Cedar Rapids, IA - U.S. Cellular Center - Dec. 15-16

Authored by Amber Craft on December 17, 2018


Cedar Rapids, IA

U.S. Cellular Center

December 15-16, 2018

Hosts: John Saponaro and K Young


Truck Lineup: Barbarian (Devin Jones), Midnight Rider (Tom Herzog), Avenger (Jim Koehler), Rage (Cory Rummell), Zombie (Ami Houde), Grave Digger (Brandon Vinson)


Sunday Afternoon 



Zombie 30

Garve Digger 30

Barbarian 21

Rage 20

Avenger 20

Midnight Rider 16



Grave Digger 7.743

Rage 8.190

Barbarian 9.033

Zombie 9.148

Avenger 9.598

Midnight Rider 10.302



Grave Digger 9.712

Zombie 7.518

Avenger 6.333

Barbarian 5.508

Rage 4.020

Midnight Rider 3.782



Zombie 8.982

Grave Digger 8.802

Midnight Rider 6.682

Barbarian 5.802

Avenger 5.907

Rage 5.799



Zombie 8.654

Grave Digger 7.768


Avenger 6.423

Barbarian 5.965

Midnight Rider 4.932



2018 came to a close in exciting fashion on Sunday afternoon in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The final competition of the year started off with a Grave Digger racing win as Brandon Vinson came storming out of the gate with a time of 7.743. Next up in ATV Racing, Samantha Larae punctuated her already strong weekend for team Zombie with her first competition win. Then Brandon Vinson took the 2-Wheels Skills Challenge for Grave Digger — something he’s very adept at doing. In the second half the seesaw battle continued as Ami Houde of Zombie won Donuts, barely edging out Grave Digger by one-one hundredth of a point. The ATV Obstacle Course belonged to Barbarian’s Michael Perkins — his second win in that competition in three tries. Finally, as so many events do, it came down to Monster Jam Freestyle. Going into that competition, Grave Digger had the slightest edge over Zombie — with scores of 25 and 24 respectively. After the dust settled, these two great athletes finished in a virtual tie with 30 points apiece. But it was Ami Houde’s Freestyle win that ultimately broke the tie and gave her and Zombie the final Overall Event Victory of the year.


Saturday Evening 



Zombie 30

Garve Digger 28

Barbarian 22

Rage 21

Avenger 15

Midnight Rider 14



Zombie 8.190

Barbarian 8.767

Grave Digger 9.148

Rage 10.173

Midnight Rider 10.238

Avenger 10.941



Grave Digger 8.989

Zombie 7.967

Rage 7.322

Barbarian 4.744

Avenger 4.239

Midnight Rider 3.483



Grave Digger 9.002

Zombie 8.748

Barbarian 7.509

Rage 7.337

Avenger 6.779

Midnight Rider 6.063



Grave Digger 9.199

Rage 8.156

Zombie 7.637

Avenger 7.612

Barbarian 6.510

Midnight Rider 5.428



Sunday evening at the U.S. Cellular Center was a jam-packed event from start to finish. Grave Digger’s Brandon Vinson was able to win 2-Wheel Skills, Donuts and Freestyle but finished just on the outside looking in for the Overall Event Championship due in large part to Zombie’s consistency and teamwork throughout the event. Ami Houde captured the Racing win herself and she was helped out by her ATV teammate Samantha Larae who had two top two finishes of her own. With two shows down, we’ll see who walks away with the final Overall Event Championship


Saturday Afternoon 



Barbarian 33

Rage 31

Zombie 30

Grave Digger 26

Avenger 20

Midnight Rider 14



Barbarian 7.743

Rage 8.062

Zombie 8.894

Midnight Rider 10.302

Avenger 10.302

Grave Digger DNF



Grave Digger 9.715

Rage 8.540

Barbarian 7.423

Avenger 4.495

Zombie 4.299

Midnight Rider 3.810



Zombie 9.017

Grave Digger 8.774

Barbarian 6.234

Rage 4.822

Midnight Rider 4.668

Avenger DNC



Grave Digger 9.284

Zombie 8.228

Rage 8.136

Avenger 7.849

Barbarian 7.138

Midnight Rider 5.292



Saturday afternoon in Cedar Rapids belonged to underdog Devin Jones and Team Barbarian. After opening with a Racing win with an impressive time of 7.743, he proved that consistency is key as Devin worked his way into top 3 finishes in 2-Wheel Skills and Donuts. Team Barbarian’s win was aided by Devin’s ATV rider Michael Perkins, who captured the Obstacle Course victory. While several different teams had individual competition wins, Team Barbarian finished the afternoon with 33 total points and the first Overall Event win of the weekend.