St. Louis, MO - March 2-3 - Dome at America's Center

Authored by Samuel Reiman on March 3, 2019


Hosts: Mitchell Rains, Taylor Mock, & K Yung


Truck Line-up: Grave Digger® (Morgan Kane), Son-uva Digger® (Ryan Anderson), Max-D™ Fire (Tom Meents), Bakugan Dragonoid™ (Camden Murphy), Megalodon® (Justin Sipes), Monster Mutt® Dalmatian Ice (Cynthia Gauthier), El Toro Loco® (Brad Allen), Bounty Hunter (Jimmy Creten), Scarlet Bandit (Dawn Creten), Avenger (Jim Koehler), Stone Crusher (Steve Sims), Hooked (Bryan Wright), Bad Company (John Gordon), Big Kahuna (Shane England)


Tour: Stadium Championship Series 1



Sunday Afternoon




Max-D Fire 297

Grave Digger 282

Son-uva Digger 273

Megalodon 270

Bakugan Dragonoid 266

Bounty Hunter 242

El Toro Loco 187

Avenger 187

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 173

Hooked 165

Scarlet Bandit 136

Stone Crusher 134

Bad Company 128

Big Kahuna 60




Son-uva Digger 41

Bakugan Dragonoid 34

Max-D Fire 33

Megalodon 31

Grave Digger 29

El Toro Loco 21

Bad Company 20

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 20

Bounty Hunter 18

Avenger 16

Hooked 16

Stone Crusher 15

Big Kahuna 12

Scarlet Bandit 9




First Round Bye Draw - Megalodon & Bakugan Dragonoid



Son-uva Digger defeated Scarlet Bandit

Stone Crusher defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice

Max-D Fire defeated Big Kahuna

Grave Digger defeated Bad Company

Hooked defeated El Toro Loco

Bounty Hunter defeated Avenger



Son-uva Digger defeated Megalodon

Stone Crusher defeated Max-D Fire

Bakugan Dragonoid defeated Grave Digger

Hooked defeated Bounty Hunter



Son-uva Digger defeated Stone Crusher

Bakugan Dragonoid defeated Hooked



Bakugan Dragonoid defeated Son-uva Digger




Son-uva Digger 9.900

Max-D Fire 9.324

Megalodon 9.063

Grave Digger 8.799

Bakugan Dragonoid 8.407

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 7.595

Avenger 6.739

El Toro Loco 6.429

Bounty Hunter 5.956

Bad Company 5.916

Big Kahuna 4.791

Hooked 3.303

Stone Crusher 2.829

Scarlet Bandit 2.714




Son-uva Digger 9.741

Max-D Fire 8.967

Bad Company 8.752

Megalodon 8.733

Bakugan Dragonoid 8.548

El Toro Loco 8.490

Grave Digger 8.287

Avenger 7.156

Big Kahuna 6.963

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 6.335

Scarlet Bandit 5.988

Bounty Hunter 5.401

Hooked 5.170

Stone Crusher 4.563




Son-uva Digger’s Ryan Anderson finally had the event he’s been waiting for this season. Today in St. Louis, Anderson placed second in Racing, finished first in the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge, and took home the top spot in Freestyle en route to claiming his first Overall Event Championship in 2019. Multiple jaw-dropping saves and incredible precision and control of his truck gave Anderson a comfortable seven-point victory, as he moved up two spots in the Season Points Standings. Bakugan Dragonoid and Camden Murphy continued his winning ways in Racing, taking home the Racing crown and remaining a perfect 6-0 in Racing final rounds this season. Bad Company’s John Gordon turned in his best Freestyle run of the season, finishing third after successfully landing a beautiful backflip off of the eight-pack obstacle.



Saturday night




Max-D Fire 264

Grave Digger 253

Megalodon 239

Bakugan Dragonoid 232

Son-uva Digger 232

Bounty Hunter 224

Avenger 171

El Toro Loco 166

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 153

Hooked 149

Scarlet Bandit 127

Stone Crusher 119

Bad Company 108

Big Kahuna 48




Max-D Fire 41

Grave Digger 37

Megalodon 32

Bounty Hunter 29

Bakugan Dragonoid 26

El Toro Loco 22

Hooked 22

Son-uva Digger 20

Scarlet Bandit 17

Avenger 17

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 16

Big Kahuna 16

Stone Crusher 12

Bad Company 8




First Round Bye Draw - El Toro Loco & Hooked



Bounty Hunter defeated Stone Crusher

Avenger defeated Son-uva Digger

Grave Digger defeated Bad Company

Megalodon defeated Big Kahuna

Scarlet Bandit defeated Bakugan Dragonoid

Max-D Fire defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice



Bounty Hunter defeated El Toro Loco

Grave Digger defeated Avenger

Hooked defeated Megalodon

Max-D Fire defeated Scarlet Bandit



Bounty Hunter defeated Grave Digger

Max-D Fire defeated Hooked



Max-D Fire defeated Bounty Hunter




Max-D Fire 9.469

Bakugan Dragonoid 9.372

Megalodon 9.353

Grave Digger 8.266

El Toro Loco 7.909

Hooked 6.935

Bounty Hunter 6.838

Son-uva Digger 6.629

Avenger 5.659

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 5.381

Big Kahuna 5.156

Stone Crusher 4.953

Scarlet Bandit 3.884

Bad Company 3.542




Grave Digger 9.791

Max-D Fire 9.283

Megalodon 9.068

Bakugan Dragonoid 9.039

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 8.852

Son-uva Digger 8.653

Bounty Hunter 8.119

Big Kahuna 6.616

Scarlet Bandit 6.524

El Toro Loco 6.436

Bad Company 6.012

Stone Crusher 5.237

Hooked 4.910

Avenger 4.849




Monster Jam returned to St. Louis and the Dome at America’s Center with an intense night of action, as Tom Meents and Max-D Fire captured the Overall Event Championship, his second straight in as many weeks. Tom edged out Bounty Hunter’s Jimmy Creten by two one-hundredth’s of a second to take the top spot in Racing. Max-D Fire then put on a show in the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge en route to the victory, adding to his event total. In Freestyle, Grave Digger’s Morgan Kane wowed the St. Louis crowd to take his second win of the season in the competition. With another Overall crown, Max-D Fire and Tom Meents increased his lead at the top by four points, now with an 11-point lead in the Overall Season Points Standings.