Evansville, IN - Ford Center

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January 10-11. 2015 - Ford Center


Racing Winners:

Saturday: Heavy Hitter

Saturday: Heavy Hitter

Sunday: Pouncer


Freestyle Winners:

Saturday: Heavy Hitter

Saturday: Heavy Hitter

Sunday: Heavy Hitter


Trucks:Monster Jam® Trucks: Predator® driven by Allen Pezo, Pouncerr® driven by Jeff cook, Heavy Hitter driven by Derek Anson, River Rat driven by Steve Snellen, Instigator driven Paul Breaud, and Backdraft driven by Ty Cornelius!


Saturday 29

This stop on the road to Monster Jam World Finals has been spectacular so far! The Ford Center in Evansville did its best to keep out the blistering cold. Monster Jam trucks did the trick as the action inside the Ford Center really heated up both the action and the temperature inside the building.

It would be all Heave Hitter and Derek Anson. WOW what an afternoon for Anson as he had Heave Hitter dialed in and sharp this afternoon. It was a clean sweep for Anson and Hitter as he claimed every single victory and pulled off the clean sweep and the double down. There were some outstanding performances that didn’t make the trophy stand, but nonetheless were outstanding. One example is Ty Cornelius in Backdraft. Backdraft nailed the 90 degree vertical wheelie, pounded the tailgate and it looked awesome.

Scoring our events our awesome Monster Jam Fans did a good job. It was little different this week with 6 judges holding 10 points each. Then we dropped the high and low scores leaving a best possible score of 40 for the scored events.

Pouncer 16
Predator 18
Backdraft 23
River Rat 13
Instigator 20
Heave Hitter 32 Winner

Monster Jam Hole Shot Challenge was clearly close tonight. Instant replay was needed for nearly every run with only a couple of exceptions. Hole Shot challenge truly is a competition about reaction time and having a great eye for the condition of the track. Anson and Heave Hitter worked through the bracket and landed in the top spot with the first half of the double down in his pocket.

Round 1
River Rat took out Predator
Pouncer defeated Instigator
Heave Hitter inched out Backdraft.
Backdraft would return as the fast loser to round out the semifinal bracket.

Backdraft beat River Rat and would advance to the for the Hole Shot Challenge Finals
Heave Hitter took out Pouncer to advance to the final.

In the Hole Shot Championship round Derek Anson and Heave Hitter took the win!

Monster Jam Donuts were next:
Pouncer 16
Predator 19
Backdraft 33
River Rat 34
Instigator 11
Heave Hitter 35 Winner

Monster Obstacle Course times:
Pouncer 36.91
Predator 17.18
Backdraft 22.81
River Rat 18.97
Instigator 19.04
Heave Hitter 15.72 Winner

Monster Jam Freestyle
Pouncer 20
Predator DNC Engine issue
Backdraft 27
River Rat 16
Instigator 21
Heave Hitter 31
We are back tonight at 7pm and tomorrow afternoon at 2pm for more Monster Jam action on the road to Monster Jam World Finals 16. While you are here on MonsterJam.com head on over to the Monster Jam World Finals information and get you tickets now!!!

Thanks Evansville!! It’s great to be back home!

By Mitch Smith

Saturday 7P

Monster Jam fans in Evansville are simply incredible. What an evening of Monster Jam on the road to Monster Jam World Finals.
It was all Derik Anson and Heave Hitter AGAIN tonight. ANOTHER CLEAN SWEEP AND ANOTHER DOUBLE DOWN!! WOW……. The target on his back for tomorrow afternoons show is the size of the Ford Center here in Evansville. Every other Driver here in Evansville wants to shut him down….. slow his roll…..stop his momentum…….yank his chain……!!! 10 competitions so far in Evansville and so far Heave Hitter has taken every win.
Tonight Backdraft and River Rat were plagued with mechanical issues early. Backdraft had a rear steer issue and River Rat clearly had a driveline issue with all 4 wheels locked after his third Wheelie hit. Both had to be assisted off the track and would see some serious thrashing on these Monster Jam trucks throughout the show tonight.

