São Paulo, Brazil - December 16, 2017 - Arena Corinthians

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São Paulo, Brazil

Arena Corinthians

December 16, 2017

Hosts: Supla, Clara Ruiz, Victor Padovan & Fabricio Rinaldi


Truck Line-Up: Grave Digger® (Morgan Kane), Max-D™ (Colt Stephens), El Toro Loco® (Mark List), Scooby-Doo!™ (Brianna Mahon), Alien Invasion™ (Chad Tingler), Monster Mutt® Dalmatian (Cynthia Gauthier), N.E.A. New Earth AuthorityTM (Travis Mowery), Zombie™ (Steven Thompson).



Grave Digger 17

Scooby-Doo! 17*

Max-D 16

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 14

El Toro Loco 12

Alien Invasion 9

N.E.A. 9

Zombie 8




Scooby-Doo! defeated Zombie

Grave Digger defeated N.E.A.

Max-D defeated Alien Invasion

El Toro Loco defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian  


Grave Digger defeated Scooby-Doo!

Max-D defeated El Toro Loco


Grave Digger defeated Max-D



Max-D 9.842

Scooby-Doo! 9.668

N.E.A. 9.396

Grave Digger 8.807

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 8.502

Zombie 7.958

Alien Invasion 7.847

El Toro Loco 7.709



Monster Mutt Dalmatian 8.932

El Toro Loco 8.833

Scooby-Doo! 8.777

Alien Invasion 8.110

Grave Digger 7.931

Zombie 7.638

Max-D 4.550

N.E.A 4.502



Monster Jam closed the 2017 year of competition with a history making event, bringing the sport to Brazil for the first time that produced an incredible night of spectacular action. A sold-out stadium crowd in Sao Paulo’s Arena Corinthians was roaring throughout the night and the Monster Jam superstars delivered great Racing and wow moments in the Two-Wheel Skills Challenge and in Freestyle, capped off with Colt Stephens and Max-D earning a standing ovation with a Freestyle run filled with massive air and a thrilling back flip.


*While Morgan Kane & Grave Digger were the announced winners at the event, upon further review after it was revealed that Brianna Mahon & Scooby-Doo! technically won the event points tiebreaker and with it the event championship with her higher score in the Freestyle competition.