How Points are Awarded in 2020

In 2020, each competitor will be awarded points for their performances. These points will accumulate through each event, leading to an eventual overall champion on each tour. All champions will receive an automatic bid to Monster Jam World Finals® XXI.

Arena and Triple Threat Series competitions will award 8 points to winners of head-to-head racing with the runner-up getting 6 points. A loss in semi-finals brings 4 points and a loss in round one gets 2 points. The same holds true for Speedster competition in Triple Threat Series™. Elements such as timed racing, freestyle, 2 wheel skills, donuts and ATV racing will reward the winner with 8 points and points decrease in the finishing order (7,6,5, etc.)

Stadium competition will offer points in Racing, Freestyle and Skills Challenge. All competitors will take part in each competition. For Racing, two trucks will receive a first-round bye determined by their times in the previous competition (determined by a draw for the first week). The remaining 12 will begin eliminations. Speed of the run will be the determining factor for awarding points. Trucks that bowed out in Round One will get points based on their speed performance with the fastest of the six losing trucks getting 6 points and the points going down to 1. The trucks eliminated in the second round will get 7 - 10 points. Semi-finals competitors who do not advance get 12 or 11 points. The winner of the final round receives 14 points with the runner-up getting 13.

All trucks will compete in Skills Challenge and Freestyle. The winner of each element will receive 14 points with the points decreasing by one based on finishing order. 

Any truck that does not compete in an element of competition will receive 0 points. Maximum points for a performance in a stadium will be 42.