Cardiff, Wales - May 19 - Principality Stadium

Authored by Larry Jewett on May 20, 2018


Hosts: Keith Jones and Diana Reed


Truck Line-up: Dragon (Jon Zimmer), Max-D (Neil Elliott), Monster Energy (Todd LeDuc), Grave Digger (Morgan Kane), EarthShaker (Peter Nyman), Zombie (Alx Danielsson), Monster Mutt Dalmatian (Candice Jolly), Megalodon (Alex Blackwell), Scooby Doo (Linsey Read), El Toro Loco (Marc McDonald)



Grave Digger 24 (Grave Digger wins the tie breaker by having a better freestyle score)

Dragon 24

Max-D 22

EarthShaker 21

El Toro Loco 18

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 16

Scooby Doo 14

Monster Energy 10

Megalodon 9

Zombie 7



Round 1

EarthShaker defeated Scooby Doo

Monster Energy defeated Megalodon (Monster Energy had mechanical problems, so Megalodon advanced)

Max-D defeated El Toro Loco

Dragon defeated Grave Digger

Earth Shaker defeated Zombie

Monster Mutt Dalmatian defeated Megalodon


EarthShaker defeated Max-D

Dragon defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian


EarthShaker defeated Dragon



Max-D 9.405

Dragon 8.484

Grave Digger 8.331

Monster Energy 7.670

Scooby Doo 5.950

El Toro Loco 5.620

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 5.482

EarthShaker 4.761

Megalodon 4.317

Zombie 4.270



Grave Digger 9.561

El Toro Loco 9.274

EarthShaker 9.235

Scooby Doo 8.844

Dragon 8.173

Max-D 7.581

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 7.451

Zombie 6.682

Megalodon 6.287

Monster Energy 5.337



A nearly sold crowd at Principality Stadium were on their feet cheering for all ten Monster Jam Trucks.  Peter Nyman and EarthShaker took home his first Monster Jam Racing Championship ever by winning four straight races.  Neil Elliott and Max-D won his eighth Two-Wheel Skills Championship of the 2018 season with two spectacular nose wheelies.  Morgan Kane and Grave Digger flew through the air to capture his fifth Freestyle Championship and third Overall Event Championship of the season.  Monster Jam will be back to Cardiff on May 18, 2019!