Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Coliseum

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January 9-10, 2015 - Greensboro, Coliseum - Greensboro, NC


Racing Winners:

Friday 7:30 P.M.: Carolina Crusher

Saturday 7:30 P.M.: Carolina Crusher


Freestyle Winners:

Friday 7:30 P.M.: Grave Digger

Saturday 7:30 P.M.: Carolina Crusher


Trucks:Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Randy Brown, Carolina Crusher driven by Gary Porter, Gunslinger® driven by Scott Hartsock, War Wagon driven by Andy Hoffman, Hotsy driven by Mike Miller, Midnight Rider driven by Tom Herzog, Strait Jacket driven by Kevin King, and Ballistic driven by Mack Plecker!


Friday 7:30

Greensboro Coliseum was where the action was going down tonight. It’s a brand new season with every Monster Jam driver gunning for a spot in the Monster Jam World Finals 16. The competitions were extremely exciting with the return of Carolina Crusher and driver, Gary Porter. Last year Gary Porter doubled down both nights here while driving Grave Digger. This year it was Randy Brown trying to keep the Team Grave Digger win streak alive. The night started out with the Monster Jam Wheelie contest. Four drivers scored in the 20’s but two drivers were in the 30’s. The winning score was a 35 from Gary Porter and the Carolina Crusher.

Hotsy 25
Strait Jacket 20
Midnight Rider 25
Ballistic 12
Gunslinger 25
Carolina Crusher 35
Grave Digger 31

All new this year, drivers are put to the test on their driving abilities. The obstacle course has made the drivers really think about their run due to the new style competition. With many challenges in the course, it made for a fierce contest between Monster Jam drivers. Taking the win was Carolina Crusher with a time of 14.63

Hotsy 17.15
Strait Jacket 19.62
Midnight Rider 31.10
Ballistic DNS
Gunslinger 18.12
Carolina Crusher 14.63
Grave Digger 15.41

Monster Jam Hole Shot Challenge was firing the North Carolina crowd up. Monster Jam Drivers were fine tuning the 10,000 lb machines to get the best jump on the start light. The racing narrowed the field down to the semifinals with Gunslinger going against Grave Digger and Carolina Crusher against Hotsy. Once the semifinals were over, there were only two- Gunslinger going up against Carolina Crusher. When the light turned green, the two trucks launched of the starting block. The first truck across the Monster Jam finish line and winning Friday night's race was Carolina Crusher.

Gunslinger def Hotsy
Carolina Crusher def Strait Jacket
Grave Digger def Midnight Rider

Gunslinger def Grave Digger
Carolina Crusher def Hotsy

Carolina Crusher def Gunslinger

Next up was the Monster Jam donut competition. The Monster Jam drivers were trying to drill their Monster Jam Trucks right through the arena floor. Hotsy set the stage with a score of 23, but that was not going to stop the Carolina Crusher win streak. Laying down some serious rubber and scoring a 40 it seemed like he was unstoppable for the night.

Hotsy 23
Strait Jacket 10
Midnight Rider 11
Ballistic DNS
Gunslinger 29
Carolina Crusher 40
Grave Digger 27

Last but not least, it was time for the Monster Jam Freestyle. All the drivers went out to try to go home as the winner. It was an exciting competition but there could only be one winner. Scoring a 37 Carolina Crusher was sitting pretty for the win. However, Randy Brown and Gave Digger were not going to let that happen. Scoring a perfect score of 40 Team Grave Digger was victorious.

Hotsy 26
Strait Jacket 24
Midnight Rider 24
Ballistic DNS
Gunslinger 31
Carolina Crusher 37
Grave Digger 40

By Travis Willis



Greensboro, North Carolina was treated to some insane Monster Jam competition Saturday night. It was a pedal to the metal kind of show. With the return of Carolina Crusher and almost a clean sweep on Friday night there was a target on his back. The Monster Jam wheelie contest was the start of the night's competitions. Trying to get into the hot seat was Gunslinger scoring a 24 but it did not take long for Grave Digger to bump him off with a 30. However, that score did not stay long before Carolina Crusher took the win with a 37.

Hotsy 25
Strait Jacket 21
Midnight Rider 22
Ballistic 18
Gunslinger 24
Carolina Crusher 37
Grave Digger 30

The timed obstacle course was challenging with a tight arena course. But that did not slow the Monster Jam drivers down from trying to have the fastest time. Last night Carolina Crusher was faster than all the other drivers by one second but it was not going to be easy tonight. Hotsy started the leaderboard off with a time of 15.62 but Grave Digger toped that time with a 14.22. Unfortunately that was not enough. Carolina Crusher crushed everybody else’s time winning the contest with a time of 13.78

Hotsy 15.62
Strait Jacket 18.97
Midnight Rider 18.56
Ballistic 16.96
Gunslinger 17.57
Carolina Crusher 13.78
Grave Digger 14.22

The Monster Jam hole shot challenge was next up in the night’s activities. Friday night’s race was a photo finish and the same for tonight. All of the Drivers were gunning for the Carolina Crusher as Gary Porter seemed to have everything dialed in at the Greensboro Coliseum. It was not going to be easy because Gunslinger was shooting for the top spot. But there was nothing stopping the Carolina Crusher. Winning again by inches.

Hotsy def Ballistic
Gun Slinger def Midnight Rider
Grave Digger def Strait Jacket
Carolina Crusher w/ Bye

Semi Finals
Gunslinger def Hotsy
Carolina Crusher def Grave Digger

Carolina Crusher def Gunslinger

Monster Jam donuts was as sweet as Boston cream. The dirt was perfect for the 10,000 lb Monster Jam trucks to break lose and make the fans dizzy. Ballistic put his foot to the floor and scored a 32. Grave Digger scored a 34 but there was no stopping Carolina Crusher again as he went home the winner scoring a perfect 40.

Hotsy DNS
Strait Jacket 28
Midnight Rider 28
Ballistic 32
Gunslinger 27
Carolina Crusher 40
Grave Digger 34

Finishing up the weekend in Greensboro was Monster Jam Freestyle. Grave Digger was the winner on Friday night and trying to stay on top for Saturday. The competition was tight between the Monster Jam trucks and the action was intense. When the dust settled and the floor was clear the champion for the weekend was home state driver Gary Porter in Carolina Crusher.

Hotsy 27
Strait Jacket 24
Midnight Rider 26
Ballistic 19
Gunslinger 31
Carolina Crusher 39
Grave Digger 35

By Travis Willis