Tom Meents Wins Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship

Authored by Monster Jam on May 22, 2022


Tom Meents is now a 14-time champion of Monster Jam World Finals. The Max-D driver won the Monster Jam World Finals XXI BKT Tires Freestyle World Championship with a 8.615 Sunday evening at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando. It was his second World Championship win of the night, having won the Great Clips Skills Challenge earlier on in the day.

Coty Saucier (Dragon) was the first of the 24 Monster Jam athletes to take to the track and scored an impressive 7.373. Jamey Garner (Over Bored) was the fifth driver out, and he took the lead with a 7.473. Charlie Pauken (Monster Mutt) was the eighth driver out, and he took the lead with an 8.373.

From then on, it looked like Pauken's run would hold on to win the night. Many drivers went out and scored impressive runs, filling the clock and hitting every obstacle in the stadium. However, no matter what they did, it was not enough to surpass Pauken's 8.383.

Pauken still held the lead with just two Monster Jam trucks left to go.

Tom Meents finally dethroned Pauken with his 8.615 run, which included a couple of backflips and a spectacular save. However, Ryan Anderson (Son-Uva Digger Presented by Hoonigan) had yet to go.

Anderson went out and put on an impressive show for the fans, but it was only enough for third and Meents took the title.

It is the third time in Meents' career that he has won two Monster Jam World Finals Championships on the same day.


  1. Tom Meents (Max-D) – 8.615
  2. Charlie Pauken (Monster Mutt) – 8.343
  3. Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger) – 8.297
  4. John Gordon (Bad Company) – 8.174
  5. Mark List (El Toro Loco) – 8.070
  6. Todd LeDuc (Blue Thunder) – 7.981
  7. Cole Venard (Black Pearl) – 7.967
  8. Bari Musawwir (Zombie) – 7.934
  9. Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger) – 7.788
  10. Jamey Garner (Over Bored) – 7.473
  11. Coty Saucier (Dragon) – 7.373
  12. Kayla Blood (Soldier Fortune) – 7.226
  13. Weston Anderson (Grave Digger) – 7.176
  14. Camden Murphy (Bakugan Dragonoid) – 7.052
  15. Jim Koehler (Avenger) – 6.835
  16. Bryce Kenny (Great Clips Mohawk Warrior) – 6.727
  17. Krysten Anderson (Grave Digger) – 6.515
  18. Adam Anderson (Grave Digger) – 6.358
  19. Brianna Mahon (Whiplash) – 6.320
  20. Cynthia Gauthier (Lucas Stabilizer) – 6.004
  21. Tristan England (EarthShaker) – 4.437
  22. Nick Pagliarulo (Kraken) – DNF
  23. Brandon Vinson (Grave Digger) – DNF
  24. Cory Rummell (Megalodon) – DNF