Indianapolis, IN - February 10, 2018 - Lucas Oil Stadium

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Indianapolis, IN

Lucas Oil Stadium

February 10, 2018

Hosts: Ken Navitsky, DJ KYung, & Joel Santiago


Truck Line-up: Grave Digger® (Morgan Kane), Mutant® (Coty Saucier), FS1 Cleatus™ (Marc McDonald), Lucas Oil Crusader® (Linsey Weenk), El Toro Loco® (Becky McDonough), EarthShaker® (Steven Thompson), Zombie™ (Travis Mowery), Soldier Fortune™ (Chad Fortune), Bounty Hunter (Jimmy Creten), Scarlet Bandit (Dawn Creten), Bad News Travels Fast (Brandon Derrow), Raminator driven (Mark Hall), Saigon Shaker (Ryan Disharoon), Slinger driven (Scott Hartsock).


Tour: Stadium Championship Series 3



Grave Digger 107

FS1 Cleatus 88

El Toro Loco  87

Mutant 86

Soldier Fortune 79

EarthShaker 78

Lucas Oil Crusader 71

Bounty Hunter 68

Zombie 57

Slinger 49

Bad News Travels Fast 49

Raminator 48

Saigon Shaker 46

Scarlet Bandit 31


Saturday Evening



Grave Digger 42

El Toro Loco 33

Bounty Hunter 33

Lucas Oil Crusader 32

FS1 Cleatus 28

Earthshaker 25

Saigon Shaker 21

Mutant 18

Slinger 17

Bad News 15

Soldier Fortune 14

Zombie 14

Raminator 13

Scarlet 10



First Round Bye Draw – El Toro Loco & Bad News Travels Fast


Round 1

FS1 Cleatus defeated Raminator

Mutant defeated Soldier Fortune

Grave Digger defeated Scarlet Bandit

Bounty Hunter defeated Saigon Shaker

Slinger defeated Zombie

Lucas Oil Crusader defeated EarthShaker 


Round 2

El Toro Loco defeated FS1 Cleatus

Grave Digger defeated Mutant

Bounty Hunter defeated Bad News Travels Fast

Lucas Oil Crusader defeated Slinger 



Grave Digger defeated El Toro Loco

Bounty defeated Lucas Oil Crusader



Grave Digger defeated Bounty Hunter 



Grave Digger 9.055

Bounty Hunter 8.316

FS1 Cleatus 8.274

Lucas Oil Crusader 7.794

El Toro Loco 7.553

Mutant 7.551

Saigon Shaker 6.441

Slinger 5.329

EarthShaker 5.000

Raminator 4.698

Bad News Travels Fast 4.522

Zombie 4.066

Scarlet Bandit 3.694

Soldier Fortune 2.976



Grave Digger 9.551

EarthShaker 8.946

El Toro Loco 8.900

Saigon Shaker 8.868

Zombie 8.494

Lucas Oil Crusader 8.360

Soldier Fortune 8.220

Bounty Hunter 8.128

FS1 Cleatus 8.071

Scarlet Bandit 6.669

Raminator 5.985

Bad News Travels Fast 5.35

Mutant 4.622

Slinger 3.252



Morgan Kane in Grave Digger came back from his first weekend off due to his wife giving birth to their first baby and dominated all 3 events of the evening! Great runs in Racing, the Two-Wheel Skills Challenge, and Freestyle would give Grave Digger a clean sweep and a dominating points lead on the night.


The crowd of 58,199 was a complete sell out and they all went home happy after another great night of Monster Jam action.