Las Vegas, NV - March 23 - Sam Boyd Stadium

Authored by Samuel Reiman on March 24, 2019


Truck Line-up: Grave Digger® (Morgan Kane), Son-uva Digger® (Ryan Anderson), Max-DTM Fire (Tom Meents), Bakugan DragonoidTM (Camden Murphy), Megalodon® (Justin Sipes), Monster Mutt® Dalmatian Ice (Cynthia Gauthier), El Toro Loco® (Brad Allen), Bounty Hunter (Jimmy Creten), Scarlet Bandit (Dawn Creten), Avenger (Jim Koehler), Stone Crusher (Steve Sims), Hooked (Bryan Wright), Bad Company (John Gordon), Big Kahuna (Shane England)


Tour: Stadium Championship Series 1


Hosts: Mitchell Rains, Taylor Mock, & K Yung



Saturday Night




Max-D Fire 384

Son-uva Digger 370

Grave Digger 353

Megalodon 351

Bakugan Dragonoid 350

Bounty Hunter 329

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 275

Avenger 251

El Toro Loco 239

Hooked 221

Stone Crusher 177

Scarlet Bandit 173

Bad Company 159

Big Kahuna 96




Son-uva Digger 36

Max-D Fire 35

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 33

Megalodon 33

Bounty Hunter 29

Grave Digger 26

Bakugan Dragonoid 23

Avenger 21

Big Kahuna 20

El Toro Loco 17

Hooked 17

Bad Company 10

Stone Crusher 9

Scarlet Bandit 6




First Round Bye Draw - Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice & Avenger



Megalodon defeated Bad Company

Bounty Hunter defeated El Toro Loco

Son-uva Digger defeated Bakugan Dragonoid

Big Kahuna defeated Scarlet Bandit

Hooked defeated Stone Crusher

Max-D Fire defeated Grave Digger



Megalodon defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice

Son-uva Digger defeated Bounty Hunter

Avenger defeated Big Kahuna

Max-D Fire defeated Hooked



Son-uva Digger defeated Megalodon

Max-D Fire defeated Avenger



Son-uva Digger defeated Max-D Fire




Bakugan Dragonoid 9.092

Max-D Fire 8.543

Bounty Hunter 8.425

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 8.209

Megalodon 8.048

Avenger 7.898

Son-uva Digger 7.051

Grave Digger 6.717

El Toro Loco 5.469

Big Kahuna 4.956

Hooked 3.342

Scarlet Bandit 3.134

Bad Company 3.023

Stone Crusher 2.446




Son-uva Digger 9.529

Grave Digger 9.464

Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 9.362

Megalodon 9.173

Bounty Hunter 8.661

Max-D Fire 8.651

El Toro Loco 8.289

Big Kahuna 7.247

Bad Company 7.203

Bakugan Dragonoid 6.869

Hooked 6.574

Stone Crusher 5.764

Scarlet Bandit 5.368

Avenger 3.806




Monster Jam returned to Las Vegas this weekend in style as the reigning World Finals Freestyle Champion, Ryan Anderson and Son-uva Digger, captured the Overall Event Championship. Anderson bested the field in Racing and then put on a jaw-dropping Freestyle performance en route to his second Overall crown of the season. Bakugan Dragonoid wowed the fans at Sam Boyd Stadium to take the win in the 2-Wheel Skills Challenge, his fourth such title on the season. Despite the big night from Son-uva Digger, Max-D Fire’s Tom Meents maintained a double-digit lead in the Overall Season Points Standings with another consistent effort.