New Orleans, LA - March 30 - Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Authored by Samuel Reiman on March 31, 2019


Hosts: Diana Reed, Michael Navarro, Dina Massery

Truck lineup: Grave Digger® (Charlie Pauken), Megalodon Fire® (Cory Rummell), Black Stallion (Mike Vaters), Over Bored (Jamey Garner), Monster Energy® (Todd Leduc), Monster Mutt® (Jim Koehler), Lucas Oil Crusader® (Linsey Weenk), WhiplashTM (Brianna Mahon), Kraken (Nick Pagliarulo), Jester (Matt Pagliarulo), Overkill Evolution (Mike Vaters II), El Toro Loco® (Becky McDonough), The Black Pearl (Cole Venard), DragonTM Ice (Jon Zimmer)

Tour: Stadium Championship Series 3

Final Series Points

Monster Energy 397

Dragon Ice 382

Grave Digger 373

Black Pearl 341

Lucas Oil Crusader 326

Whiplash 324

El Toro Loco 322

Megalodon Fire 293

Over Bored 242

Jester 236

Overkill Evolution 234

Kraken 178

Monster Mutt 174

Black Stallion 141


Overall Event Points

Monster Energy 36

Black Pearl 35

El Toro Loco 32

Dragon Ice 32

Whiplash 29

Grave Digger 27

Megalodon Fire 23

Kraken 20

Over Bored 19

Overkill Evolution 19

Jester 13

Lucas Oil Crusader 12

Monster Mutt 12

Black Stallion 6



America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses Monster Jam Racing

Seeded Draw into Round 2 – Over Bored and Megalodon Fire

Round 1

Whiplash defeated Overkill Evolution

Dragon Ice defeated Lucas Oil Crusader

Monster Energy defeated Monster Mutt

Kraken defeated Black Stallion

Black Pearl defeated Grave Digger

El Toro Loco defeated Jester


Round 2

Whiplash defeated Over Bored

Dragon Ice defeated Monster Energy

Kraken defeated Megalodon Fire

Black Pearl defeated El Toro Loco



Dragon Ice defeated Whiplash

Black Pearl defeated Kraken


Final Round

Dragon Ice defeated Black Pearl


Great Clips 2-Wheel Skills Challenge

Monster Energy 9.127

Dragon Ice 9.112

Grave Digger 8.893

Black Pearl 8.807

El Toro Loco 7.530

Overkill Evolution 7.317

Megalodon Fire 7.276

Lucas Oil Crusader 6.018

Kraken 5.967

Whiplash 5.464

Over Bored 5.343

Jester 5.213

Monster Mutt 4.043

Black Stallion 3.565



Monster Energy 9.656

Whiplash 9.576

El Toro Loco 9.300

Black Pearl 8.875

Grave Digger 8.664

Overkill Evolution 8.525

Over Bored 8.449

Monster Mutt 7.806

Megalodon Fire 6.484

Dragon Ice 6.117

Jester 6.000

Lucas Oil Crusader 5.941

Kraken 4.707

Black Stallion 3.501




Tonight at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Monster Energy and Todd LeDuc fended off Dragon Ice and Jon Zimmer to clinch the Stadium Championship Series 3 trophy. Dragon Ice put up a strong battle in the Monster Jam Racing competition, knocking out Monster Energy in the second round and taking home another Monster Jam Racing win.  However, Monster Energy came back strong winning the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge, Freestyle competition and final Overall Event Championship of the 2019. Monster Energy ended the Series with a total of 397 points and has earned an automatic bid to the Monster Jam World Finals 20 in Orlando, Florida!  Congratulations Todd Leduc and Monster Energy!!