Top Two Hold in Power Rankings

Authored by Larry Jewett on March 4, 2020


Power Rankings


Neil Elliott (Max-D™) holds onto the top spot for the fourth consecutive week, but the gap is starting to narrow for the Paxton, Illinois veteran.

Elliott was kept from the winner’s circle as the Stadium Championship Series Green went to Jacksonville, but that didn’t stop him from finishing third in the Event Championship. With his best Freestyle finish in a month, Elliott stays in the #1 position, but faces a hungry pack trying to dethrone him.

Todd LeDuc (Monster Energy®) had the luxury of a weekend off after 10 shows in a seven-week stretch. The vacation continues until March 21-22 in Las Vegas, but LeDuc’s record to date is still strong enough to hold back the challengers for this position. LeDuc has had four Event Championships and three Racing titles to date.

Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger®) vaults up a couple of spots to third position. Anderson tops all Stadium competitors with a total of nine competition wins and three Event Championships. He has scored 174 of a possible 210 points (82.9%) in the last four weeks.

Colton Eichelberger (Max-D) had a return to action with six shows in four nights in Rosemont, Illinois. Eichelberger, the Triple Threat Series ™ Central points leader, added 17 more points to his lead, scoring 13 wins in 42 competitions and added a number of second place finishes on the weekend. He continues to lead all Triple Threat Series competitors by taking nearly 75 percent of the available points to date.

Rounding out the top five is Triple Threat Series West leader Brandon Vinson (Grave Digger®), who added only 7 points to his series lead, but that also meant he had the best performance among the eight athletes. Vinson became the epitome of steady performance, finishing third or higher in 80 percent of the weekend action.

Stadium Championship Series Green Jacksonville Event Champion Morgan Kane (Grave Digger) is starting the climb back toward the top. Kane grabbed his first Skills Competition and finished second in Freestyle to pull himself to his fourth Event Championship. Kane moves up two spots in this week’s rankings.

Tom Meents (Max-D Fire) was a repeat winner in Freestyle when Stadium Championship Series Yellow visited AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Meents still holds the position as the points leader on that tour, but it is the closest race going to this date. The 36-point effort in Arlington was his second best of the year and keeps him in the elite group who have claimed more than 75 percent of their series points.

Grave Digger’s Tyler Menninga experienced an up-and-down weekend as Triple Threat Series East made a visit to Baltimore. While Menninga managed a pair of Event Championships in the first two shows, his fortunes took a turn for the worse when engine problems during introductions rendered his truck inactive through most of the show on Saturday night. Still, Menninga holds the top spot on the tour and could become series champion by Sunday in Raleigh.

Camden Murphy (Bakugan Dragonoid™) bumped up his race win streak to 9 by claiming all of the victories in Racing for the third straight event. A second place in Skills Competition put Murphy in position to win the Event Championship, but a sixth-place in Freestyle kept him from the top spot in Arlington. Another good outing when the series visits El Paso may push Murphy higher next week.

This week’s standings conclude with the re-appearance of Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger). With his third straight Skills Competition win in Arlington, Pauken was able to add a second place in Freestyle and a runner-up finish in Racing to score 40 of a possible 42 points. This is Pauken’s first appearance in the Power Rankings since the Stadium Championship Series Yellow began competition on February 1, having been ranked before as a top finisher in 2019.