Albany, NY - Times Union Center

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January 16-17, 2015 - Times Union Center - Albany, NY

Racing winners: Friday: Bounty Hunter, Saturday: Bounty Hunter

Freestyle winners: Friday: Crushstation, Saturday: Bounty Hunter

Monster Jam® Trucks: Crushstation driven by Greg Winchenbach, Bounty Hunter® driven by Trent Montgomery, Iron Outlaw driven by Todd Morey, Stinger driven by Zane Rettew, Storm Damage driven by John Killinger, and Hurricane Force driven by Steven Thompson!

Friday 7:30 p.m.

Opening night of Monster Jam’s return to Times Union Center in Albany proved to be an action packed evening with an appreciative crowd on hand. A combination of returning trucks and newcomers gave the Albany crowd a great variety.

Action started with the wheelie competition, giving the drivers four opportunities to turn their trucks vertical and impress the judges. Scores kept climbing as drivers got more daring. The competition ended with Steven Thompson notching his first wheelie win in 2015 at the controls of Hurricane Force.

The Speed and Style Challenge offered a combination of steering and acceleration to race the clock. The simple route gave the drivers a chance to get a preview of part of the racing course and some valuable time in their trucks. Crushstation pushed the time into single digits with a 9.03 run, but Trent Montgomery in Bounty Hunter got to the finish line about a half-second sooner to pick up the trophy.

Monster Jam racing saw Stinger take the victory over Iron Outlaw, Bounty Hunter got the best of Hurricane Force and Crushstation made short work of Storm Damage. Crushstation would not return for the semi-finals due to a busted shock and Hurricane Force earned the fast loser provision. Stinger would eliminate Hurricane Force for the final time while the other semi-final pitted teammates in their first-ever match-up. Bounty Hunter bested Iron Outlaw to propel the Speed and Style winner to the finals.

The Road to Monster Jam World Finals 16 championship proved to be another step in the ascension of Trent Montgomery as a Monster Jam force to be reckoned with. A quick start was enough to keep Bounty Hunter ahead of Stinger to claim a 2015 racing win. This win, added to the eight championships last year, puts Montgomery on the doorstep of completing his first 10 wins in his short career.

Drivers were challenged to donut action and the end result saw Trent Montgomery pick up his third element win of the night. The impressive performance earned him a 36 and enough points to claim the win with the plaque given to a Monster Jam fan celebrating a birthday.
The final chance for fans to witness Monster Jam trucks came with freestyle. The underlying message in the pit area became “stop Bounty Hunter”. Many would try, but only one was able to get the job done. It wasn’t easy with Bounty Hunter holding a 36 in the competition. Crushstation, winner of both Albany freestyles in 2014, used a fast-paced freestyle with big air to fill the time completely and pull home a perfect 40 for the win.

Team New Jersey scored a pair of heat wins, but Team New York took the Quad Wars Shootout. Four BMX riders went big to bring exciting two wheel action to the show.

Hurricane Force – 30
Crushstation – 29
Stinger – 27
Bounty Hunter – 26
Storm Damage – 24
Iron Outlaw – 21

Speed and Style Obstacle Course
Bounty Hunter – 8.54
Crushstation – 9.03
Stinger – 10.54
Hurricane Force – 10.64
Storm Damage – 11.28
Iron Outlaw – 12.95

Round One – Stinger def Iron Outlaw, Bounty Hunter def Hurricane Force, Crushstation def Storm Damage (Hurricane Force returns as fast loser, Iron Outlaw advanced when Crushstation broke)

Semi-finals – Stinger def Hurricane Force, Bounty Hunter def Iron Outlaw

Finals – Bounty Hunter def Stinger

Bounty Hunter – 36
Hurricane Force – 32
Crushstation – 27
Storm Damage – 26
Iron Outlaw – 21
Stinger – 20

Crushstation – 40
Bounty Hunter – 36
Stinger – 28
Hurricane Force – 28
Storm Damage – 26
Iron Outlaw - 21

By Larry Jewett

Saturday 7:30 p.m.

The final night of action saw the bar raised for the Monster Jam drivers who were trying to outdo the efforts of the opening night action. The effort was obvious from the start as the winning scores tended to reward the greatest effort in all of the competition.
Wheelie action started the show, but the call to the Storm Damage pit found the truck unable to compete in the element. The efforts of the crew would allow the truck to return, but wheelies would go with just five trucks. Three of the trucks were separated by just a single point in the scoring, but the top spot was far greater with Crushstation nailing his second element of the weekend with a 34.

Storm Damage remained out of action and he was joined on the sidelines by Iron Outlaw for the Speed & Style Obstacle Course. The unique timed competition didn’t prove much of a challenge for the talented Monster Jam drivers. Times came down steadily with Crushstation hanging onto a solid 8.06 with only Friday winner Bounty Hunter remaining. The time stood and the lobster team had its second trophy of the night.

With two trucks on the sideline, there would be two rounds of competition. Bounty Hunter defeated Crushstation in the first race with Hurricane Force moving on with a victory over Stinger. The championship round saw Bounty Hunter cross first, giving driver Trent Montgomery his 10th Monster Jam racing championship in a little more than a year of competition. The victory once again set up a double down possibility for the Kansas driver.

After a break in the action and the thrilling BMX performance with tricks including backflips, Monster Jam Truck action returned with donuts. Once again, it was Bounty Hunter, met with a thunderous roar from appreciative fans. It was the second donut win of the weekend and now two drivers had two each.

Monster Jam freestyle was set to close the program and the competition opened with Storm Damage making a return to competition, driver John Killenger coaxed the truck to fill the clock and get things started. Iron Outlaw took the lead with a 24 and Stinger blitzed by with a 32. Hurricane Force had a great run to score a 35, which looked like it could be enough. Bounty Hunter came out for a run that ended 20 seconds short due to a rollover, but the action was enough to impress the judges to a tune of 39. It would make a tough task for Crushstation, who came charging out to the first jump. A big jump led to big trouble as the truck was unable to continue, giving the win to Bounty Hunter. With the freestyle victory, Trent Montgomery doubled down. When handed his championship trophy, Trent called out his teammate Todd Morey, a native of New York from nearby Canajoharie. Todd’s grandfather had passed away two weeks before the show and the run of Iron Outlaw was in his memory. Todd was joined by his father to celebrate the memory and the victory.

Team New York prevailed in Quad Wars with a single heat victory and the shootout win.

Crushstation – 34
Bounty Hunter – 28
Hurricane Force – 27
Stinger – 26
Iron Outlaw – 21
Storm Damage – did not compete

Obstacle Course
Crushstation – 8.06
Bounty Hunter – 9.35
Hurricane Force – 9.84
Stinger – 10.23
Iron Outlaw – did not compete
Storm Damage – did not compete

Round One – Bounty Hunter def Crushstation, Hurricane Force def Stinger
Championship – Bounty Hunter def Hurricane Force

Bounty Hunter – 39
Hurricane Force – 31
Crushstation – 28
Stinger – 25
Iron Outlaw – 22
Storm Damage – did not compete

Bounty Hunter – 39
Hurricane Force – 35
Stinger – 32
Crushstation – 27
Iron Outlaw – 24
Storm Damage - 16

By Larry Jewett