Houston, TX - Jan. 26 - NRG Stadium

Authored by Samuel Reiman on January 27, 2019


Hosts: Ryan LaCosse, Keith Jones

Truck line up: El Toro Loco® Ice (Scott Buetow), Grave Digger® (Adam Anderson), Zombie™ Fire (Paul Strong), Xtermigator (JR McNeal), Slinger (Scott Hartsock), Monster Mutt® Dalmatian (Candice Jolly), Great Clips Mohawk Warrior® (Bryce Kenny), Rod Ryan Show (Ryan Disharoon), EarthShaker® (Steven Thompson), BroDozer™ (Heavy D), Wolf’s Head (Aaron Basl), Wild Flower (Rosalee Ramer), Time Flys (Kelvin Ramer), Max-D™ (Neil Elliott)

Stadium Championship Series 2

Current Point Standings

Grave Digger 108
Max-D 102
BroDozer 94
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 89
El Toro Loco Ice 74
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 71
Rod Ryan Show/Saigon Shaker 71
EarthShaker 61
Wildflower 54
Wolf’s Head 51
Time Flys 46
Xtermigator 44
Slinger 33
Zombie Fire 32
Obsessed 11


Overall Event Points

Grave Digger 39
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 31
BroDozer 31
Rod Ryan Show 31
Max-D 28
EarthShaker 27
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 24
Wildflower 20
El Toro Loco Ice 20
Wolf’s Head 19
Xtermigator 16
Obsessed 11
Time Flys 9
Zombie Fire 8

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1st Round Bye Draw – Max-D and Wildflower

Round 1

EarthShaker defeated Obsessed
BroDozer defeated Wolf’s Head
Grave Digger defeated Zombie Fire
Monster Mutt Dalmatian defeated Time Flys
Rod Ryan Show defeated Xtermigator
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior defeated El Toro Loco Ice

Round 2

Max-D defeated EarthShaker
Grave Digger defeated BroDozer
Monster Mutt Dalmatian defeated Wildflower
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior defeated Rod Ryan Show

Semi-Final Round

Grave Digger defeated Max-D
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian

Final Round

Grave Digger defeated Great Clips Mohawk Warrior


Great Clips 2-Wheel Skills Challenge™

Max-D 9.591
EarthShaker 8.883
BroDozer 7.661
Grave Digger 7.473
Rod Ryan Show 7.193
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 6.654
Wolf’s  Head 6.226
Xtermigator 6.210
Obsessed 6.189
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 5.722
Zombie Fire 4.992
Time Fly’s 4.502
El Toro Loco Ice 3.921
Wildflower - DNC


Metro by T-Mobile Freestyle

Grave Digger 9.648
Wildflower 9.575
El Toro Loco Ice 8.938
Rod Ryan Show 7.989
BroDozer 7.542
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 7.344
Wolf’s Head 7.308
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 6.799
EarthShaker 6.389
Xtermigator 5.971
Obsessed 5.593
Max-D 5.518
Zombie 4.834
Time Fly’s 3.473


It was another epic night in Houston for Stadium Championship Series 2, and if the competition doesn’t come ready to win at our next stop in Anaheim, Max-D and Grave Digger are going to run away with the series! Adam Anderson now has back to back racing finals wins! And for the 2nd time this season, he had to beat Max-D to get there. The Great Clips Mohawk Warrior team had a fast truck, but Bryce Kenny wasn’t able to beat the black and green wrecking machine. Neil Elliott took his 13th Great Clips 2-Wheel Skills Challenge win in Max-D! And it most definitely wont be his last on this tour. And then, when the dust settled, Grave Digger took the freestyle win AND the event championship! Anaheim… you are up next, and the road to the Monster Jam World Finals XX continues!!!