 19.25 **WINNER**
Grave Digger 21.94


Racing Brackets:
Round 1:
Son-uva Digger beat Doom's Day
Grave Digger beat Trouble Maker
Zombie beat FOX Sports 1 Cleatus
Monster Mutt Rottweiler beat Double Trouble

Grave Digger beat Son-uva Digger
Zombie beat Monster Mutt Rottweiler

Grave Digger beat Zombie

Freestyle Scores:
Zombie 19 (rolled over)
Trouble Maker 27
Playn For Keeps 16
Obsessed 24
Doom's Day 25
Obsession 14
Destroyer 21
Double Trouble 13
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 33
FOX Sports 1 Cleatus 29
Son-uva Digger 40 **WINNER**
Grave Digger 24


By Scotto


Saturday Night


Tyler Groth and Double Trouble provided metal carnage and a wow moment tonight in Tacoma! Ty attacked the Monster Jam raceway with a vengeance in Double Trouble, catching huge air and making the fans as loud as I have heard them all weekend. The roar came to a crescendo when Tyler corkscrewed into the dirt on his last hit in Freestyle, totally demolishing the front of the truck, the suspension and new body. But, rest assured, that these young go-getters of Mirror Image Racing will have that truck ready to demolish again on Sunday.
Jon Zimmer and Grave Digger gave the capacity crowd what they wanted to see, with an off the hook run in Freestyle that was good enough to knock off Ryan Anderson in Son-uva Digger.
What. A. Night!!!!


Obstacle Course Times:
Monster Mutt Rottweiler: 22.68
Double Trouble: 24.50
FOX Sports 1 Cleatus: 24.41
Trouble Maker: 22.06
Doom's Day: 22.22
Obsession: 25.07
Playn For Keeps: 27.66
Obsessed: 24.53
Zombie: 23.46
Destroyer: 22.53
Son-uva Digger: 20.59 **WINNER**
Grave Digger: 25.19


Racing Brackets
Round 1:
Son-uva Digger beat Double Trouble
Trouble Maker beat FOX Sports 1 Cleatus
Doom's Day beat Obsessed
Destroyer beat Monster Mutt Rottweiler

Semi Final:
Son-uva Digger beat Trouble Maker
Doom's Day beat Destroyer

Son-uva Digger beat Doom's Day

Freestyle Scores:
Zombie 22
Trouble Maker 28
Playn For Keeps 10
Obsessed 22
Doom's Day 25
Obsession 20
Destroyer 22
Double Trouble 35
Rottweiler 32
FOX Sports 1 Cleatus 21
Son-uva Digger 38
Grave Digger 40 **WINNER**


By Scotto




The weekend concluded in true Monster Jam fashion with Grave Digger wowing the crowd!! Although the winning Freestyle run wasn't Grave Digger, the fans delighted in the fact that Digger tore it down, right after they got to see Ryan Anderson and Son-uva Digger lay down yet another phenomenal run!! The other highlight of the day was seeing the Mirror Image Race Team members and Tyler Groth get Double Trouble back in action. Ty disintegrated the front of the truck on Saturday night. After he did, I made the statement that they would get the truck back together and in action for Sunday, which they did, and then came out and abused the truck some more. Reminds me of a young Tom Meents.


Obstacle Course Times:
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 21.37
FOX Sports 1 Cleatus 24.87
Trouble Maker 20.47
Doom's Day 21.72
Double Trouble DNS (blew blower belt during intros)
Obsession DNF
Playn For Keeps 28.71
Obsessed 24.12
Zombie 22.31
Destroyer 22.32
Son-uva Digger 18.78
Grave Digger 18.66 **WINNER**


Racing Brackets
Round 1:

Grave Digger beat Cleatus
Son-uva Digger beat Destroyer
Trouble Maker beat Zombie
Doom's Day beat Rottweiler

Semi Final:
Son-uva Digger beat Grave Digger
Doom's Day beat Trouble Maker

Son-uva Digger beat Doom's Day

Freestyle Scores:
Zombie 12
Obsession 17
Trouble Maker 22
Playin For Keeps 16
Obsessed 27
Doom's Day 19
Destroyer 17
Double Trouble 11 (electrical issue)
Rottweiler 31
Cleatus 20
Son-uva Digger 36 **WINNER**
Grave Digger 34


By Scotto