Sunrise, FL - August 10-11 - BB&T Center

Authored by Samuel Reiman on August 10, 2019


Hosts: John Saponaro & Abby Baltezar


Tour: Monster Jam Arena Series


Truck Lineup: Grave Digger® (Krysten Anderson), Max-DTM (Blake Granger), Soldier FortuneTM (Kayla Blood), El Toro Loco® (Mark List), Iron Warrior (Matt Cody), Taurus (Austin Minton), Jester (Matt Pagliarulo), Kraken (Nick Pagliarulo)



Sunday Afternoon



Soldier Fortune 24

El Toro Loco 24

Max-D 22

Iron Warrior 21

Kraken 18

Grave Digger 17

Jester 10

Taurus 8



Iron Warrior 10.622

Soldier Fortune 10.813

Kraken 10.876

Taurus 12.229

Jester 12.667

El Toro Loco 15.047

Grave Digger 15.495

Max-D 18.564



El Toro Loco 9.776

Max-D 8.896

Iron Warrior 7.746

Soldier Fortune 7.340

Grave Digger 7.133

Kraken 5.491

Jester 5.449

Taurus 3.232



El Toro Loco 9.147

Grave Digger 9.061

Max-D 8.663

Soldier Fortune 8.486

Iron Warrior 7.771

Kraken 7.431

Jester 6.796

Taurus 6.296



Max-D 8.773

Solider Fortune 8.452

Kraken 8.170

El Toro Loco 7.927

Grave Digger 7.668

Iron Warrior 6.531

Jester 5.822

Taurus 5.490



Sunday afternoon in Sunrise saw a lot of streaks broken. First, Matt Cody of Iron Warrior won Monster Jam Racing, keeping Solider Fortune from sweeping the weekend. Up next, El Toro Loco’s Mark List won both the 2 Wheel Skills Challenge and the Donut Competition, the latter of which stopped Krysten Anderson’s run of two wins in a row for Grave Digger. Heading into Freestyle, the scores were bunched up at the top 3 — El Toro Loco with 19, Iron Warrior with 18 and Soldier Fortune with 17. Ultimately, Max-D’s Blake Granger took his third Freestyle win in a row, but Kayla Blood’s second-place finish was enough to push her past El Toro Loco and earn Soldier Fortune the Overall Event Championship.


Saturday Evening


El Toro Loco (Mark List) DNC for the entire Saturday Evening event.



Max-D 27

Soldier Fortune 27

Jester 24

Grave Digger 22

Iron Warrior 17

Kraken 14

Taurus 9



Soldier Fortune 11.003

Max-D 11.133

Iron Warrior 11.454

Jester 11.518

Kraken 11.646

Taurus 13.307

Grave Digger 16.003



Jester 9.203

Max-D 9.189

Grave Digger 7.805

Solider Fortune 6.350

Kraken 6.289

Iron Warrior 5.784

Taurus 3.272



Grave Digger 8.987

Soldier Fortune 8.448

Jester 8.373

Max-D 8.023

Iron Warrior 7.842

Kraken 7.143

Taurus 6.277



Max-D 9.794

Solider Fortune 9.542

Grave Digger 7.935

Jester 7.794

Iron Warrior 7.402

Kraken 7.223

Taurus 6.080



The nightcap in Sunrise was even more electrifying than the afternoon event. Kicking things off, was Soldier Fortune and Kayla Blood capturing her second Racing win of the day. Up next, it was Matt Pagliarulo of Jester who earned the 2 Wheel Skills win with some enormous air and a tremendous save on his final attempt. After intermission, Krysten Anderson piloted Grave Digger to their second Donut win in as many tries. Heading into the final competition, it all came down to the Freestyle scores. Entering the competition, Soldier Fortune’s Kayla Blood held a narrow one-point lead over her husband Blake Granger of Max-D. Kayla seemed to have the event wrapped up after she scored an impressive 9.542 in Freestyle, but Blake would not be denied, as he came storming back with a 9.794 to seal the Freestyle and Overall Event Championship win.


Saturday Afternoon



Grave Digger 27

Soldier Fortune 24

Max-D 22

Iron Warrior 18

El Toro Loco 18

Jester 13

Taurus 12

Kraken 10



Soldier Fortune 10.941

Grave Digger 11.068

Iron Warrior 11.133

Taurus 11.967

Jester 12.603

Max-D 16.327

El Toro Loco 17.037

Kraken DNF



El Toro Loco 9.687

Solider Fortune 9.062

Grave Digger 8.721

Max-D 8.331

Iron Warrior 7.093

Jester 6.702

Taurus 5.647

Kraken 4.409



Grave Digger 9.454

El Toro Loco 9.238

Max-D 8.887

Iron Warrior 8.173

Soldier Fortune 7.404

Taurus 7.051

Jester 4.142

Kraken DNC



Max-D 9.352

Kraken 8.705

Grave Digger 8.063

Soldier Fortune 8.061

Jester 7.907

Iron Warrior 6.341

Taurus 6.166

El Toro Loco DNC



Saturday afternoon in Sunrise belonged to Grave Digger’s Krysten Anderson. Although she only won in Donuts, she was by far the most consistent driver of the afternoon, finishing no worse than third place in all of the other competitions. Once the dust settled, Krysten Anderson totaled 27 points and Grave Digger was able to narrowly edge out Kayla Blood of Soldier Fortune for the Overall Event Championship.