Brisbane, Australia - QSAC at Nathan

Authored by Admin on October 3, 2015


October 3, 2015 - QSAC at Nathan - Brisbane, Australia

Racing Winner:Grave Digger

Freestyle Winner:Metal Mulisha

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Adam Anderson, Max-D℠ driven by Neil Elliott, Monster Mutt® Dalmatian driven by Candice Jolly, El Toro Loco® driven by Marc McDonald, Zombie driven by Bari Musawwir, Son-uva Digger® driven by Ryan Anderson, Team Hot Wheels® Firestorm® driven by Scott Buetow, Dragon driven by Scott Liddycoat, MADUSA®, Metal Mulisha driven by Todd LeDuc, Zombie Hunter driven by Lee O'Donnell, and Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw!

The first stop on the 2015 Monster Jam Australian Tour had QSAC Stadium in Brisbane rocking with a near capacity crowd roaring throughout the night of spectacular performances across four separate Monster Jam competitions. The incredible action and intense competition produced three separate winners from the star studded line-up: Todd LeDuc in Metal Mulisha claimed the freestyle trophy and the donut competition win, Adam Anderson drove Grave Digger to the racing win, and Candice Jolly in Monster Mutt Dalmatian took the top prize in the wheelie competition.

Ryan Anderson in Son-uva Digger opened the night by taking the fast qualifying honors as the fastest eight trucks in time trials advanced into the racing bracket with the other four teams going to the wheelie contest. The donut contest field was made up of the trucks that were eliminated in Round 1 of racing on the Chicago-style oval track. As the racing bracket unfolded, the Anderson brothers would collide in the semifinals with Adam and Grave Digger gaining strength each round, with Adam eliminating his brother Ryan and Son-uva Digger in the semifinals. Grave Digger then topped Damon Bradshaw and Monster Energy by a less than the length of a truck wheel in the championship race.

Freestyle proved to be the night’s highlight with amazing runs that kept the crowd excited throughout. The competition featured unbelievable big air and some amazing saves throughout the field. Metal Mulisha earned the top score, a near perfect total of 43, with a breathtaking run highlighted by huge air, several saves, and a brilliantly executed backflip that bought the crowd to its feet.


Fast qualifier – Son-uva Digger 18.261

1st round – Son-uva Digger def. Zombie Hunter; Grave Digger def. Metal Mulisha; Monster Energy def. El Toro Loco; Max-D def. Zombie

Semifinals - Grave Digger def. Son-uva Digger; Monster Energy def. Max-D

Championship race – Grave Digger def. Monster Energy


METAL MULISHA 43 (39 + 4 bonus points)
Max-D 38 (34 + 4)
Monster Energy 36
Son-uva Digger 36
Zombie Hunter 33 (30 +3)
Zombie 33 (31 + 2)
Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 32
Grave Digger 30
Madusa 29
El Toro Loco 28
Dragon 25 (24 + 1)
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 25


Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 20
Madusa 18
Dragon 16


El Toro Loco 32
Zombie 32
Zombie Hunter 30

By Scott Douglass, Ken Navitsky and Rhianna Buchanan