Superstar Challenge: Tyler Menninga Wins for Team Nitro in Racing and Best Trick

Authored by Monster Jam on November 12, 2023


There is no I in Team, but there is in Nitro, Grave Digger, and Tyler Menninga, who won the Racing competition at the Monster Jam Superstar Challenge. However, Team Neon scored the most points (84 to 52). Menninga then went on to win the Best Trick competition too.


In racing, six of Team Nitro's eight drivers were eliminated in the first round to kick off the 2023 Monster Jam Superstar Challenge at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim Saturday night. Then, in the second round, Menninga was pitted up against Team Nitro teammate Bryce Kenny (Great Clips Mohawk Warrior), guaranteeing that only one Team Nitro member would advance to the semi-finals.


Menninga made it there, where he defeated Colt Stephens in ThunderROARus, and then he proceeded to defeat Team Neon's Todd LuDuc (Megalodon) in the final.



Menninga then went on to win the Best Trick contest with a nose-wheelie into flip that netted him a 9.649, taking the lead and the win from Grave Digger Neon driver Adam Anderson.