Jacksonville, FL - March 2 - TIAA Bank Field

Authored by Samuel Reiman on March 3, 2019


Hosts: Diana Reed, Michael Navarro, Dina Massery

Truck lineup: Grave Digger® (Charlie Pauken), Megalodon® Fire (Cory Rummell), Black Stallion (Mike Vaters), Over Bored (Jamey Garner), Monster Energy® (Todd Leduc), Monster Mutt® (Kevin King), Lucas Oil Crusader® (Linsey Weenk), Whiplash™ (Brianna Mahon), Kraken (Nick Pagliarulo), Jester (Matt Pagliarulo), Overkill Evolution (Mike Vaters II), El Toro Loco® (Becky McDonough), The Black Pearl (Cole Venard), Dragon™ Ice (Jon Zimmer)

Tour: Stadium Championship Series 3


Current Series Points

Monster Energy 361

Dragon Ice 350

Grave Digger 346

Lucas Oil Crusader 314

Black Pearl 306

Whiplash 295

El Toro Loco 290

Megalodon Fire 270

Over Bored 223

Jester 223

Overkill Evolution 215

Monster Mutt 162

Kraken 158

Black Stallion 135


Overall Event Points

Grave Digger 35

Dragon Ice 34

Jester 31

Whiplash 31

Monster Energy 28

Black Pearl 28

Over Bored 25

El Toro Loco 23

Megalodon Fire 22

Lucas Oil Crusader 22

Kraken 15

Monster Mutt 11

Black Stallion 5

Overkill Evolution 3



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Seeded Draw into Round 2 – Dragon Ice and Grave Digger

Round 1

Lucas Oil Crusader defeated Monster Energy

Black Pearl defeated Monster Mutt

Jester defeated El Toro Loco

Whiplash defeated Megalodon Fire

Over Bored Bye Run (Overkill Evolution DNS)

Kraken defeated Black Stallion


Round 2

Dragon Ice defeated Lucas Oil Crusader

Black Pearl defeated Jester

Whiplash defeated Grave Digger

Over Bored defeated Kraken



Dragon Ice defeated Black Pearl

Over Bored defeated Whiplash


Final Round

Dragon Ice defeated Over Bored


Great Clips Donut Competition

Grave Digger 9.459

Whiplash 9.013

Dragon Ice 8.844

Jester 8.477

El Toro Loco 8.453

Monster Energy 8.181

Over Bored 7.589

Black Pearl 7.524

Kraken 7.471

Lucas Oil Crusader 7.401

Megalodon Fire 5.781

Monster Mutt 4.329

Black Stallion 3.265

Overkill Evolution DNS



Monster Energy 9.419

Grave Digger 9.293

Megalodon Fire 9.197

Jester 8.941

Black Pearl 8.707

El Toro Loco 8.271

Dragon Ice 8.161

Lucas Oil Crusader 8.044

Whiplash 7.209

Monster Mutt 6.947

Over Bored 6.658

Overkill Evolution 5.665

Kraken 4.835

Black Stallion 3.923




It was a wet and wild night of competition in Jacksonville at the TIAA Bank Field. Rain or shine, the Florida fans showed up to see a spectacle put on by our 14 Monster Jam superstars. Dragon Ice’s Jon Zimmer was able to start the night off right with a big Monster Jam Racing win beating out Jamey Garner and Overboard.  Due to weather, our driver-athletes competed in the Monster Jam Donut Competition. Charlie Pauken brought home 14 points to Grave Digger as fans voted his Donut performance the highest of the night. Todd LeDuc and Monster Energy was able to use the wet track to his advantage to deliver a show-stopping Freestyle performance that had fans on their feet and crowning him tonight’s Freestyle champion. However, it was Charlie Pauken who proved himself as the most consistent driver-athlete of the night as he was able to take home yet another Overall Event Champion win this season.  Right now, Monster Energy’s Todd LeDuc sits on top of the Overall Series Leaderboard with 361 points, but both Dragon Ice with 350 points and Grave Digger with 346 points still have a chance at the Overall Series Championship.