Miami, FL - Feb. 16-17 - Marlins Park

Authored by Samuel Reiman on February 17, 2019


Truck line up: Grave Digger® (Charlie Pauken), Megalodon® Fire (Cory Rummell), Black Stallion (Joe Sylvester), Over Bored (Jamey Garner), Monster Energy® (Todd Leduc), Monster Mutt® (Kevin King), Lucas Oil Crusader® (Linsey Weenk), Whiplash™ (Brianna Mahon), Kraken (Nick Pagliarulo), Jester (Matt Pagliarulo), Overkill Evolution (Mike Vaters II), El Toro Loco® (Becky McDonough), Black Pearl (Cole Venard), Dragon™ Ice (Jon Zimmer)

Hosts: Diana Reed, Michael Navarro, Dina Massery

Tour: Stadium Championship Series 3


Sunday Night

*Monster Mutt did not compete in Sunday’s event

Current Series Points

Monster Energy 266

Dragon Ice 263
Grave Digger 258

Whiplash 233

Lucas Oil Crusader 222

Black Pearl 217

Megalodon Fire 213

El Toro Loco 211

Overkill Evolution 163

Over Bored 162

Jester 156

Kraken 122

Monster Mutt 118

Black Stallion 101


Overall Event Points

Dragon Ice 37

Lucas Oil Crusader 32

El Toro Loco 31

Whiplash 30

Monster Energy 29

Grave Digger 28

Megalodon Fire 23

Black Pearl 20

Jester 18

Overkill Evolution 16

Over Bored 16

Black Stallion 14

Kraken 13

Monster Mutt 0 (DNS)



America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses Monster Jam Racing

Seeded Draw into Round 2 – Megalodon Fire and Over Bored

Round 1

Monster Energy defeated Jester

El Toro Loco Bye Run (Overkill Evolution DNS)

Grave Digger Bye Run (Monster Mutt DNS)

Dragon Ice defeated Kraken

Lucas Oil Crusader defeated Whiplash

Black Pearl defeated Black Stallion


Round 2

Whiplash defeated Megalodon Fire (Monster Energy could not return due to breakage; Whiplash advances due to being the driver with the fastest time from Round 1)

El Toro Loco defeated Grave Digger

Dragon Ice defeated Over Bored

Black Pearl defeated Lucas Oil Crusader



Whiplash defeated El Toro Loco

Dragon Ice defeated Black Pearl


Final Round

Dragon Ice defeated Whiplash


Great Clips 2-Wheel Skills Challenge

El Toro Loco 9.479

Monster Energy 8.927

Lucas Oil Crusader 8.914

Dragon Ice 8.812

Whiplash 8.113

Grave Digger 7.577

Overkill Evolution 7.312

Megalodon Fire 5.559

Black Stallion 4.540

Black Pearl 4.321

Jester 4.247

Over Bored 3.087

Kraken DNC

Monster Mutt DNC



Monster Energy 9.800

Jester 9.564

Dragon Ice 8.947

Grave Digger 8.623

Lucas Oil Crusader 8.464

Megalodon Fire 7.635

Kraken 7.365

Whiplash 7.103

El Toro Loco 6.712

Overkill Evolution 6.261

Over Bored 6.066

Black Pearl 5.463

Black Stallion 4.645

Monster Mutt DNC




It was the second event of the weekend in Miami and it continues to be a close battle between some top contenders on Stadium Championship Series 3.  Dragon Ice and Jon Zimmer proved to be the fastest on the track with a win in the Monster Jam Racing competition.  El Toro Loco and Becky McDonough brought fans to their feet with an explosive 2-Wheel Skills Challenge performance that earned her the first 2-Wheel Skills Challenge  win of her career.  Todd LeDuc and Monster Energy finally got his first Freestyle win of 2019 with an impressive Freestyle score of 9.800.  With a total of 37 points, it was Jon Zimmer and Dragon Ice that took home another Overall Event Championship.  Dragon Ice closes the gap in Overall Series points to Monster Energy by just 1 point.  Monster Energy continues to sit on top of the Series leaderboard with 264 points, but Dragon Ice is nipping on his heels with 263 points.

Saturday night

Current Series Points

Monster Energy 235
Grave Digger 230

Dragon Ice 226

Whiplash 203

Black Pearl 197

Megalodon Fire 190

Lucas Oil Crusader 190

El Toro Loco 180

Overkill Evolution 150

Over Bored 146

Jester 136

Monster Mutt 118

Kraken 109

Black Stallion 87


Overall Event Points

Grave Digger 35

Black Pearl 34

Whiplash 33

Lucas Oil Crusader 31

Megalodon Fire 28

Overkill Evolution 25

El Toro Loco 23

Monster Energy 21

Monster Mutt 20

Kraken 20

Dragon Ice 18

Over Bored 10

Black Stallion 10

Jester 6


America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses Monster Jam Racing

Seeded Draw into Round 2 – Whiplash and Overkill Evolution

Round 1

Kraken defeated Jester

Grave Digger defeated Dragon Ice

Monster Energy defeated Over Bored

Black Pearl defeated Megalodon Fire

Monster Mutt defeated Black Stallion

Lucas Oil Crusader defeated El Toro Loco


Round 2

Whiplash defeated Kraken

Grave Digger defeated Monster Energy

Black Pearl defeated Overkill Evolution

Lucas Oil Crusader defeated Monster Mutt



Whiplash defeated Grave Digger

Black Pearl defeated Lucas Oil Crusader


Final Round

Black Pearl defeated Whiplash


Great Clips 2-Wheel Skills Challenge™

Overkill Evolution 9.638

Megalodon Fire 9.056

Grave Digger 8.406
Black Pearl 8.387

Kraken 8.222
Lucas Oil Crusader 8.153
Dragon Ice 8.101
Whiplash 7.415
Monster Energy 7.373
Black Stallion 5.903
Monster Mutt 5.788
El Toro Loco 4.069

Over Bored 3.294

Jester 2.883



El Toro Loco 9.791

Whiplash 9.411

Grave Digger 9.263

Megalodon Fire 9.205

Lucas Oil Crusader 9.123

Black Pearl 8.761

Dragon Ice 8.466

Monster Energy 8.192

Monster Mutt 8.072

Over Bored 7.460

Jester 7.411

Kraken 5.174

Overkill Evolution 3.567

Black Stallion DNC




The competition was hot Saturday night in Miami as 14 driver athletes took the track at Marlins Park.  The Black Pearl and Cole Venard won his second consecutive Monster Jam Racing competition after beating out Whiplash by two tenths of a second.  Overkill Evolution had an exceptional showing in the Great Clips 2 Wheel Skills Challenge with a Front Popper that he walked back and forth across the track, which allowed him to take his first career win in the 2 Wheel Skills Challenge.  El Toro Loco and Becky McDonough landed the first backflip of the night early in the Freestyle line up and held onto the lead until the end to capture her second Freestyle win of 2019.  At the end of the night, it was Grave Digger and Charlie Pauken who gained the most points to take home the Overall Event Championship.  The 35 points he gained from this victory allowed him to jump to second in the Series Points just 5 points behind Monster Energy and Todd LeDuc.