Two Drivers Leap in Latest Power Rankings

Authored by Larry Jewett on March 12, 2020


Power Rankings


The successful Monster Jam weekend in El Paso has had a profound impact on the latest Power Rankings with two new names in the top five.

Neil Elliott (Max-D™) and Todd LeDuc (Monster Energy®) retain the first and second positions, respectively. Both were idle this past weekend.

Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger®) made the biggest move this week by climbing from 10th to the third position. The new points leader of the Stadium Championship Series Yellow, Pauken has put together multiple wins in Freestyle, Skills Competition and Event Championships. He has made four appearances in the last five Racing finals, only to be defeated in his quest for his first Racing title.

Camden Murphy (Bakugan Dragonoid™), who now sits fourth in the Power Rankings, is the one who has kept Pauken from Racing success. Murphy has run off 15 consecutive Racing round wins and now leads all competitors with a 23-4 Racing record, which has led to six Racing Championships. He has added five Skills Competitions, three Event Championships and a Freestyle to his record. He trails Pauken in Stadium Championship Series Yellow by a single point.

The success of Pauken and Murphy have drastically changed the status of several drivers. Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger®), who was not in action this week, slipped to fifth when the two Stadium Championship Series Yellow competitors passed him by in several competition areas. .

Colton Eichelberger (Max-D) stepped away from his Triple Threat duties to visit Toledo, Ohio for five shows. Eichelberger had some success with a Racing win and two Freestyle competitions, but his efforts weren’t enough to protect him from falling two spots to sixth place.

Tom Meents (Max-D) managed to hold on to seventh place due to his success in El Paso. Meents added a Skills Competition and his second Freestyle win of the year. Though he lost his series point lead, he remains within striking distance and has put in enough top three finishes to be a factor.

The eighth spot goes to Brandon Vinson (Grave Digger), who was dominant on the Triple Threat Series West outing in Fresno. He swept the Event Championships and picked up multiple wins in Speedster Obstacle Course and 2 Wheel Skills competitions. He has expanded his series points lead with just a few events remaining.

Sitting at number nine is Grave Digger driver Morgan Kane, whose tour was out of action this week. Kane will join the rest of Stadium Championship Series Green to compete for valuable points and a chance to climb back higher in the Power Rankings.

The final spot in the top 10 goes to 2020 Triple Threat Series East Champion Tyler Menninga, who capped the year with a pair of events in Raleigh. Menninga clinched the title on Saturday night, but didn’t ease off in the Sunday finale, bringing home his 19th Event Championship.