Greenville, SC - Bon Secours Wellness Arena

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January 23-24, 2015 - Bon Secours Wellness Arena - Greenville, SC


Racing Winners:

Friday 7:30 P.M.: Grave Digger

Saturday 2:00 P.M.: Carolina Crusher

Saturday 7:30 P.M.: Carolina Crusher


Freestyle Winners:

Friday 7:30 P.M.: Carolina Crusher

Saturday 2:00 P.M.: Bounty Hunter

Saturday 7:30 P.M.: Bounty Hunter


Trucks:Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Randy Brown, Carolina Crusher driven by Gary Porter, Bounty Hunter® driven by Trent Montgomery, Iron Outlaw driven by Todd Morey, Predator® driven by Dale Mitchell, Prowler® driven by Lenny Kuilder, and Barbarian driven by Devin Jones!


Friday 7:30 P.M.

Monster Jam Rolled into Greenville tonight! The Bon Secours Wellness Arena was alive with incredible Monster Jam action!!
7 Monster Jam drivers and 7 Monster Jam trucks all had their sights set on victory. The stakes are high as every single competitor knows that every win improves their chances to make the field of 32 for Monster Jam World Finals 16 coming up March 26-28 at Sam Boyd in Las Vegas.

Wheelies were challenging for both Bounty Hunter and Iron Outlaw. Both broke something during the opening salvo this weekend. Iron Outlaw and Bounty Hunter both seemed to have similar issues……. suspension problems. Broken shocks and shock mounts. The new Hybrid track for Greenville certainly showed its toughness tonight. The track would win on a couple of occasions tonight.

Iron Outlaw 22 Broken Suspension
Bounty Hunter DNC Broken Suspension
Prowler 17
Predator 13
Barbarian 21
Grave Digger 24
Carolina Crusher 32 Winner

Chicago Style Roundy Round Monster Jam Racing went down on the Carolina clay.
A couple of trucks short... with Iron Outlaw and Bounty Hunter unable to report gave us a 5 truck bracket. Carolina Crusher got the bye run straight in to the semi’s.

Prowler took out Predator
Grave Digger would defeat Barbarian. But Devin Jones and Barbarian would return as the fast loser.

In the Semi’s:
Carolina Crusher stopped Barbarian
Grave Digger took out Prowler to advance to the finals.

Championship round racing would see Grave Digger and Randy Brown take the victory in a very close final.

Monster Jam Obstacle Course Challenge would see 4 trucks compete as Prowler had a mechanical issue that kept him sidelined for the Obstacle course.
Iron Outlaw DNC
Bounty Hunter DNC
Prowler DNC
Predator 35.326 seconds
Barbarian 26.815 WINNER
Grave Digger 32.830
Carolina Crusher 31.802

Monster Jam Donuts were spectacular tonight. Everyone thought going into tonight’s performance, that the Carolina Clay track would be stingy with donuts….. But our Monster Jam Drivers were determined to light them up and they did!! Randy Brown and Grave Digger had it going and cycloned the Black and Green Wrecking Machine to the win.
Iron Outlaw DNC
Bounty Hunter 29
Prowler 18
Predator 11
Barbarian 19
Grave Digger 35 Winner
Carolina Crusher 33

Freestyle would come down to the wire. The new 6 judge scoring system has earned its keep as of tonight. We had to employ the double tie breaker to determine our winner in Freestyle tonight. Congrats to Gary Porter and Carolina Crusher for the Win….. But just barely winning out over Randy Brown and Grave Digger.
Iron Outlaw DNC
Bounty Hunter DNC
Prowler 24
Predator 19
Barbarian 15
Grave Digger 28
Carolina Crusher 28 in regulation plus the previously dropped high and Low scores added back setup the win over Randy Brown and Grave Digger. The ultimate total put them only one point apart after all was said and done.

Greenville we are back tomorrow at 2pm and 7:30 pm for more Monster Jam Action. Come party with us again tomorrow!!


Saturday 2:00 P.M.

