Pablo Huffaker Gets Lifetime Achievement Award

Authored by Larry Jewett on May 9, 2018


From the days of Monster Trucks as novelty acts for intermission entertainment to the days of worldwide competition, Pablo Huffaker has been there for it all. Along the way, there have been countless championships, including the 2007 World Freestyle Championship behind the wheel of Captain’s Curse. By his own admission, the winning memories are too many to count.

Always a force to be considered, whether Racing or Freestyle, Pablo Huffaker has brought the competition to the highest level. With the loving support of his family, wife Tina and son Ryan, the commitment to the craft never waned.

Just in the last seven years, Pablo visited more than 130 cities, claiming 205 Freestyle wins and 182 Racing championships. In 2013, Pablo had a Racing record of 105-25 with 90 of those wins coming in Arena Competition.

Pablo Huffaker Celebrates

Congratulations on receiving Monster Jam’s Lifetime Achievement Award.