Atlanta, GA - Feb. 24-25 - Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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Atlanta, GA
Mercedes Benz Stadium
February 24-25, 2018
Ryan LaCosse, Scott Jordan and Taylor Mock


Truck Line-up: El Toro Loco® (Bryan Wright), Grave Digger® (Adam Anderson), Great Clips Mohawk Warrior® (Bryce Kenny), Max-D™ (Neil Elliott), Megalodon® (Alex Blackwell), Monster Mutt® Rottweiler (Brad Allen), Whiplash™ (Brianna Mahon), Avenger (Jim Koehler), Big Kahuna (Shane England), Ice Cream Man (Roy Pridgeon), Jester (Matt Pagliarulo), Mutant (Todd LeDuc), Stone Crusher (Steve Sims), Xtermigator (JR McNeal).


Tour: Stadium Championship Series 1


Max-D 337
Grave Digger 328
Mutant 327
Megalodon 269
Whiplash 252
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 235
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 197
Avenger 190
Stone Crusher 177
Jester 172
El Toro Loco 168
Xtermigator 159
Ice Cream Man 156
Big Kahuna 143


Sunday Afternoon


Max-D 33 (higher Freestyle score was first tie-breaker)
Whiplash 33
Mutant 32
Avenger 29
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 29
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 28
Grave Digger 28
El Toro Loco 24
Megalodon 20
Jester 14
Stone Crusher 14
Ice Cream Man 13
Xtermigator 9
Big Kahuna 8 


First Round Bye Draw - Great Clips Mohawk Warrior and El Toro Loco


Round 1
Grave Digger defeated Ice Cream Man
Big Kahuna vs. Jester (No winner: Jester didn’t pull to the line for the race and Big Kahuna rolled in first turn)
Monster Mutt Rottweiler defeated Avenger
Max-D defeated Whiplash
Mutant defeated Xtermigator
Megalodon defeated Stone Crusher


Round 2
Grave Digger defeated El Toro Loco
Whiplash (fastest to not advance from Round 1) defeated Monster Mutt Rottweiler
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior defeated Max-D
Megalodon defeated Mutant


Grave Digger defeated Whiplash
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior defeated Megalodon


Grave Digger defeated Great Clips Mohawk Warrior


Max-D 9.519
Whiplash 9.385
Mutant 8.598
El Toro Loco 7.51
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 7.141
Avenger 6.847
Megalodon 6.842
Jester 6.568
Stone Crusher 6.426
Grave Digger 6.314
Big Kahuna 3.328
Ice Cream Man 3.241
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 3.234
Xtermigator - DNC


Avenger 9.434
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 9.365
Max D 9.255
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 9.011
Mutant 8.991
Grave Digger 8.143
Whiplash 8.133
Ice Cream Man 7.84
Jester 7.259
Xtermigator 6.568
El Toro Loco 6.516
Stone Crusher 5.815
Big Kahuna 5.652
Megalodon 4.994


Max-D driver Neil Elliott becomes the first Monster Jam driver to win two Stadium Championship Series points races and now has an invite to the Monster Jam World Finals XIX.

Friday left more than half the field’s crew chiefs up all night repairing their 12,000-pound machines, and during the event, Max-D had to swap out a transmission. Even though it seemed foggy at times for the Max-D team, they pulled off the event championship and the Stadium Championship Series 1 championship.

Another surprise this weekend were the fans for for the Mutant team. Todd Leduc had huge air and big moves during Freestyle on both Saturday and Sunday, but he didn’t get the love he was hoping for. And during Grave Digger’s Freestyle, halfway through, something happened to the truck and the engine just wasn’t putting the power to the BKT Tires needed to continue his momentum-filled first half. But Jim Koehler in Avenger had the right stuff for the Atlanta fans, taking his third Freestyle win of the season.

Whiplash’s Brianna Mahon nearly won the event championship, but Max-D had the higher Freestyle score, so he would become the event champion.


Saturday Evening


Event Points


Max D 41
Grave Digger 39
Megalodon 32
Mutant 27
Avenger 24
Ice Cream Man 20
Jester 20
Whiplash 20
Stone Crusher 19
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 19
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 18
Xtermigator 14
El Toro Loco 13
Big Kahuna 7

America’s Best Contacts and Eye Glasses Monster Jam Racing

1st Round Bye Draw – Jester and Monster Mutt Rottweiler

Round 1

Xtermigator defeated Big Kahuna
Stone Crusher defeated El Toro Loco
Max D defeated Whiplash
Avenger defeated Ice Cream Man
Grave Digger defeated Mutant
Megalodon defeated Great Clips Mohawk Warrior

Round 2

Jester defeated Xtermigator
Max D defeated Stone Crusher
Avenger defeated Monster Mutt Rottweiler
Grave Digger defeated Megalodon

Semi-Final Round

Max D defeated Xtermigator (Jester couldn’t get to the line, so Xtermigator returned to racing)
Grave Digger defeated Avenger

Final Round

Grave Digger defeated Max D

Great Clips 2-Wheel Skills Challenge

Max D 9.678
Megalodon 8.887
Grave Digger 7.41
Mutant 7.39
Stone Crusher 7.321
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 6.419
Whiplash 6.123
Ice Cream Man 6.001
Avenger 5.523
Jester 5.508
El Toro Loco 5.07
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 5.013
Big Kahuna 2.52
Xtermigator DNC


Max D 9.339
Grave Digger 9.245
Megalodon 9.111
Ice Cream Man 9.058
Mutant 8.746
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 8.691
Whiplash 8.362
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 6.86
Avenger 6.841
Jester 6.713
El Toro Loco 4.814
Xtermigator 4.398
Big Kahuna 3.005
Stone Crusher DNC


For the first time ever, Monster Jam took over the state-of-the-art Mercedes Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons and United! This place is truly unbelievable, and the action on the floor was everything you would expect from this lineup of athletes.

Coming into tonight, 7 points separated the top 3. Now, it’s 9 points. And Todd Leduc and the Mutant team came into the weekend with the lead, but now they sit in 3rd.

It all started in the 1st round of America’s Best Contacts and Eye Glasses Monster Jam Racing. Mutant vs Grave Digger. This year, Todd Leduc was 3-2 when facing Adam Anderson in Grave Digger. Tonight, he played it too safe and Grave Digger took the win, then went on to beat Neil Elliott and Max D in the final round for the 3rd time this year. Max D has been to the final round of racing 6 times this year now, and only one time has he taken the racing final win.

Mutant tried to bounce back in the Great Clips 2-Wheel Skills Challenge and had the lead for a while. Megalodon held the lead for a bit, but Max D would school the field, doing another flawless popper, making 50,000+ fans roar AND give him his 5th 2-Wheel Skills win.

The only competition Max D hasn’t won this year is freestyle, until tonight. Megalodon, Grave Digger, and Mutant put down some solid runs, but tonight was Neil Elliott’s night. Especially after coming so close to winning last year’s series, only to have it taken from him during the final freestyle of that series. Will that happen again? Or will Neil get his second series championship? Can Mutant bounce back and repeat his epic, series winning freestyle from last year? Or will Grave Digger comeback from dropping to 3rd place 2 weeks ago in Houston, to take his 2nd series championship?

Someone gets an invite to the Monster Jam World Finals XIX tomorrow afternoon in Atlanta, but who will it be? Mutant? Grave Digger? Max D? Join us to find out and don’t miss the trophy presentation on Facebook!