Miami, FL - Feb. 22-23, 2020 - Marlins Park

Authored by Larry Jewett on February 24, 2020


Lineup: Grave Digger® (Morgan Kane), Son-Uva Digger® (Ryan Anderson), Jester (Matt Pagliarulo), Kraken (Nick Pagliarulo), Bounty Hunter (Jimmy Creten), Scarlet Bandit (Dawn Creten), Xtermigator (Roy Pridgeon), Wolf’s Head (Kristen Hope), Megalodon® (Cory Rummell), El Toro Loco® (Kevin Crocker), Max-D™ (Neil Elliott), Monster Mutt® Dalmatian (Cynthia Gauthier), BroDozer™ (Heavy D), BroCamino™ (Diesel Dave)

Hosts: Scott Jordan, Allie Krings, Casey G

Sunday Afternoon

Event Points

Bounty Hunter             34

BroDozer                     34

Max-D                         34

Son-Uva Digger           29

Scarlet Bandit              26

Kraken                         25

MM Dalmatian           21

El Toro Loco                20

Wolf’s Head                17

BroCamino                  16

Jester                           16

Xtermigator                15

Grave Digger               15

Megalodon                  12



1st Round Bye – Max-D and Son-Uva Digger

Round 1

BroDozer defeated BroCamino

Scarlet Bandit defeated MM Dalmatian

Grave Digger defeated Wolf’s Head

Xtermigator defeated Kraken

Bounty Hunter defeated Jester

Megalodon defeated El Toro Loco

Round 2

Max-D defeated BroDozer

Grave Digger defeated Scarlet Bandit

Son-Uva Digger defeated Xtermigator

Bounty Hunter defeated Megalodon


Grave Digger defeated Max-D

Son-Uva Digger defeated Bounty Hunter


Son-Uva Digger defeated Grave Digger


Great Clips Skills Challenge Winner: BroDozer

Freestyle Winner: Monster Mutt Dalmatian


Recap: The top 3 drivers in the series points standings are separated by 22 points as Neil Elliott in Max-D currently hold a 10-point lead over Morgan Kane in Grave Digger. Elliott has been feeling the pressure as of late with Ryan Anderson in Son-Uva Digger winning 3 Event Championships in a row coming into Miami and Morgan Kane in Grave Digger winning last night’s event at Marlins Park. The event points were reset for day number two and Stadium Championship Series Green got off to a familiar start in Monster Jam Racing. Grave Digger and Son-Uva Digger have combined to win 6 out of 8 racing competitions. They have met in the final round 3 times previously with Ryan Anderson winning all of them. Today he would get win number 4, beating his childhood best friend Morgan Kane and starting the night off with 14 points. Heavy-D in BroDozer has had an incredible start to his second Stadium Championship Series. He won Freestyle last week in San Diego and would add a win in the Great Clips Skills Challenge to his resume today by executing a complete sidewall cyclone. Cynthia Gauthier in Monster Mutt Dalmatian would win using the 8-pack backflip to clinch her second Freestyle win of the 2020 season. There was a three-way tie for the Event Championship and with the tiebreaker being the highest Freestyle score, at the end of the night the most consistent driver would be 2X World Finals Champion Jimmy Creten who would win his first Overall Event Championship of the year. It was the worst night of the year for Grave Digger due to mechanical issues, as Morgan Kane finished with only 15 points. Neil Elliott in Max-D now holds a 26 point lead over Son-Uva Digger who now jumped to second with Grave Digger in 3rd, now trailing by 28. Stadium Championship Series stays in Florida this weekend with a great event in Jacksonville. Get your tickets at

Saturday Evening

Event Points

Grave Digger               38

Max-D                         36

Megalodon                  34

Son-Uva Digger           33

BroCamino                  25

BroDozer                     23

Bounty Hunter             22

Kraken                         20

Jester                           19

MM Dalmatian            19

Scarlet Bandit              13

Xtermigator                13

Wolf’s Head                10

El Toro Loco                10



1st Round Bye – Son-Uva Digger and Max-D

Round 1 

Monster Mutt Dalmatian defeated Jester

Megalodon defeated El Toro Loco

Bounty Hunter defeated Wolf’s Head

BroCamino defeated Xtermigator

Kraken defeated BroDozer

Grave Digger defeated Scarlet Bandit

Round 2

Son-Uva Digger defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian

Megalodon defeated Bounty Hunter

Max-D defeated BroCamino

Grave Digger defeated Kraken


Megalodon defeated Son-Uva Digger

Grave Digger defeated Max-D


Grave Digger defeated Megalodon


Great Clips Skills Challenge Winner: Max-D

Freestyle Winner: Son-Uva Digger


Recap: After an exciting run on the west coast, Stadium Championship Series Green returned to the sunshine state for two incredible events. This time the backdrop was Marlins Park in Miami. Three of the top 10 ranked drivers in the Monster Jam Power Rankings have started to put some space between themselves and the rest of the field as we inch closer to World Finals 21. Neil Elliott in Max -D has the series points lead but was eliminated in the semi-finals of racing by the eventual winner, Morgan Kane in Grave Digger. During Monster Jam Gameday, Kane said that he badly needed a win here and the first 14 points of the night would come his way via his 3rd racing win of the season. Neil Elliott would come right back with a win in the Great Clips Skills Challenge. It would be his 7th win in 8 events, with his only loss coming due to a blown motor in St. Louis not allowing him to compete. Ryan Anderson came into Miami having won 3 straight Overall Event Championships and after struggling in the Great Clips Skills Challenge, he would do what he does best – win another Freestyle. Despite his 4th Freestyle victory of the season, it would be Morgan Kane in Grave Digger getting that much needed win and gaining his 3rd Overall Event Championship of 2020. There would be no change at the top of the Series Points Standing as Neil Elliott will take his lead into tomorrow’s event at Marlins Park.