It would take a double tie breaker determine our Wheelie Champion tonight. A two-way tie between Heave Hitter and Predator was settled by adding the low scores back into the total….. STILL tied. The dropped high score was then added back and that settled it….. Heave Hitter would take the victory by one point!!
Pouncer 16
Predator 33
Backdraft DNC
River Rat 22
Instigator 28
Heavy Hitter 33
Add Low and High scores back in to the tie score…… Winner

Hole Shot Challenge:
This would be an interesting Hole Shot challenge with two broken trucks…round one racing would actually be the Semi Final round with 4 Monster Jam Trucks ready to compete.
Pouncer defeated Instigator
Heave Hitter took Predator out. Predator red lighted on the run and was disqualified.

Monster Jam Hole Shot challenge Final:
Heave Hitter took the win over Pouncer for the first half of the double down for tonight.

Three trucks competed in Donuts. In addition to Backdraft and River Rat’s mechanical issues, Predator had a flat tire and was unable to report for wheelies.
Pouncer 10
Predator DNC Flat Tire
Backdraft DNC
River Rat DNC
Instigator 22
Heave Hitter 37 Winner

Monster Jam Obstacle Challenge.
Two of the three broken trucks were able to report. These Monster Jam techs and crew are simply the best in the business at getting these Monsters back into action.
Pouncer 29.71
Predator 16.56
Backdraft 19.81
River Rat DNC
Instigator 19.84
Heave Hitter 14.60 Winner

Freestyle was simply awesome tonight!!
Pouncer 16
Predator 29
Backdraft 29
River Rat DNC
Instigator 22
Heave Hitter 37 Winner

Come join us again tomorrow at 2pm right here at the Ford Center in Evansville.
Thanks for the party Evansville….see you tomorrow!!


Sunday 2pm

Monster Jam Evansville style was just spectacular. Sunday afternoon was a bit challenging with Predator out of the mix with serious engine issues. The remaining 5 Monster Jam trucks certainly took up the slack and delivered a great show for our Monster Jam fans. Allen Pezo changed seats for this Sunday matinee. Pezo jumped into Pouncer and never missed a beat!!
Backdraft and Pouncer would ultimately both have mechanical issues that were just serious enough to end their afternoon early.

Monster Jam Wheelie results:
Pouncer 21
Predator DNC
Backdraft 21
River Rat 26
Instigator 20
Heave Hitter 32 Winner

Monster Jam Hole Shot Challenge:
With a 5 truck lineup going into The HSC….. Instigator got the bye run in round one.
Backdraft took out River Rat
Pouncer eliminated Heavy Hitter.
In the Semifinals River Rat returned as the fast loser.
Instigator defeated River Rat
Pouncer took out Backdraft.

In the final It would be Allen Pezo and Pouncer that would take the victory and STOP Heavy Hitter and Derik Anson’s weekend long roll.
Monster Jam Donuts. Derik Anson and Heave Hitter got a serious challenge from Stevie Snellen and River Rat. Both ended donuts with a 36 to break the tie we added the low dropped score and that gave Heave Hitter the win by 1 point.
Pouncer DNC Broken right planetary
Predator DNC
Backdraft 23
River Rat 36
Instigator 9
Heavy Hitter 36 Plus low score added back to break the tie. WINNER with 44

Monster Jam Obstacle Course time
Pouncer DNC
Predator DNC
BackDraft DNC
River Rat 21.06
Instigator 22.72
Heavy Hitter 17.20 WINNER

Pouncer DNC
Predator DNC
Backdraft DNC
River Rat 25
Instigator 24
Heavy Hitter 40….. perfect score and your winner!!

As always Monster Jam EVANSVILLE was a blast. We are back in town next April 16, 17, 2016. Tickets go on sale tomorrow 1-2-15. Get the best seats and we will see you next year!!
Thanks for the Party Evansville!!

By Mitch Smith