Monster Jam Greenville was on fire for this afternoon's Monster Jam. Greenville loves them some motorsports and Monster Jam was just the ticket this afternoon!! All Seven Monster Jam drivers and trucks simply nailed a fun afternoon.

Wheelies: Congratulations to Trent Montgomery and Bounty Hunter on the BIG wheelie win!
Iron Outlaw 27
Bounty Hunter 32 Winner
Prowler 16
Predator 19
Barbarian 29
Grave Digger 21
Carolina Crusher 23

Monster Jam Chicago style roundy round racing continued to be interesting on the Carolina clay track. Lenny Kuilder and Prowler broke a rear axle on the Prowler during the wheelie competition and would not be able to report for Monster Jam racing. With a 6 truck Monster Jam Bracket racing was really close all afternoon.

Round 1
Carolina Crusher took out Iron Man
Barbarian advances past Bounty Hunter
Grave Digger defeated Predator

In the semi-final round Bounty Hunter would return as the fast loser.
Carolina Crusher beat Bounty hunter
Grave Digger got the bye run into the finals as Barbarian broke at the line and was unable to run for the semis.

In the Championship Round race Gray Porter in Carolina Crusher takes the victory in a very close race against Randy Brown and Grave Digger.

The Monster Jam Obstacle course was truly the ultimate test between the Monster Jam Drivers and Trucks and the Carolina Clay track and the obstacles.
Iron Outlaw 42.480 480 seconds
Bounty Hunter 33.035
Prowler 39.870
Predator DNC
Barbarian 33.600
Grave Digger 24.050 Winner
Carolina Crusher 31.484

Freestyle was incredible……. Tie finish between Grave Digger and Bounty Hunter was spectacular and the double tie breaker couldn’t even break the tie. It ultimately went all the way to the Monster Jam judge upstairs to make the final decision and add one bonus point to the Bounty hunter total score for the HUGE win. Congratulations to Trent Montgomery in Bounty Hunter.
We are back tonight at 7:30 Greenville. Thanks for the party!

By Mitch Smith


Saturday 7:30 P.M.

What an awesome way to cap off the weekend here in Greenville, SC. Monster Jam was on fire tonight and our Monster Jam fans had the party of the century.

Every single Monster Jam truck was healthy going into tonight’s show. The only mechanical issue happened with Barbarian. Devin Jones and Barbarian had a rear drive train issue immediately following wheelies which took Barbarian out for the rest of the night.

Wheelies: The wheelie competition netted a three way tie with a score of 25 points. The double tie breaker couldn't break the tie so our Monster Jam tie breaker judge added one bonus point to give Trent Montgomery and Bounty Hunter the wheelie Victory tonight.
Iron Outlaw 25
Bounty Hunter 25 plus 1 bonus WINNER
Prowler 20
Predator 15
Barbarian 22
Grave Digger 22
Carolina Crusher 25

The monster Jam obstacle course would see some blazing fast times for the large Carolina Clay track.
Iron Outlaw 34.174 seconds
Bounty Hunter 36.583
Prowler 37.887
Predator 35.519
Barbarian DNC
Grave Digger 27.166
Carolina Crusher 26.941 Winning time

Monster Jam racing would see a 6 truck field going into the Chicago Roundy Round racing format tonight.

Round 1
Carolina Crusher defeated Prowler
Bounty Hunter took out Predator
Grave Digger won over Bounty Hunter

In the semi-final round Iron Outlaw returned as the fast loser here tonight
Carolina Crusher ended the night of racing for Todd Morey and Iron Outlaw
Grave Digger stopped Bounty Hunter

The Championship round race would have Gary Porter and Carolina Crusher victorious over Randy Brown and Grave Digger.

Monster Jam Freestyle was crazy good tonight. Trent Montgomery and Bounty Hunter had another good night in Freestyle with the second freestyle win of the weekend!
Iron Outlaw 25
Bounty Hunter 32 Winner
Prowler 19
Predator 16
Barbarian DNC
Grave Digger 28
Carolina Crusher 27

Greenville, thank you for the warm welcome and the great party!! We are back in 2016 on January 29th and 30th. We will see you then!!


By Mitch Smith